There will be no Jingerbread Fonuts, after all…

A couple of days ago, Pickles, who runs the Duggar Family News group and page on Facebook, shared news that Jinger Duggar Vuolo had partnered with a business called Fonuts. Fonuts is a company in Los Angeles that makes baked donuts with gluten free and vegan options. Jinger apparently loved Fonuts enough to lend her name to a new “Jingerbread” flavor that was going to be run during the month of December. Here’s a “news item” about it that was posted just two days ago.

Aww… isn’t that nice?

Well… according to Pickles, who got screenshots of a statement from Fonuts, the partnership is now off.

Really? They didn’t know?

Well… good on Nancy and Thom for rethinking their “poor choice of promotional partner”. They must not watch a lot of TV, read People magazine, or follow social media. They’ve clearly never heard of her brother, sex pest Josh Duggar. How did they miss out on that news? But then, people like me still follow this family, despite Josh’s “dalliances” and “dilly dallying”…

Nancy and Thom are probably too busy making donuts. Jinger Vuolo may be one of the most liberal Duggar ladies, but she’s still married to a man who is apparently training to become a megachurch pastor or televangelist. Jeremy Vuolo seems intent on making a name for himself as a pastor, but not of a small, struggling church in the boonies. He’s in Los Angeles, has hooked himself a Duggar woman, and seems all about joining the A list.

Hanging out with Kanye West? Really? Does Jeremy aspire to be the next Joel Osteen?

I will admit that I don’t listen to Jeremy Vuolo’s sermons. I don’t enjoy listening to sermons by most people, but especially not those delivered by fundies. Even though I know some of the things he says might be hair raising, it’s just not something I care to watch.

Of all of the Duggar ladies, I probably like Jinger the most. I get the sense that she and Jeremy are kind of breaking the mold a bit, even if he is becoming a pastor. This turn of events is pretty embarrassing. I’m sure Fonuts heard from their customers about the Duggars and their fundie Christian background. I doubt most Los Angeles based companies want to be affiliated with fundie Christians. Los Angeles is a pretty gay friendly town– it’s loaded with celebrities, many of whom are in the LBGT community. I think Nancy and Thom of Fonuts must be very busy with their business not to know what the Duggars are about. Even though Jinger and Jeremy are not as fundie as others in the family, they’re still in that group.

I checked out Fonuts’ Instagram page, even though I don’t do Instagram myself. Some people are lambasting Fonuts for being “hateful” to Christians by ending their relationship with Jinger. I’m sure they have nothing against Christians or people in other religions. It just seems to me that Jinger Vuolo, who is a Christian and presumably dedicated to her beliefs, would be a poor fit for a company that doesn’t share her beliefs. I could see her pitching for Christian companies, as her parents have. But Fonuts is clearly a mainstream outfit, and they don’t want to align with people who wish to strip rights from any group of people. Fundie Christians speak out against people who aren’t heterosexuals, among others. In a town like L.A., it’s not gonna fly for a mainstream company to align with a fundie Christian, even a “liberal” one like Jinger.

Still… I feel a little sorry for Jinger. This must be pretty embarrassing for her. It’s not her fault her brother is a sex pest. Indeed, she was one of his victims. It would be nice if she and Jeremy totally broke out of the fundie bullshit… or even better, acted like Christlike Christians. Maybe someday…


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  1. I made the mistake of selling building materials to a guy that I didn’t recognize because here in the wilds of Northeast Minnesota he was out of context. It was Seth Jeffs, Warren Jeffs’ brother and co conspirator (among other things). He was doing a remodeling job and didn’t seem to have a good grasp on various construction methods as well as having a bunch of expensive new equipment, but I had seen that before and wasn’t very suspicious. We all (the entire community) woke up to who he was one day and didn’t deal with him anymore. He had somehow acquired a 40 acre parcel and was going to build a compound (about 5500 sq ft.) and bring his cult here. Fortunately, he was in violation of his building permits, etc. and had to cease and desist. His neighbors were and are not happy. As far as I know he hasn’t been back. Maybe the lawsuits were catching up to him as he had been served papers while down in Minneapolis. Haven’t seen him for a year or two now and don’t expect to. He won’t be welcomed with open arms by anyone in this community should he show up again. I can understand why the Fonuts people didn’t realize immediately who they were dealing with.

    • Oh lord! That would have blown my mind! I hear that Jinger is also hooked up with Rebecca Minkoff, who is a well known Scientologist. This time, I wonder if she knows who she is hooked up with!

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