I think some conservatives are starting to feel “ganged up on”…

I have a friend who is a proud conservative. Actually, I have a lot of friends and loved ones who think the Republican way of thinking is the right one. Quite a few of them have openly told me that they think Trump is a moron. And yet, they are still proud Republicans. How can this be?

Well… I think it’s because Trump doesn’t represent all Republicans. However, I think a lot of people feel compelled to support him, because they lean toward Republican ideals. I won’t say Donald Trump is the reason for all things that are fucked up. I will say that he’s a terrible president who didn’t even identify with Republicans until he decided to run for president. He admires dictators. He’s incompetent and totally narcissistic, and he says horrible, ridiculous things. But, because he’s the president, some people feel like they have to respect him.

I used to lean toward conservatism myself. I get it. I used to laugh about Bill Clinton being president. I never liked him, or Hillary for that matter. I do think they both are much better suited to government work than Trump is. I think Hillary Clinton would have been a much better president by far. But that doesn’t mean I like her. I think some conservatives are like this with Trump, too… although he really sucks badly.

The thing is, people are crediting Trump with things he didn’t accomplish… and they are choosing to ignore his many shortcomings as a human being in the name of voting party politics. I think history will show us that Trump is a complete disaster. People who support him now will probably really be ashamed later. There’s nothing great about him at all, other than his ego. He didn’t even make his own money.

My friend, the conservative, apparently feels like liberals are feeling emboldened by Trump’s shit and they are dismissing all conservative ideals. Personally, I don’t think I’ve done that or will do that. Until very recently, I voted as often Republican as I did Democrat, because I believe in balance. I also vote a lot for independents and third party candidates. I think the two party system sucks. I can see why my conservative friends might feel ganged up on a bit, but Republicans are in charge… and they mostly REALLY suck. Especially Trump. He’s not a joke anymore. He’s a nightmare.

I, for one, am tired of people with obvious character defects being in charge of the most powerful country on the planet. Many people hated Bush II. I didn’t hate him, per se. But I think we could have found someone better to lead the country. With Trump, it’s like “hold my beer”… Trump makes Bush II look positively intellectual and enlightened. I am afraid that Trump and his entourage are going to ruin the United States if something isn’t done soon to stop his delusional bullshit.

Anyway… I have had a good day… and I have a lot to write about when I get home. I may start my travel blogging today or tomorrow. But I wanted to post something on the main blog for those who look for new posts every day. I don’t feel the need to produce every day like I did with my original blog, but I do like to keep things current. There will soon be a massive post dump, though. Count on that.

If I don’t start writing in the next few days, we’ll be back home on Sunday… that is, if nothing bad happens. Knock on wood.


2 thoughts on “I think some conservatives are starting to feel “ganged up on”…

  1. If I were quicker witted and more verbally adept I would be more effective picking on Trump and his Republican codependents. I have to believe that karma will ultimately even things up for the way they treat humanity and the planet.

    • I know some decent Republicans though… or really just people who are young and don’t know any better than what they’ve always known… or even people like my middle aged relatives who have never left the USA and presume to know how things are in other countries. A lot of them just can’t see why Trump sucks so much and they refuse to understand why. And they do get why some people are so anti-Republican these days. To be honest, it will take me a long time to forgive the Republicans for foisting Trump on the world.

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