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A lawsuit among Germans…

Today, I read an amusing story about Germans who were on a cruise ship in the Indian Ocean when the captain invited everyone to a pool party. As the vessel headed toward Mauritius, a beautiful African island nation, an elderly woman from Baden-Württemberg decided to try to reserve a poolside chair for her 70 year old husband. But then, a woman from Saxony tried to steal the chair by throwing her purse on it, barely missing the older woman.

Or was it the other way around? Was there a purse already on the chair when the woman from BW decided to try to claim it? That’s what the younger couple from Vogtland, in Saxony, is saying.

Next month, a court in Auerbach, Saxony will hear arguments about this case, as the couple from BW is suing the couple from Saxony because the parties got into a physical altercation over the chairs. The younger man apparently escaped the brawl unscathed, but his much older opponent was left with injuries to his arm. The older man is trying to claim 4200 euros because of “loss of holiday pleasure” on the cruise and injuries to his forearm.

Apparently, ever since last year, they’ve been going back and forth. They were never able to settle their dispute amicably, even when monetary compensation was offered. I have heard that some people from BW are reputed to be rather tight with their money… not that I would necessarily know from personal experience.