Fat women don’t go to heaven?

Them’s fightin’ words in Brazil. A viral video recently surfaced showing a woman shoving a priest off a stage mid sermon because he’d allegedly said “fat women don’t go to heaven”. The incident took place in Sao Paolo before thousands of followers, who all shrieked as the priest went flying. He was reportedly unhurt and able to continue his sermon once he recovered.

The controversial statement cannot be heard in the video that was shared, but some followers have said the priest had made the comment before the heavyset woman suddenly sent him sprawling off his pedestal. Others have said the priest never made that comment and they don’t know what possessed the woman to run up on the stage and knock his block off. Friends of the woman have said she has “mental health issues”. Boy, I’ll say. Edited to add, Snopes has “weighed in” on this. Apparently, the man hadn’t said anything about fat women and Heaven. He didn’t press charges and is reportedly “okay”, aside from suffering a few aches and pains.

Dayum… she should play football! That was quite the sack!

To be honest, I found the clip hilarious on many levels. I had to watch it several times, because it was just so ridiculous and gave me a much needed laugh. I must confess, there are a few people I dream of doing this to myself. But, because I am a civilized person who isn’t typically violent, I would never actually consider doing this to anyone. I suppose this is what Germans would call Schadenfreude.

I’m pretty sure these folks are the ones we saw when we saw Avenue Q in England.