Just pop, already…

Like a lot of people, most of them in Britain, I’ve been waiting for Meghan Markle to have her baby. Well… maybe I’m not waiting with “bated breath” or anything, but I am curious as to what the little tyke will be like. Meghan and Harry, of course, are doing things differently than other royals have done in the past. They’ve decided to keep the details of the birth “private” until they’ve had a chance to celebrate as a family.

I suppose I understand that thinking on one level. I guess even Britain’s royals have the right to some privacy. On the other hand, Meghan and Harry are very public figures. It’s true that Harry didn’t choose to be royal, but they are “working royals”, so that means they kind of have a duty to the people. If they weren’t working royals, people would be less interested in their lives and their offspring. If they want to live private lives, they should probably give up being royal and go live privately on their own pounds. They should name their baby Fred or Judy or something and eat Beanie Weanies for lunch.

Every day on my newsfeed, there’s at least one new story about Meghan Markle and the status of her womb. Thanks to their decision to be secretive, speculation is at an all time high. I think that deciding to birth privately has made people all the more determined to invade their privacy. It seems inescapable to me… and I think maybe they should just get over themselves and stop with this “privacy” nonsense. It’s a pipe dream. I get that Harry doesn’t like the paparazzi. He has every right not to like the media (even if he did marry an actress), but unfortunately, putting up with the press is part and parcel of being royal.

I have to be honest, not that anyone cares, but I’ve found myself not really liking Meghan Markle that much. There’s been a lot of drama this year. The royal family had finally stopped having so many scandals and were acquiring more respectability. Now, there’s all kinds of scuttlebutt coming out about Harry and William, Meghan and Kate, Meghan and the royal staff, Meghan and her father, Meghan and her bodyguards, etc. I find it annoying, although I’m sure other people find it fascinating. Plus, every picture of Meghan shows her with that same smile on her face and her hand floating over her enlarged middle like a satellite.

My Google newsfeed is mostly full of stories about the British Royal Family, mainly because I opted out of anything about Donald Trump or any stories that I have to use a VPN to read. That leaves the British Royal Family and The Duggars, along with assorted articles about such varied subjects as worm infestations in dogs, cruise ships, and whether I should join the Army or the Air Force. Here’s a clue. I won’t be joining any military services. I’m not sure how that got on my feed in the first place.

Anyway, I’m ready for Meghan to pop already. I know she has to do it on her own time, but I’m tired of reading stories about gamblers in Britain betting on her baby’s birthday. I’d rather read about Kate Middleton getting pregnant again. I won’t be surprised if she has another child, even if being pregnant does make her sick. Once Meghan pops, I can turn my attention to Jessa Seewald, who’s also about to pop. These women are popping all over.

On another note, I see CNN has gotten into the fun game, as they’ve provided a Royal Baby Name generator on their site. There was a time when it was considered a serious news source. I guess it’s not anymore. I’d like to write something clever, but I’m distracted by the noise outside my window. They’re doing roadwork that involves jackhammers.

Edited to add: Ask, and ye shall receive.