In the Eifel… not to be confused with the Eiffel Tower.

Bill and I are enjoying a long weekend in an area of Germany known as the Eifel. We will be back home on Monday, and I will write up our trip, as usual, on my travel blog. We had a lot of fun today… I walked about six miles, petted and fed some animals, ate good food, visited Gerolstein, and enjoyed the hotel pool.

I don’t know what we’ll do tomorrow, but this has been a nice break. I look forward to coming back and doing some writing with a fresh outlook.

The main attraction in Meerfeld, which is where we are…

2 thoughts on “In the Eifel… not to be confused with the Eiffel Tower.

  1. Meerfeld looks rather beautiful.

    What is the with the current trend that everyone’s ex is a narcissist? I get that the Cluster Bs of various prototypes really are among us, but right now, every woman in particular seems to be splitting up with a “narc.” In some cases, their past three exes ALL were narcs. One would think that these women who are such experts at diagnosing NPD would eventually start to recognize the condition before making babies with the supposed narcissists, though that would probably be asking too much.

    On Friday I had to deal with the mother of a pediatric patient who brought her toddler to the ER (I suppose she considered it a bona fide emergency because her court date is today) for the purpose of persuading a physician to diagnose her child’s father as a narc based solely, of course, on her descriptions, and to put the diagnosis in writing so that she could use it in court today. I told her that if she could persuade the ex to come in to the ER, whatever lucky practitioner got the patient would be willing to speak with the guy and to attempt a quick mental health evaluation, but that it wouldn’t be a pediatrician (I’m in pediatrics all year) evaluating the child’s father unless he happens to be a minor. She stormed out, muttering something about Catholic hospitals being superior. I hope the Catholic hospital the mom planned to visit checks the records before dealing with her, because they’re not likely to be reimbursed by the province for her visit when we’re billing and likely being reimbursed first. (I red-flagged the visit for immediate attention from billing.)

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