With love…

Bill is teleworking today, thanks to the coronavirus. I’m glad to have him home, especially since he’s been traveling so much lately. On the other hand, my thoughts are with some of my friends who have lost their jobs– hopefully temporarily– as businesses are forced to shut down due to the virus. I remember the days when my livelihood depended on dealing with the public. I didn’t necessarily love the work, but it paid the bills. I wonder if Americans are prepared for what’s about to happen.

We had our doggy interview yesterday. A very tall and friendly German lady came over to talk to us about adopting a new canine family member. She immediately endeared herself to Arran, who was loving all over her. I was gratified to hear that she could tell Arran was in a good home because he was very relaxed. I always enjoy watching Arran interacting with people. He does the oxytocin stare very well. It’s his way of bonding with people, probably because before we adopted him, he got passed around a couple of times. I have always sensed that he never quite got over that. He’s a very sensitive and emotional dog, and I think his feelings were hurt when he was rejected. Fortunately, he will never be rejected again. He’s with us to stay.

Hopefully, we’ll soon have a new dog in our midst, although European countries are becoming stricter about travel. The dog we’re looking at is currently in Hamburg, which is some distance away. But at least we passed the interview, which was probably the biggest hurdle. The lady told us she’d have no trouble recommending us to the rescue. As for the dog we’re looking at, he’s lost some weight and apparently loves children. We don’t have children, but there is a school just down the block from us, and our landlord, who is also our next door neighbor, has grandsons who visit often.

I sent Bill’s daughter a thank you e-card for thinking of me. It was picked up about four minutes after it was delivered to her inbox. This was what I wrote:

Your dad’s Aunt Betsy used to send me these cards before she passed. She was a very creative lady. I never got to meet her in person, but I always loved these greetings, and the times I got to talk to her on the phone.

Thank you so much for seeing Bill last week and for sending me your very kind and thoughtful note. I have been hearing Bill’s stories all week about how great it was to see you and Steven and meet his grandchildren. I’m so glad you had such a good visit. You have so much to catch up on.

It’s been easy for me to be good to Bill, because he really is one of the best people I know. And I can see that you are very much his daughter. Bill gave me a thank you note after our first date in May 2001, and ever since then, he has been the king of sweet cards, thoughtful emails, and loving gestures. In fact, Facebook tells me that a year ago today, Bill sent me flowers because he was TDY and knew I was sad because I was home alone. It’s nice to know you are representing the next generation so well.

I’m so happy you were able to reconnect. Your family is beautiful. Thank you again for thinking of me. Stay safe during the coronavirus crisis! 

I never thought I’d ever write such a note to Bill’s daughter. For years, I’ve been angry with her. I hope I can write many more nice notes to her. I don’t enjoy being angry with people.

Overall, we had a good weekend. The weather is getting nicer. In fact, we even broke out the robotic lawnmower yesterday. It’s so quiet that we can use it on Sundays and not piss off the neighbors. I may do some weed whacking later, just so the lawn looks better.

I don’t know when we’ll know about the new dog. The coronavirus has really put things in a strange way. I’ve never experienced anything like this before… it’s definitely weird to see countries locking down over a virus. However, I think it’s for the best that they control the spread of the coronavirus, because it is killing a lot of people. I just hope the economy survives, and people like my friend, who just lost his job, are able to adapt and survive without lingering financial damage.

I’m just glad we’re not on a cruise ship, like we were four years ago (during which I got norovirus AND my period). I just read about several ships stranded with their passengers in isolation because of the coronavirus. It would really suck to be stuck on a ship right now. On the other hand, I guess this situation is a good reminder as to why it’s best to try to spring for the better stateroom. At least one with a window…

Hope all is well where you are. Batten down the hatches, folks!