RIP Luke Perry…

I don’t have a whole lot to write about the now late Luke Perry. I was a young woman when he was a the height of his fame. He played Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills 90210, which debuted when I was a senior in high school and continued until I was a young adult. Although I did watch a few episodes of the nighttime soap, I was definitely not a regular viewer. I preferred Melrose Place, which I have rewatched as a middle aged person. Melrose Place didn’t age particularly well, and I doubt 90210 did, either.

Recently, there was talk about a 90210 reunion— with the original cast, not the revamped cast from about ten years ago. As recently as last week, writers were wondering if Luke Perry would come back to reprise his role as the brooding surfer Dylan McKay. Sadly, it was not to be, as he suffered a massive stroke last week and died yesterday morning with his family and friends surrounding him.

Strokes are deadly…

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Perry’s, nor did I really follow his career, I do remember him well. He was a heartthrob for women of my generation, who would compare him to Jason Priestly, the actor who played Brandon Walsh on 90210. If I’d had a choice between the two, I would have chosen Perry, who seemed more my type. But I wasn’t really into that show, anyway, despite Perry’s “rebel without a cause” vibe.

I guess, if I have anything to say about this, is that it really reminds me that life is short and you never know when the Grim Reaper will visit. Luke Perry was only about six years older than I am. He surely expected to be around a lot longer and play many more roles. In fact, he was doing pretty well when he died, having landed the role of Fred Andrews on the show, Riverdale. I have read that Riverdale is a very popular show right now, but alas, I haven’t seen it. Maybe I’ll watch it sometime while Bill is gone this month.

Condolences to Luke’s friends, family, and fans… He seems like he was one of the good ones. Molly Ringwald, Patricia Arquette, and Leonardo DiCaprio are all Tweeting their condolences, too.