MOTY part 2

Bill went to see his daughter again on Sunday, after she and her family went to church. More revelations came to light. Among the things Bill learned, confirming that his ex wife is a cunt, are these.

  • Ex persuaded both of Bill’s kids to take out massive student loans. She then proceeded to live off of the excess. I told Bill to have his daughter check her credit report.
  • When Ex’s mother died, she left Ex money from a life insurance policy. Ex proceeded to squander it. Meanwhile, she had her mother cremated as cheaply as possible and never properly disposed of the cremains.
  • Ex was fired from her job in Arizona for doing “something inappropriate”. She used the money from her severance pay to move the family to New Hampshire. Evidently, she decided to move there after a failed job interview introduced her to the area.
  • Ex told the children that Bill cheated on her with me, a flat out lie. However, she didn’t explain why she had her third victim moved into the house that Bill was paying for while they were still married.
  • Apparently, the lies about how Bill and I met came out when older daughter demanded to know why Ex and Bill divorced. Younger daughter wanted to know how Bill and I met. And, just for those who don’t know, Bill wore his wedding ring until the day the divorce was final. I didn’t meet him in person until after their divorce, which occurred in June 2000. Bill and I met face to face in May 2001.
  • Ex had younger daughter shut down her blog when younger daughter went on her mission. She somehow discovered that Bill was reading it. Bill told his daughter that the blog was the only way he could keep in touch with his kids.
  • And… when Bill got up to help with the dishes, younger daughter remarked that when her mother visits, all she does is sit on the couch and complain.

Bill did send a photo of his daughter posing with the kids and Bill. The little boy looks a lot like Bill.

He’s coming back tonight, and will probably be exhausted on all levels. We’ll have a lot to talk about. I’ve just got to say, though, that I now have new empathy for all of Ex’s children. Their mother is certifiably evil and crazy. I now realize that she makes victims out of everyone she meets.

I could probably write more about this, but I’m a bit overloaded with information right now. I’m outraged about some of the things I learned… and yet I’m so grateful that Bill was able to get away from that lying cunty monster. I hope her children are smart enough to get away from her, too.


2 thoughts on “MOTY part 2

  1. She’s beyond evil.

    Who supported Bill’s daughter on her mission? Her ward? i cannot imagine her mother shelling out the necessary $, and ex was still keeping the daughters away from Bill. Where did she serve her mission?

    You’re handling this better than most of us would. It was kind of you to encourage Bill to see his daughter.. the little boy does look like his grandfather.

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