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Brain damaged Trump supporter choke slams 13 year old…

Meet Curt James Brockway, 39. Brockway is a disabled Army veteran and Trump supporter who is “uber patriotic”. In 2000, Brockway suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. Apparently, his lawyer thinks this injury excuses him from choke slamming a thirteen year old boy when they were both attending a rodeo last Saturday at the Mineral County Fairgrounds in the town of Superior, Montana.

It seems the boy was wearing a hat during the National Anthem and Brockway felt the boy was being disrespectful. He asked the young man to remove his hat, but the boy cursed at Brockway in response. So Brockway, believing that Donald Trump would have wanted him to take a stand, grabbed the boy by the throat and body slammed him, leaving him with a potential concussion and skull fracture. Witnesses say the boy had blood coming out of his ears. The 13 year old was airlifted to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Washington.

Meanwhile, Brockway was arrested and charged with assault on a minor, which is a felony. He could go to prison for up to five years and have to pay a $50,000 fine. Brockway is already listed as a violent offender after a 2010 incident involving assault with a weapon. Brockway’s comment regarding the boy was, “I guess I messed up because he got hurt. But I’m a patriot.” And apparently, that gives him the right to injure other people, particularly those one-third his age…

The fact that this man so severely injured a boy one-third his age over the boy’s choice to wear a cap during the National Anthem is horrifying enough. What makes it worse is that Brockway’s excuse is that he thought that was what President Trump is advocating normal citizens to do. The man claims he didn’t know physically assaulting a child is a crime and cited Trump’s remarks about how people who kneel during the anthem should be fired or those who burn the flag should be punished. And, apparently, he thinks he’s the one who should be carrying out these consequences for those he deems “disrespectful”.

I don’t know that I would necessarily directly blame Trump for Brockway’s actions, since it does sound like he has brain damage and, perhaps, some mental health issues. However, I do think Trump’s hateful rhetoric inflames people like Curt Brockway, who resort to violence to get their points across. I don’t think the boy was necessarily right to swear at Mr. Brockway; but his use of profanity, in no way, validates Brockway’s actions. It sounds to me like Brockway could use some time cooling his heels outside of society.

It’s a shame that basic civility and common decency seems to have eroded even further ever since Trump was elected. I do think Brockway needs some serious help, but someone with such poor impulse control and understanding of the law should not be wandering around free. I hope he gets the help he needs… far away from innocent bystanders who might behave in a way that he thinks is “disrespectful” to the president or the U.S. flag.


4 thoughts on “Brain damaged Trump supporter choke slams 13 year old…

  1. Clare Palmatier says:

    And would you blame Elizabeth Warren ‘s rhetoric for the Ohio shooter? He stated he would have voted for her and tweeted support for causes she also supports.Were Democrats responsible for the Congressional baseball practice shooting? Of course not. None of these people are mind readers or superheroes. If your going to hold Trump responsible for El Paso, fine, but that’s going to mean the same for anyone else whose name pops up in a shooter’s history.

    • It really has nothing at all to do with Republicans vs. Democrats. Trump is simply not a good person and he is influencing other bad people to act in harmful ways. Aside from that, this article isn’t even about the El Paso shootings. It’s about a grown man who was emboldened to hurt a child based on his worship of Donald Trump. I’m on vacation right now, so I haven’t even had a chance to write about the shootings.

  2. dle says:

    Ditto on Trump not being a good person. He is reprehensible, lying, race-baiting, white-nationalist-loving, ignorant scum. The Dayton shooter had issues going back several years. My two daughters went to high school with him, and he was suspended for a time for making a list of classmates he wanted to kill (boys) and rape (girls).

    • I think Trump emboldens the worst kind of people. He’s unkind and has no empathy. It wouldn’t matter if he was a Democrat. He’s just a vile person.

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