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For Alexis…

My friend and fellow blogger Alexis recommended this song to me. I learned it today. The photo was taken in Texas back in 2013… we had a big ass moon and I had a new camera.

“The Moon’s a Harsh Mistress was written by Jimmy Webb, who took the song’s title from a science fiction novel of the same name written by Richard Heinlein in 1966. This particular version is a cover of Linda Ronstadt’s rendition, but it’s also been done by Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, Josh Groban, Joan Baez, and Judy Collins, among many others. It’s become a modern day standard. Listening to this again, I think the raw recording sounds better than the finished version… but I think my equipment needs an upgrade, including my 47 year old voice. But anyway, I wanted to try it, because I think it suits me.

I actually really dislike making videos. I don’t like being on camera myself, so a lot of times, I just throw in whatever pictures look pretty. I probably could have varied the photo on this video, but I wasn’t sure if it would upload. So here it is… Curiosity is now satisfied. I think it works, although the production could always be better.

Maybe later I’ll write more. Or maybe I’ll take today off…


6 thoughts on “For Alexis…

  1. Nicely done! Jimmy Webb is an amazing songwriter. I have an album by the Fifth Dimension called The Worst That Could Happen that came out in the 60s. All the songs were written by Webb and the album told a love story primarily, but also contained a couple of hit tunes of the time. Have a listen if you get a chance. Amazing vocals!
    Alexis hasn’t posted in a long time. I hope she is well and not overwhelmed with virus related work. She is a pretty amazing young woman.

    • She sometimes sends me messages on Twitter. I heard from her this week and she recommended that I try that song. And I just didn’t feel like bitching about Trump and today’s Lysol and Clorox inspired stupidity. So I sang a song instead.

      Thanks for listening.

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