Trump is a total madman…

Alright… just finished writing my latest travel blog series. New dog, still named Noizy for now, is doing fine. He’s as sweet as he can be. Someday, he might even leave the living room so we can give him a bath.

Now, back to my usual complaints and rantings. A few days ago, I wrote about the news that our dear “leader”, Donald Trump, was diagnosed with COVID-19. The initial news that he’d “tested positive” was soon followed up with news that he actually has the virus. Many people, including yours truly, wondered if this was yet another line of bullshit designed to distract everyone from Trump’s shortcomings before the election next month.

Then he ended up at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the weekend. Interesting side note– Walter Reed, who discovered that yellow fever is spread by mosquitos– was born in Belroi, Virginia. Belroi is part of Gloucester County, which is where I grew up. I have passed his birthplace many times, and in fact, our hospital in Gloucester was also named after him.

Anyway… Trump was airlifted to WRAMC in Washington, DC, even though the White House itself is pretty well equipped for medical emergencies. He spent the weekend in the “presidential suite”, and doctors said that his respiration rate had dropped dangerously a couple of times. But now, he’s been released and is supposedly “feelin’ great”. He went for a joyride in a hermetically sealed vehicle, masked, but locked up with people transporting and protecting him. He waved at the people, then got released.

Trump tweeted triumphantly (as I knew he would)… from the New York Times:

“Don’t be afraid of Covid,” he wrote. “Don’t let it dominate your life.” When he arrived at the White House a few hours later, Mr. Trump removed his mask before joining several masked people inside. The president was probably still contagious, as many patients can pass on the virus for up to 10 days after symptoms begin.

So… either Trump lied about having COVID-19, or he’s now willingly putting himself and many others at risk by mingling among the masses without any sort of face mask or other personal protection equipment. Doctors have said that days 7 through 10 tend to be the worst/most risky in a COVIF-19 infection. I have a nurse friend who works with COVID patients and confirms that he’s not yet out of the woods… if he was ever sick in the first place. For the record, I believe he was sick, and I believe that COVID-19 may still be his undoing. I don’t particularly relish the idea, nor does it depress me. As Trump says, “It is what it is.” Lots of people are lecturing others about what they should be saying and doing, though. I even got blocked by someone who was upset that I said Trump reminds me of Hitler. He does. Sorry… no, we’re not in a Holocaust, but he acts a lot like Hitler. The truth hurts.

This last month before the election promises to be totally crazy. Trump’s base is ever more riled up by the idea of Trump’s re-election, while those who are “ridin’ with Biden” are also campaigning hard. I just voted a week ago via absentee ballot. I voted Democrat across the board, something I have never done before. I have a feeling I am not the only one. Hopefully, it will make a difference. Like a lot of Americans, I’m pretty fed up with Trump’s circus and his complete disregard for everyone but himself. I am also tired of seeing and hearing gloating from Trump’s base.

Seriously… there are some true jackasses out there. Here are just a couple of links to the winners of the dipshit parade:

Trump Supporter Eyed by Law Enforcement After Viral Video Threatens ‘War’ if Biden Wins Election: ‘Us Rednecks … We Comin’ and Comin’ Strong’

Shocking video shows MAGA supporter punching man who refused to stop playing anti-Trump rap song in Texas parking lot

Not to be outdone, here’s a hilarious and curse heavy video from someone who thinks Trumpers are not the brightest:

My ears are burning!

Anyway… I am really glad to be here instead of there. I think the next month is going to be a total clusterfuck. Either way, I’m sure on the first Wednesday of November, I’ll feel like drinking.


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  1. Right now we’re planning a vacation in January; both my son and my husband want to go. I’m worried about what’s going to be happening by them more in terms of the insanity that could happen if Trump loses. We’ll see what happens…

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