Off on a very brief holiday…

My birthday is Sunday, so Bill and I are going to go to Heidelberg for the weekend. It’s our first trip away since October of last year, so we’re looking forward to it. This morning, we took the dogs to the Hunde Pension, and it was the first time I had been out of our immediate area (not counting the local Army installation) in many months. This is Noyzi’s first time in a short term boarding situation, which is why we’re only doing two nights.. I think he’ll be fine. There were lots of friendly dogs at the hotel and I think he’ll make friends. Arran, of course, seems to love going there.

We managed to get our COVID passports done, so we should be all set to enjoy ourselves. I probably won’t post anything tomorrow, because I will be too busy enjoying a much needed break and I don’t plan to bring my computer for such a short trip. But I expect on Sunday, I’ll be writing posts on the travel blog, at the very least.

Hottie knotty…. although at this point, I’m just hot because it’s 90 degrees outside and there’s no air conditioning.

Hope everyone enjoys celebrating Juneteenth, Father’s Day… and if you are also having a birthday, Happy Birthday, too! As of Sunday, I’ll be on the glide path to 50. Time flies when you’re having fun.


5 thoughts on “Off on a very brief holiday…

  1. I’m glad you’re getting away even if only briefly.

    I understand the “hot flash” thing. Yesterday I left 62-degree weather to land in a balmy 109 degrees, only to drive an hour to be in 111 degrees. today was 110. People may say what they want about dry heat vs. humidity, but 111 is freaking hot whether or not it’s accompanied by moisture. We at least didn’t have a power outage.

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