The stupid is STRONG…

I came across this post this morning. Feast your eyes.

This was written by a guy named Ron… He’s quite the Trumper.

This guy’s post has gone viral. You’d think it would have gone viral because it’s so full of ridiculous bullshit. But no… I see by the comments on his original post that many people agree with his point of view. The few brave souls who commented on this post are being shot down by folks who claim that liberals are “sheep”.

I have mentioned before that I occasionally used to vote Republican. More often than not, I voted third party, because I think both major political parties are corrupt and we need more than two realistic choices for a job as important as POTUS. This year, I plan to vote straight blue on everything, mainly because I’m pissed off and absolutely flabbergasted by the never ending shitshow that happens daily as Donald Trump does his level best to deflect blame and screw over people. But– I do understand the conservative viewpoint and there was a time when it made sense to me… mainly before I got out of the United States and started experiencing the way other people around the world live. So I know that not all Republicans are evil, corrupt, or selfish. A lot of them just don’t know better than what they see locally.

I still don’t get the foolish and dogged devotion people have for Trump. He’s completely incompetent and immoral, and he never takes responsibility for the things he does. You want to be a conservative? Okay. But WHY SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP? There has GOT to be a better person for the job– someone with actual conservative values, yet a level head, a mind for service, and a heart for the people. Donald Trump is a sociopathic scumbag who gleefully abuses and rips off anyone who allows him the opportunity.

COVID-19 is NOT a joke. This is NOT the first time we have had a pandemic sweep the planet. How people can assume this is a plot by a foreign government to destroy the United States is completely beyond my comprehension. People around the WORLD are dying from this virus. I have a college friend whose sister– a woman my age– is on a ventilator fighting for her life because she got sick with COVID-19. Even if this was a Chinese plot– and I really don’t think it is– why would the Chinese government sacrifice their own people?


And Ron seems to be worried about money, first and foremost. He’s all about the economy, and worried about it failing. But the economy is driven by people, and people are DYING from this virus. How can he call Democrats demonic when Republicans are more worried about lining their pockets than saving lives…. oh, except for the pro-life crowd, who will save a pre-born fetus at all costs, but won’t do jack shit for people who have already been born?

Yesterday, I ran across an exciting article about Virginia’s Governor Ralph Northam. Northam is a Democrat, and prior to being the governor of my home state, he was a pediatric neurologist. My former shrink– a psychologist by training– had many consults with Dr. Northam. He said Dr. Northam is a first rate physician. My therapist was a first rate psychologist and he helped me immensely. It’s been sixteen years since our last session, so we’re now friends. I see what a kind and generous person my ex shrink is, and based on Northam’s ability to sign off on so many progressive and sensible new laws, I can see why my ex shrink respects the governor so much.

But… as many people know, even Governor Northam has had his issues. Last year, here was a scandal raised because, back in the 1980s, when Northam was in medical school, he was photographed in blackface for his medical school yearbook. Someone commented on the article I read that he didn’t understand how Northam “gets a pass” for his “racist history”. It’s true that after a big splash in the news, the furore over Northam’s blackface scandal seemed to have suddenly dissipated.

My response is that Governor Northam did something stupid in 1984– 36 years ago. He was less than half the age he is now. He grew up, got wiser, and learned from his mistakes. Yes, he got a beating in the press about the blackface photo. It’s embarrassing that Virginia’s governor did that in the 80s, although in fairness to Northam, people were generally less politically correct back in those days. What Northam did was insulting and racist, but he realized that he did wrong, learned from it, and came back better. Since then, he’s sincerely apologized and taken responsibility for what he did in the past, and he’s done a lot of good for MANY people– especially people who are generally otherwise marginalized. That’s not even considering the many young patients he helped when he practiced medicine.

Trump, by contrast, hasn’t done anything but embarrass intelligent people, and embolden the stupid and cruel. Why do people like Ron, a Marine, continue to cheer on Donald Trump? Cognitive dissonance is a real thing, and it’s scary. I looked up Ron’s profile, and he claims to have a master’s degree from a respected university, and yet he’s vomiting up this nonsensical drivel on his social media page.

I don’t know Ron, but I am related to people who think like him and are hellbent on defending Trump’s bullshit. I don’t understand how decent people can defend Trump. I suspect it has to do with fear, and the worry that other people will start to get a fair shot. For all of their talk about freedom and personal liberties, Republicans don’t seem interested in extending those liberties to everyone. I am not naive enough to believe that there isn’t any corruption in the Democratic Party, but I do think that, on the whole, they are more compassionate and fairer than the Republicans are. At least in this day and age, they are.

And as much as I believe in people voting their conscience and supporting their own political ideals, I am really fighting the urge to tell people like Ron to go fuck themselves. Really. If you want to be Republican and support someone who is not a fucking tool, fine. But anyone who still supports Donald Trump’s bullshit is complicit in the madness that has overtaken the country and spilled over into the rest of the world. What we need to do is work together to get things back to some semblance of normalcy. Instead, we have an orange turd who throws temper tantrums on TV, shuts up or fires people who are smarter than he is, and makes false (thank GOD) claims that he has total power. People who continue to vote for that are, in my mind, definitely STUPID. And the stupid is super strong.