I haven’t seen the debates, but I have read a lot of comments… sounds like it was a real shit show. So I decided to sing a song. I may be back a little later with some writing. I need to chill out for now and practice my guitar.

The vocal matches the lyrics when I sing, “Nothin’ I try to do ever turns out right.” Sorry, I tried repeatedly to get it right… after awhile, it just gets to be too frustrating.

I did add some funny photos… given the fact that Trump apparently made a gigantic ass out of himself last night, I think they’re kind of fitting. Randy Newman wrote this song, by the way. I love to sing it, although I probably do it better when I’m drunk and in a bar.


4 thoughts on “Guilty…

  1. I loved both the song and the pictures. What an awesome video! Do you have a Youtube channel?

    I flew home Friday evening on a chartered plane that was maybe one degree above a puddle-jumper. I’ve never been so scared while flying, but I didn’t incur the COVID risk I would have had if I’d flown commercially.

  2. P.S. I watched the debate but wish I hadn’t. Watching it was most upsetting. The degree to which Trump ignored the moderator was indicative to me of the degree to which he doesn’t feel accountable to any person, any system, any morals, any regulations, etc., etc. (I could go on all night. I literally COULD go on all night, as I worked a 36-hour shift from 6:00 a.m. Monday until 6:p.m. tonight. I’m off until Thursday.) Trump’s behavior seemed utterly lawless to me, and it wad frightening.

    The only thing that mitigated my feelings of unease in the least was watching the debacle from the security of Canadian soil. I would prefer to be on a piece of land not contiguous with the U.S., but for now I’m just lucky to be back in the Great [soon to be] White North.

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