48… has started out great!

Here’s a quick post to let everyone know I survived my weekend “away”. Bill took me to a hotel in Hofheim, which is about twenty minutes from where we live. This particular hotel is attached to a “therme”, which is basically a big pool park/spa. The therme re-opened a couple of weeks ago and is offering a scaled down experience. No steam rooms, massages, or infusions are offered right now, which was okay with me. I like massages, but I can enjoy the water park without them.

I’m going to write up the actual trip on my travel blog, but I wanted to update this one with some positivity. It was great to get out of the house and look around. Being in Germany really put things in perspective. I think my negative mood is mostly caused by social media and reading stuff by Americans who are in America. Germany is not like America right now. The mask thing is not such a big deal. Yes, people are wearing them or face shields, but since the COVID-19 numbers are well-controlled right now, people are fairly relaxed. So now, I’m feeling a lot less stressed out and depressed than I was a couple of days ago. I really needed to get out of the house and see the world, even if it was just for a few hours.

We only went twenty minutes from our house, but I feel refreshed and relaxed, and so grateful for my husband, who took the time to show me a wonderful time on my birthday. I think one of the highlights yesterday was going down a waterslide… something I have not done since the early 90s… or possibly even earlier than that. I used to love waterslides, but somehow I lost my nerve along the way. I will admit that yesterday’s slide was a bit terrifying… but it was also quite a thrill. I need more thrills in my life, I think. Maybe the waterslide is like a metaphor for life in these scary pandemic times.

So… while I’ll continue to look at my homeland with sadness and fear, I’m also so grateful that at least for the time being, I can be in a place where people are sensible, kind, and considerate.

Not so bad…

And… special thanks to my friend, Andrew, who introduced me to the awesomeness that is Aubrey Logan. I really relate to this song especially… Listen and smile!

The lyrics to this song are pretty amazing.

2 thoughts on “48… has started out great!

  1. Susan See says:

    Aubrey is pretty awesome. I really liked that song. I should play it for my older sister.
    This sister can throw a pretty bad pity party. She was throwing one a few weeks ago. Usually I just put up Not this time. I asked her what color confetti she wanted for her pity party, black or (I can’t remember the other color)? She replied “Black!!” At first she was startled and could not believe I’d said that and she replied “what?” I laughed as I repeated it.
    I’m so done with her pity parties. Our mom used to do that. Mom was feeling neglected and ignored and one day she said she wished she’d never had children. I said I could make that happen. She didn’t do that again.
    I know sis has problems, one pretty big one in particular. But I’m having to go on oxygen and probably retire. I just turned 60 and had planned to work til 70. I’m not going to throw a pity party. I just want to get on with it, and I don’t have a lot of patience for Sis’ stuff.
    I’m glad you got.out and had a good time. It’s good for your head. I hope you get to go out more often.

    • Thanks Susan. Glad you enjoyed Aubrey as much as I did!

      I relate to pity parties. Sometimes I have them myself. But I mostly try to confine them to my blog. 😉 People can choose whether or not to attend.

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