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Rabid Trump supporters convinced the coronavirus is a scheme hatched by liberals…

Good morning, all. So begins a new day in this new, fucked up world we’re living in today. I read a couple of ridiculous stories about how infectious diseases expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has been getting death threats. Why? Because certain brain dead right wing pundits are convinced that Fauci is behind a plot to get Donald Trump kicked out of the White House. He’s been targeted by these mental midgets. They’ve sent him death threats, prompting the government to enhance Fauci’s security. At the other end of the spectrum, Fauci has also gotten disturbing communications from ardent admirers, which is also a problem that merits more protection from the nuts among us.

When I first read about these wingnuts spreading vitriol against Fauci, I just shook my head at the sheer stupidity and arrogance. Some extreme Trump supporters think that liberals are so desperate to get Trump ousted from office that they’d stop at nothing, including launching a coronavirus plague! And I just have to wonder, do these folks even see beyond the two feet in front of them? The coronavirus is a worldwide problem. It’s affecting people ALL OVER THE GLOBE! I know the United States is a big world power, but it’s certainly not the only country. PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE DYING FROM THIS VIRUS! Why would its spread be only about American politics and dismantling Trump’s “leadership”? What an arrogant viewpoint!

I do think the coronavirus could ultimately be Trump’s undoing, if United States citizens do, in fact, still get an election in November, and enough of them wise up and vote him out. Although I have read that some “independent” voters think Trump has handled this crisis with aplomb, a lot more people seem to think it’s time we got someone competent and compassionate in the White House. However, it’s plain that there are also a lot of scary people out there who think Trump was sent to us by God. They ignore his disgusting behavior and the vile things he says and praise him as if he was an actual representative of the Almighty.

I don’t understand this thinking. I can’t fathom where it comes from. I mean, I have an idea, since my people are from hillbilly country themselves. I grew up in a conservative county in Virginia and I know a lot of white people are desperate to stay on top. They see Trump as someone who can guarantee that they stay in power. They want at least four more years of his “leadership”. And when he finally dies, they’ll want someone just as bigoted and patriarchal to take his place. Strangely enough, I know a lot of these folks think America is “great” because it’s so “free”. But they don’t want to play fair, and they want to force their extreme, white supremacist, “Christian” ideologies on the American public.

On the other hand… maybe it’s the Russians who are doing this. Maybe they are planting disinformation so that they United States is destabilized and they can be in power. Having met Russians when I was in Armenia, I’d rather not think this way… but then, I suppose it’s fair to remember that just like the United States, Russia is full of people, and they don’t all think or behave in the same way. I already know that a lot of rabid Trump supporters are closed-minded and not the deepest of thinkers. It would probably be easy for Russian trolls to get them to believe that the coronavirus is a liberal ploy to rid the world of Trump and his ilk. And because they aren’t deep thinkers and can’t see beyond themselves, they think undermining Trump is dangerous to their way of life, which they seem to want to foist on everyone else. These folks are not people who believe in science. They are religious nuts who believe in sky daddies and think that white Christian people should rule the world.

Anyway… count me among those who believe in Fauci and his vast expertise. Fauci has more than proven his capabilities, having been a world leader in studying infectious diseases since 1984. He graduated number one in his medical school class at Cornell University. I’m glad to see that even Trump is finally listening to someone competent. Maybe even Trump realizes that if he doesn’t put his faith in someone who knows what they’re doing, he’ll have a lot of blood on his hands.

Trump took much too long to respond to this crisis. He really fucked up. And frankly, I pray that it will be the thing that removes him from office before he does even more damage. However, the coronavirus is a real thing, and people should listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts. They know what they’re doing; it’s their life’s work to study diseases. The coronavirus is a real threat. People are dying of this disease. He may be one of the few people who can save us from Trump’s idiocy. People are upset because Dr. Fauci facepalmed as he listened to Trump’s moronic comments? Hell, many of us facepalm daily as we watch the country we all knew and loved turning into a macabre three ring shitshow, complete with deadly clowns and a president who reminds me more and more of Chucky.


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  1. dle says:

    At Trump’s daily I-love-me press extravaganza yesterday, instead of expressing sorrow that 1,000 people in the USA died of COVID-19 that day, he instead went on and on about how he’s “now #1 on Facebook and that must say something!”

    The man is a psychopath.

  2. I can’t watch tRump’s “press briefings” anymore. So much bullshit, lack of empathy, lack of knowledge, just wastes my time. I read what the scientists and medical people are saying to get good information. tRump is only focused on “his numbers” just like the narcissist he is.

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