Off to Die Schweiz!

We’re off to Switzerland today, so I may or may not be posting anything significant. I am bringing my laptop, so there may be a post or two while we’re gone. Or not…. We’ll see.


9 thoughts on “Off to Die Schweiz!

  1. Peggy says:

    re: Jessa Duggar’s newest model, “Fern”, see the “Baby Boom” scene where Diane Keaton reacts in horror when she observes the prospective adoptive parents who want to take Elizabeth back to Duluth: “Just as her boss (Sam Wanamaker) advises her that a partnership is in the offing she finds that she’s been named guardian of the baby daughter, Elizabeth (played by adorable, gurgly twins Kristina and Michelle Kennedy), of a distant cousin and his wife killed in a car crash. No way is she going to keep the child, but then she gets a load of the American Gothic couple lined up to adopt her and take her back to Duluth. For openers, they’re going to call her Fern.”

    Also, “Mary”, whoever she may be is unlikely to know what “nosocomial” means and it’s equally doubtful she’ll bother to research it any more than she’s legitimately researched Covid or Trumpism.

    Beyond that, safe and happy travels to you and yours! I’m a newcomer to this site, so will check back in to see how your trip is going. Best wishes.

    • Oh, I know Mary’s mind won’t change. I just like using the word “nosocomial”. 😀

      I haven’t seen Baby Boom in ages! Might have to watch that one again.

      Nice to “meet” you, Peggy! Welcome!

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