Stuff I’ve learned since yesterday…

It’s not a good idea to listen to Donald Trump when it comes to preserving your health. A couple in Maricopa, Arizona heard Trump repeatedly talking about a fish tank cleaning additive called chloroquine phosphate. Trump spoke of this chemical as a coronavirus curative. The couple, evidently impressed by their “dear leader”, had some of this stuff in their home because they have a koi fish pond. I’m not sure if either of them even had the virus, but for some inexplicable reason, they ingested the chemical and promptly got very sick. The husband went into cardiac arrest and died. The wife was listed in critical condition, but is expected to survive.

I’d say they were Darwin Award candidates, but as they are in their 60s, they probably stopped contributing to the gene pool many years ago. Folks– for the love of God– PLEASE do not take medical advice from anyone who isn’t qualified. That goes double for anything Trump says. He’s probably got money invested in chloroquine phosphate.

Politicians in Ohio and Texas are using the pandemic as an excuse to roll back abortion access. The politicians reason that abortion is an “elective” procedure, and right now, elective procedures must be put on the back burner because healthcare workers need personal protection equipment and space for coronavirus patients. Given that many abortions are done chemically, it seems kind of dubious that this is the real reason they want abortion added to the list of procedures that can’t be done right now. Aside from that, the last thing a woman who is experiencing an unwanted, unintended pregnancy needs is a delay in the ability to get an abortion. We’re experiencing a pandemic, and a lot of people aren’t working right now. These same Republican motherfuckers who want to deny women the right to bodily autonomy have no desire to provide help or social welfare safety nets to people in need. These manipulative tactics to deny women the right to have an abortion, done in the name of conservation, need to be stopped in their tracks.

A man in Spain was stopped for wandering about in public while wearing a T-Rex costume… I confess that Bill and I had a good laugh about this one. If you haven’t seen the video, I highly recommend taking the time. It’s hilarious!

See something new every day…

Apparently, I speak like someone from Alabama based on how I pronounce certain words. News flash– I am NOT from Alabama and don’t even really have a southern accent, even though I am from a southern state.

If you feel sick and lose your sense of smell or ability to taste, chances are, you have the coronavirus.

I thought I saw a dead snake yesterday. It looked a lot like the one I peed on in 2015. Turns out, both “snakes” were actually a type of legless lizard called Blindschleichen. In English, they’re known as “deaf adders” or “slow worms”. I had never seen one before, because in America, we have real snakes like copperheads, water moccasins, and rattlesnakes, as well as plain old garter snakes, rat snakes, and black snakes. Apparently, wild snakes are not that common in Germany. Anyway, it appeared to be decapitated and was lying on the sidewalk near our local cemetery. I saw it as I was giving Arran his first walk in several days.

Italian mayors are extremely entertaining and kind of sexy when they chastise their citizenry.

<3 There is a shorter version translated with English subtitles… but I would rather listen to the lovely lyricism of Italian, coupled with such impassioned delivery. Bravo, Signor Gianfilippo Bancheri!

Bill had to get another COVID test done, because the one he had done a few days ago was rendered invalid by improper handling. Fortunately, neither one of us is sick or showing any symptoms, although at least one more of Bill’s co-workers tested positive and is sick with the virus.

I got called “unintelligent” for calling Trump an orange rapist fuckwad. A guy took me to task for my opinions on Trump, deeming me “full of hate”. I responded that Trump raped his first wife and molested countless other women, and that makes him a fuckwad, among other things. Moreover, he IS orange. I added a list of 61 nasty things Trump has said to or about women, and asked the “supporter” what it was he was saying about “hate”. I noticed he didn’t respond.

White, conservative, southern men are notorious about defending Trump and his lunacy, and I notice that whenever I express an opinion about Trump that they don’t like, they tell me I’m unintelligent, lack class, or don’t act like a lady. Tell me. Why should I be expected to act like a lady when expressing an opinion about a “president” who is fine with grabbing me and other women by the pussy? That certainly isn’t very gentlemanly behavior. What an asshole.

And… once again… our president is a fucking moron who is making things much worse than they need to be… but that’s not new news.

Hope you’re all well. I’m going to try to escape into an alternate reality… maybe make some music, play Sims 4, read about Keith Richards, or watch some bad TV.


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  1. I think your southern politeness is coming through. You are being much too nice when talking about tRump. He doesn’t deserve that much kindness. By referring to him as a Fucking Moron you do a disservice to actual fucking morons. They are miles above him.

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