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Cambrie Schroder, daughter of “The Ricker”, on growing up in her dad’s shadow…

On December 28, 2017, I spent a whole day watching a crappy reality show called Growing up Supermodel. It aired on Lifetime and featured the children of several 80s era stars. Since I was growing up in the 1980s, I watched the show and blogged about it. One of the families profiled was that of Ricky Schroder’s. He’s about my age, and a lot of our peers loved him on the sitcom, Silver Spoons. He grew up without religion, but later became a Latter-day Saint when he married his ex wife, Andrea. They divorced in 2016 and have four children, three of whom are grown– two boys and two girls. It appears that now, the family has left the church.

Ricky Schroder’s elder daughter is 22 year old Cambrie. She was recently interviewed for the Daily Mail. I remember seeing her on Growing Up Supermodel and thinking she and her sister, Faith, were both extremely beautiful. Cambrie now works as a fitness model. She has a huge following on Instagram and serves as a “celebrity fitness guru”. However, she has her father blocked on Instagram because he made comments about how she needed to wear more clothes. Cambrie admits that she doesn’t have a good relationship with her dad.

I think sometimes people look at the children of celebrities and think they must have it made. We assume they must be happy because their parents usually have money and live in beautiful homes. Many people think that money buys happiness. That’s not necessarily true. Cambrie grew up privileged and beautiful, but she still suffered from depression. Fortunately, she focused her efforts to get over depression through exercise rather than doing things that are more self-destructive, like taking drugs or hanging out with abusers.

Although I found Growing Up Supermodel to be a rather vapid show, it was obviously edited to make Schroder’s daughters look spoiled and entitled. Actually, I remember watching it and thinking Cambrie was the most mature of anyone in her family, including her mother. Of course, some might point out that Cambrie at least knows her dad, and didn’t grow up poor or homeless. And she’s very pretty, which will put her at an advantage in many ways.

I guess I just find her story interesting, because I remember how much people of my generation, particularly the girls, thought Ricky Schroder was such hot stuff. I remember my friends having pictures of him in their lockers when we were in, like, sixth grade. I never really liked Ricky myself. He was too “pretty” for me. But he was definitely much beloved in the 80s.

Cambrie two years ago…

By contrast… here’s Ricky as “The Ricker”. This was what we were watching when I was an adolescent.

He’s so cool.

Well… I am sure Cambrie doesn’t have the worst life she could have. At least she doesn’t have to hang out with Menudo.

This is pretty cringeworthy. Those guys aren’t even on pitch.

Seriously, though. I know Cambrie doesn’t have it so bad. I guess her story is just a reminder that money and beauty aren’t always a ticket to happiness. I empathize with her. Life is tough for everyone.