Getting something straight…

I suspect that in the next week or so, ex landlady will be hearing from the lawyer. It’s only fitting, since it will be the start of July. July historically sucks for me.

It does not give me any pleasure to take legal action against the ex landlady. In fact, I often think about how much better and easier it would have been if she had just acted like an adult and a competent businesswoman and talked to Bill about this rationally, instead of making false accusations, scolding him like a child, and trying to shame him into accepting her bullying behavior. I’m really mad at her, though. I want her to pay. It doesn’t even have to be in the form of money, either. I’ll take her being knocked down a couple of pegs and perhaps given a reason to think twice before she pulls this shit on someone else.

I’m pretty sure she has people monitoring my blogs, which is why I password protect or make entirely private my comments on this matter. That I must do that on my own space is probably the thing that angers me the most. I have every right to be pissed off about being ripped off by her and offended by her baseless and absurd accusations and negative implications about my character. I have every right to vent about them on my space, too.

I made the mistake of telling my sisters about this… One of them is very understanding, since she’s been through this, too… only as a landlady, rather than as a tenant. Another sister, though, continually forgets that I’ve been a grown woman for a long time. She wrote that she hoped this wouldn’t “take over my life”. I’m not sure what prompted that comment from her, but it sounded like she felt I was making a big deal over nothing. I guarantee that if she was robbed of over 2500 euros and treated the way we were, she would be flaming mad about it. I wished her a pleasant summer, just the same. This is why I don’t visit family very often.

I’m simply tired of people being disrespectful to me, particularly when I honestly try to do the right thing. Bill and I left that living situation genuinely traumatized. Nothing we did to appease the landlady was good enough. I think she showed up on the day Bill handed over the keys, actively looking for things to be angry about so she could justify her thieving ways. Well… I guess under the circumstances, it’s a good thing that we’re going to be out of the country next week. I’m sure she’s going to explode.