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Gabriel Sterling is outraged. So am I.

My friend Andrew shared the below video this morning. Well, it was probably night where he is, but it was morning when I saw it. I must say, I’m very impressed with the speaker, Gabriel Sterling, an elections official in Georgia who is outraged. Why? Because he and his staff are getting threats over the election results!

People who are just trying to do their jobs are being threatened, all because some people are angry that Trump has lost the election.

I really think this video is worth watching, not just because Mr. Sterling speaks so eloquently about how wrong it is that elections officials are being harassed and threatened, but also because the guy doing the sign language translation is amazing. He expertly conveys the outrage coming from Sterling’s words through his facial expressions and gestures. In fact, the interpreter in this video is one reason why I hope face masks don’t become permanent. He would not be able to do this work so effectively while wearing a mask.

But anyway, back to the original subject at hand. Donald Trump has lost the election. With every passing day, it’s more and more clear that the people chose Joe Biden. I know Joe Biden isn’t perfect, and plenty of people have pointed out why he’s “unsuitable” to be president. Frankly, I think Biden is leagues better than Trump is, if only because he’s not nearly as delusional or narcissistic as Trump so obviously is. I’m clearly not the only one who feels this way. Biden won, fair and square. It’s time for Trump to do the right thing and concede, but I doubt he ever will. To Trump, concession is admitting fault and showing weakness. The reality is, a strong person would admit that he lost, condemn violence and threats against the election workers, and do whatever he could to make things seamless for his successor, for the good of the country.

I watched the video before I saw any of the news articles about this impassioned speech. I hear the pain and frustration in Gabriel Sterling’s voice as he frets about people possibly getting hurt or killed over the election. I sense the total dismay and shock Sterling conveys as he implores Trump to at least say something to the unAmerican whack jobs who are promoting violence against people who are simply doing their duties. The very fact that these folks are being targeted for doing what they’ve been employed to do is one major reason why Donald Trump has to go. He’s done nothing but encouraged division and uncivilized behavior among the American people.

I know it’s not one-sided. Emily Murphy, who is the administrator of the General Services Administration, basically the person who controls the funds that would allow Mr. Biden to set up his affairs as he prepares to take over the White House, has said that people have been threatening and harassing her, too. She refused to grant Joe Biden the funds to start the transition to power in spite of mounting pressure to do her job and growing evidence that Trump’s complaints about corruption and a “stolen election” are false. Murphy finally did her duty, but sent Biden a letter complaining about being threatened. She wrote that even her pets have been threatened with violence.

I don’t remember any other election fraught with as much chaos and polarization as this one has been. It’s absolutely batshit crazy. And I don’t know how or where people have gotten the idea that it’s appropriate to threaten people with violence for any reason, but particularly over something like a presidential election. The president doesn’t have all of the power… and thank GOD for that.

What good does it do to try to intimidate people? Who taught these people that promoting violence and issuing threats are the ways to make the United States a better place to live? Do the people who have resorted to threats and intimidation really think that is what will make American “great” again (not that it ever really was, our whitewashed history lessons notwithstanding)? Is that what they would like to happen to them someday if someone disagrees with them?

I do think it’s funny, though, to see how some Republicans are finally turning on Trump. It’s like watching rats jump off a sinking ship. Yesterday, I watched a video of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey letting a call from Trump go to voicemail as he was certifying his state’s election results in favor of Joe Biden. Ducey had once bragged that he had a special ring tone for Trump and Pence. Whenever his cell phone rang with “Hail To The Chief”, he knew it was a call from Trump or Pence and he needed to be sure to answer promptly. On the video I saw yesterday, one can see Mr. Ducey signing paperwork as his phone rings with that ring tone. He doesn’t answer. Instead, he glances at the phone and ignores it. Maybe that’s what we should all start doing… although Trump has gotten so big for his britches that doing so could be disastrous. If there’s one thing narcissists can’t stand, it’s being ignored.

Yup… they are all the same, when it comes down to it. There’s no real loyalty in politics. Looks like Doug Ducey has moved on.

