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Wash… WASH… WASH!!! and dry… DRY… DRY!!!

Bill is really adorable sometimes. He often references the fact that I have a master’s degree in public health when he talks about health topics. One of the biggest mantras among public health professionals is the great importance of washing one’s hands. It’s one of the very best ways to keep at bay communicable diseases that spread on surfaces and through the air.

Thanks to the c-word, Bill and I have been washing our hands a lot. And when you wash your hands a lot, they tend to dry out. The other day, Bill came to me complaining about how dry his skin is. It’s gotten so bad that he’s getting cuts and cracks, which isn’t a good thing, since that provides more openings for germs to invade. The last thing we need is an infection on top of the c-word threat.

Last August, we took a cruise on Hebridean Princess and one of our stops was at the Isle of Harris Distillery. They’re in the process of making whisky, but already offer a really lovely gin. Because I love a good retail haul, I also purchased some skincare products from them. Amanda Saurin, Apothecary, has made a Rose & Honeysuckle hand cream and a Rose & Honeysuckle All Purpose Balm. I keep them by my computer because my hands get dry under normal circumstances. Over the past couple of weeks, they’ve become even dryer. The all purpose balm is a bit greasy and doesn’t absorb that well, but the hand cream is excellent. It’s very light, absorbent, and it smells good. It also really does a great job keeping the skin hydrated.

Since Bill and I are both using it and our supply is depleting, I went to the Isle of Harris’s website to see if they had any more of that hand cream for sale. I didn’t find it offered in their online shop. All they had were gin related products– bottles of Harris gin, glassware, and tinctures designed to enhance the flavor of cocktails. Since we’re in Germany, we have to order from a German vendor anyway. The gin is good, but we need hand cream more than booze!

I just sent them an email to ask about the hand cream. I don’t know why they wouldn’t have it available on their site. It’s a really great product. I wish I’d bought more when we visited. I don’t usually get excited about these kinds of things, but when I find something that works and appeals to both Bill and me, I like to keep buying it. I’m sure I could find something cheaper and more local, and if it comes down to that, I will. But since it’s not too girly smelling, it’s a good unisex option. Bill doesn’t like to use scented things that smell too feminine. ETA: I can’t get more of this wonder drug right now, because the distillery is closed, and so is the apothecary that makes it. Rats.

On another note, Vodafone, here in Germany, has done their part to encourage people to stay home during the pandemic. Check out Bill’s phone…

#StayHome VF.DE

Local businesses are trying to stay afloat by offering delivery and pick up services. We got a flyer for a local bakery yesterday that will do deliveries. We don’t usually buy German breads, but maybe we’ll subscribe. We like to support small businesses whenever possible.

I’m finding my patience with people getting thinner and thinner, too. I may end up socially isolating from social media, too. As I wrote a couple of days ago, I’m probably better off recording music right now. Fewer people pay attention to that, and it brings me joy to do it. Today is also the dreaded vacuum day. I guess I’ll do it… it’ll eat up about a half an hour. I probably could be more thorough and spend more time vacuuming, but I truly hate that chore with a passion, even if I do like the end results.

Arran has been a real comfort to me this week. This morning, after waking us up for an early constitutional, he came back into our bedroom and happily settled himself in my arms. I woke up later holding Arran, who was as contented as a clam. It’s hard to believe someone once adopted him and brought him back to the rescue after nine months. I’m so glad we were the people to give him a forever home. He’s turned into a wonderful companion. I only wish we could have had another companion join us last week. Maybe, when the c-word crisis is over, we’ll try again.

He’s such a blessing to us.