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Yesterday, I wrote a post about two drunk guys in Arkansas who are now in trouble with the law because they decided to shoot each other while wearing a bulletproof vest. In my post, I commented that I could tell they are Trump supporters. As I was writing that post, I decided to see if either or both of them were on Facebook. Sure enough, I found the wide open social media account for Mr. Charles Ferris, who was one of the two men involved in that incident. Ferris, who runs several Facebook pages besides his personal account, has made it no secret that he supports the orange menace in the White House.

One of my friends, who I know is a political conservative, but is classy enough not to argue politics with me, commented on my official OH Facebook page about my post. My friend basically stated what all of us who are familiar with the Darwin Awards were probably thinking when we read about Charles Ferris and Christopher Hicks and their antics. It’s clear these two guys aren’t long on brains even when they are sober. They diluted their collectively feeble brain power with booze and picked up a loaded rifle. Although the two men lived to tell about their stupid human trick, if they’d just made one false move, they probably would have taken themselves out of this world.

That post also attracted the attention of a man who is friends with my friend and apparently likes Mr. Trump. He left me a comment on the OH page, indicating that he can’t see how I “made the leap of logic” to “blame” Donald Trump for what these two guys in Arkansas did. Below is the thread.

I never claimed to be classy.

First off, I don’t blame Donald Trump for what these two guys did. I know it’s not Trump’s fault that they got drunk and decided to shoot each other while wearing a bulletproof vest. However, what was very apparent to me when I read about this case is that these two guys are the type of people who admire Donald Trump and everything he stands for. And folks, I am sorry, but after having watched Donald Trump in action for the past two years, I no longer have a lot of respect or patience for rabid Trump supporters. I think they lack common sense and critical thinking skills, and I don’t enjoy wasting my time or energy responding to their bullshit.

It took me a long while before I finally reached this conclusion. Well, if I’m honest, back in 2016, I pretty much thought anyone who truly believed Trump would be a good choice for president didn’t have much common sense. However, many of my friends and loved ones like Donald Trump… or, at least they claimed they thought he’d be a better choice than Hillary Clinton for president. So they voted for him, even though he’s obviously got no respect for women, the sick and disabled, non-whites, immigrants, war criminals, the poor, children, ugly people, fat people, and the list goes on and on. I could probably spend an hour linking to Donald Trump’s incessant tweets to make this point. Because they’re my friends and loved ones, for a long time, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. At this point, I’ve lost all respect for diehard Trump lovers. I can’t help it.

I’ll say one thing for Trump. Like all malignant narcissists, he’s never tried to hide who he is. Unfortunately, people have evidently chosen to ignore the obvious and/or decided that their integrity is expendable. I just can’t see how decent people can admire a man with so little regard for others. He’s openly admired dictators and outwardly stated that he’d like to stay in power forever. This is not a man who cares about you or yours. He cares only about himself and those who can do something for him. And the minute you can no longer do anything for him, you won’t matter to him anymore, either.

While I despise Donald Trump and do find myself championing more liberal causes these days, I don’t really consider myself a “liberal”, per se. I did not vote for Mrs. Clinton, nor did I vote for her husband. I also didn’t vote for Mr. Obama, although I think all three of them are far better presidential material than Trump is. I usually vote third party; it depends on what state I’m living in. Historically, I’ve voted Republican more often than I have Democrat, since I turned 18 back in 1990, although that is obviously changing in the wake of Trump’s election.

At this point, I am a Texas voter and I have to vote absentee. Knowing that, and knowing that Hillary Clinton would not have won Texas, in 2016, I decided to vote for a third party candidate. If I had been not voting in Texas, I would have voted for Mrs. Clinton, not because I particularly like or admire her, but, because to me, she’s clearly a much better choice than Trump. She has a lot more intelligence, experience, and actually wanted the job. Just as I suspected, Mrs. Clinton won the city where I voted (San Antonio), but lost Texas by a large margin. Since I vote absentee, I doubt my vote counted anyway.

When I visited, Mr. Ferris’s Facebook page, I found post after post praising Donald Trump and lambasting liberals, women who have chosen to have abortions, and even memes that proclaimed that pussy grabbing Donald Trump has brought Christ back into the United States. I think the only way Trump has brought Christ back into the USA is through the many futile prayers people are offering that we survive his disastrous presidency. I can’t imagine how God fearing people, especially Christians, would ever support a man like Donald Trump. I would hope they would demand a president with a better character.

Found on Mr. Ferris’s Facebook page… Bill says this was made by a Russian troll.

It seems that Trump lovers think liberals are all “horrible” people. Indeed, the man who commented on my OH Facebook page accused me of being a “liberal”, and made that comment with obvious distaste. Then he wrote that I’m obviously not “overeducated”. That comment about the title of my blog, not surprisingly, comes from someone who doesn’t know why I call myself “The Overeducated Housewife”. Here’s a hint. When I call myself “The Overeducated Housewife”, I’m not bragging. But if you aren’t a regular reader and haven’t taken the time to learn my backstory, I can see why you’d conclude that I’m just a liberal braggart. That’s alright, I guess.

My father, who was a dyed in the wool conservative and an abusive drunk, used to tell me he thought I was arrogant, obnoxious, and would never amount to anything. Despite my dad’s penchant for being abusive and saying mean things, I did love him very much. I went on to earn three college degrees that, thanks to life’s twists and turns, have taken me away from the wonderful world of paid employment and landed me in this housewife gig. It’s not really what I planned for my life, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I don’t need three degrees to do what I do everyday, hence the reason I call myself “overeducated”, which is not really the same thing as being “smart”.

Just to be clear– I don’t hate conservatives. I used to vote conservative myself. I don’t think all conservatives are horrible people. Rabid Trump supporters, though, are a different breed, and they don’t represent who I think of as true conservatives. It’s Donald Trump and blind allegiance to Trump’s hateful rhetoric that I’m criticizing. And yes, when I read about two rednecks in Arkansas, getting drunk, donning a bulletproof vest, and shooting each other with a rifle, then making up a ridiculous story about how they got injured, I do tend to think they are Trump supporters. They are, in fact, the very faces of Trump supporters– the same types of people who stormed through Charlottesville a couple of years ago, became violent and disorderly, and took a young woman’s life.

If you want to align yourself with a man who inspires the admiration of two men who claim to be Christians, but get drunk and handle firearms, then that’s on you. And if you want to insult me for expressing my thoughts on my personal blog, I guess that’s alright, too. Like I said, I actually loved my dad, and he said and did a lot worse to me when I was growing up than some random commenter ever could. If I can survive dismissive, discounting comments like that from people I actually care about, then I can survive insults from random blog readers who don’t know me from Adam.

Anyway, the point I’m making is that it was obvious to me that these two guys in Arkansas are Trump supporters. It’s clear by their stupid behavior that they are. I could tell without even getting confirmation from a Facebook page, although I did at least take the time to confirm it. If I can so easily tell which political leader a person supports simply based on their asinine behavior, it really says something about that leader, doesn’t it? Do you really want to be lumped in with those people? Think about it.


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  1. I so agree with you. That was the first thought I had after reading that article, had to be Trump supporters. No common sense, zero critical thinking skills. They are all numbnuts. I have zero patience left for any of them.

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