Well… it’ll be interesting to watch what happens as the inauguration approaches. Hopefully, not too many people will get hurt or killed by violent, unhinged, and frankly obsessed people. It’s bad enough that people are dying of a dangerous virus. Do we really need crazy Trump supporters running around with weapons, threatening innocent people who are just doing their jobs?


8 thoughts on “Gabriel Sterling is outraged. So am I.

  1. Susan says:

    Those that are making the death threats and other threats of harm, are engaging in terrorism. I hope they are found out and held responsible. Trump and others need to decry this behavior if they wish to be seen as leaders. Trump et al could stop this.

    I also like the gentleman providing the ASL translation. I’ve seen him translate for other Georgia officials. He’s a standout. I don’t see how he could do his job wearing a mask. He and other ASL translators could not convey meaning with a mask.

    I long for the day when no one has to wear a mask, but it may be months or even years before I personally give it up or allow anyone in (workmen sometimes) without one. It’s not fear, but a desire for survival. As I’ve said before, I have an autoimmune disorder that affects my lungs. I muat wear oxygen with exertion. I’m also a nurse. So I have strong feelings about mask wearing and will always advocate for them. At the same time, men like this translator should not be expected to wear a mask. I don’t know if a face shield would be doable or not. I just want him to be well and able to do his job.

    Thanks again for a well-written post.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Hopefully, the really smart scientists will come up with a way to subdue COVID-19 so masks for non medical or immunocompromised people can be made obsolete. Masks are effective for hindering disease spread, but they really do cause problems for some people, like the hearing impaired and their interpreters. My opinion is that we really should be striving to make them unnecessary rather than something we have to accept from now on. That’s one reason why I refuse to compare them to seatbelts.

  2. It is, perhaps, an observation that many people have made about the current incarnation of the Republican Party and the lame duck President that still – still! – refuses to concede the 2020 Presidential election. Nevertheless, here’s my two cents’ worth:

    Republicans, collectively, have gone off the deep end with their shadiness, lies, and hypocrisy. Trump has, since Day One, never governed fairly or wisely, and most of the work he has done has benefitted either his wealthy donors or his “base.” Even though he won in 2016 via the Electoral College and lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 ballots, Trump failed to do what other not-so-popular Presidents have done in the past: to reach out to those of us who voted against him and try – at least try! – to unite a divided and polarized electorate.

    Trump will NEVER be the kind of political leader who will do the right thing in situations when his supporters are carrying out acts of terror to overturn an election that he, their “Dear Leader”, lost.

    I know this last bit is a cliche, but…I can’t stand it when Republicans claim their party stands for “law and order.”

    As George and Ira Gershwin wrote in “Porgy and Bess,” it ain’t necessarily so.

    • Yep… I hear you. He hasn’t cared about anyone or anything but himself. I actually agree with many Republican principles, but I can’t align with him. And the longer he is POTUS, the more obvious it is that he was never worthy.

  3. Chuck says:

    Sterling is a Charlatan . He lies multiple times on his 60 minutes interview. Told interviewer he was currently a voting official.(untrue) He mislead viewers about the percentage of actual miscounted votes. He obfuscated for the DNC. He gave himself an $86,000 taxpayer funded raise when he “changed jobs” to subcontract voting machines. These corporate news stations perpetuate false narratives & should be just as ashamed of themselves as Trump!!

  4. Chuck says:

    I try to… Trumps a vacuos fool, but i just cant reach that level of sanctimony, recreational outrage and virtue signaling that the DNC holds themself to. One day i will feel better…

    • I hope we all will. Frankly, I agree that Democrats can be extremely irritating. I am totally with you on the virtue signaling and sanctimony, too. But this crap incited by Trump is just plain unacceptable. I think 2020 was the first time I ever voted for a Democratic presidential candidate. In the past, I voted Republican or third party. This time, I knew I had to vote blue because I think Trump has put us all at risk. It’s crazy that people think they can issue death threats and storm the Capitol over an election.

      I don’t actually know that much about Gabriel Sterling. I was simply reacting to his speech, which I thought made sense. A lot of us are simply tired of the non stop shitshow.

      Anyway… I do hope you will feel better soon. I mean that. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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