Labor Day blues…

We’re still adjusting to life without our amazing Zane, who was a beacon of love and a guru for living one’s best life. We spent yesterday recovering from losing him on Saturday. Today, we’re getting some household chores done and, I suspect, taking advantage of the fact that today isn’t a holiday for Germans.

I woke up this morning, marveling at the fact that I didn’t hear Zane’s soft whine, telling us it was time to get up, let him pee, and feed him. He was such a routine oriented dog. When we first got him, Bill used to get up to take him out in the middle of the night so he could pee. He never quite outgrew that habit, and for most of his life, would want to pee in the middle of the night.

There are other things I remember, too. Like how he loved to jump in my lap. I remember when we first got him, I was drinking a soft drink and, all of a sudden, he leapt into my lap, almost knocking my drink out of my hand. Thankfully, he quickly learned to make sure I was expecting him before he jumped into my lap. A lot of times, he’d whine softly, in a certain way, to get my attention and give me a chance to assume the right position. He tried and failed to do it a few months ago and never made another attempt. Although he annoyed me the first time he tried jumping into my lap, I eventually grew to think it was a cute habit.

A really old pic from 2010.
A somewhat newer one…

I made another video this morning to keepsake some of the photos that didn’t get put in the first video. I had so many good pictures of Zane over almost ten years. Bill cries when he sees the slideshow, but I haven’t even done the video footage I have… Zane was a very vibrant dog who lived a great life. I’m so glad we managed to document it, along with a lot of other things…

Seriously… I’ve come to realize that it’s a good thing to be a writer who writes every day and takes a lot of pictures. You never know when that evidence will come in handy. But for now, I’m just glad I have so many great photos of the best dog ever.

I also got a strange message this morning. It was from someone named Marie Miguel. She’s evidently a writer. I didn’t take it seriously when I saw on Statcounter that she spent a mere second on my blog before commenting on the tag entitled “stupid people” (and there are so many). I also noticed she was writing from The Philippines. Not that I think Filipino people aren’t bright… it’s just that a lot of times, I get spam from that part of the world. But anyway, this is what Marie wrote. I Googled her. She seems to get around a lot.

No thanks, Marie… not sure what you’re after and not really looking for anything but a place to vent my spleen…

Here’s the video, for those who care.

This one is shorter than the first one, although I’ve found even more pictures since I posted this.

I hope to get back to my usual bitching soon… It takes time to mourn.