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ADAC to the rescue!

As I write this, Bill is at a French tire shop getting two new Bridgestone tires put on the car. It’s going to cost us about 400 euros. I also booked us at another apartment around the corner from where we have been the last three nights. Our current hosts got a new booking for tonight. I booked the other apartment because we weren’t sure when or if our car would be fixed today. The first call from ADAC this morning sounded like it was doubtful they could help us today. But then, as Bill was walking Arran, he got a call about the two rare Bridgestone tires.

Then, we didn’t know if the car would be fixed before noon. Turns out, they’ll be all set by 11:30am.

I don’t know what we’ll do about tonight. We’re going to have to pay for the hotel room regardless, but we’re both definitely ready to be on our way home. We were only delayed a day, but this whole mess with the tires has really been a pain in the ass. However, it’s not lost on me that we’ve been extremely lucky. We’re only out some euros and time. No one was hurt; nothing was stolen; the weather wasn’t terrible when the flat occurred; we have the ability to absorb the costs of the crime; and it’s not a busy time at work for Bill. Also, we lucked into a fantastic gite and the owners have been really kind to us. They even let us spend last night free of charge.

So yes, we’re counting our blessings. We’ve been very fortunate and warmly embraced by the French. And we definitely love them back! I’ve also learned something new about the scams people will pull in an attempt to separate someone from their money. We have also learned a few things about French law and order, and tire laws… as in, you have to buy two identical tires per axle rather than just one.


2 thoughts on “ADAC to the rescue!

  1. Despite the hassle, frustration and cost of dealing with the crime and the tires, it sounds like your holiday trip has been good for the two of you. And what wonderful people your hosts have proved to be! New friends in new places – hooray!

    • Yes. Bill is trying to get over his paranoia right now. We love France, though, and I hope we can come back and do Beaune right.

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