Bill, musings

PMS Pizza…

I made this for lunch and enjoyed lots of red wine with it. It is delicious!

I really need to cook more. There was a time when I loved cooking. I’m actually pretty good at it. But some time ago, Bill took over cooking, so I only do it when PMS forces me to. I have been craving American style pizza with pepperoni all week. Here, if you want pepperoni, you end up with either salami or peppers. I like both, but they aren’t the same as American pepperoni. Thanks to the commissary, we can get it.

Bill stayed home to telework today, owing to COVID-19 and his general exasperation with being in the office… so he got a thrill when I baked this pizza while he worked. The house smells of fresh garlic and bread, since I made the crust thicker than it needed to be. I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking red wine. I bet tomorrow, I’ll be in a fine way… because I think I’m about to encounter everyone’s favorite “aunt”.

Tomorrow, I hope to put away the outside furniture and lawnmower for the winter. The grass is being cut as I write this, probably for the last time until the spring. Then, maybe we’ll put up the fucking Christmas crapola. It’s been almost two months since I left my neighborhood… This lockdown shit is getting old. But at least Noyzi is loving life as a pet. He’s learning how to play now, and he enjoyed some of the pizza, too. Hard to believe he was so recently living outside with a bunch of other dogs. He likes being an indoor dog.

I don’t feel like writing anything earth shattering today. Yesterday’s venting was probably enough until tomorrow. Nope… too much red wine means I think I’ll play Sims 4 or think about what we’re going to get done tomorrow, as the holiday season approaches. I miss normal life, but some of the coronavirus stuff isn’t so bad. It’s always lovely to have lunch with Bill, especially on a weekday. And if I can make him smile by cooking or baking, so much the better…