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Time to check in with an “old friend”…

I got out of the habit of watching YouTube videos by The Body Language Guy, Jesus Enrique Rosas. Some readers may recall that I was kind of into his videos a few months ago, and he would regularly show up in my video suggestions. Somehow, I fell out of the loop, and after noticing that a lot of people were hitting my blog, having read my comments about some of his earlier videos. I’m sure the interest generated in my older posts about Jesus Enrique Rosas has come about because of the Platinum Jubilee, and the fact that Harry and Meghan have finally taken their children, Archie and Lilibet, to England to see Queen Elizabeth II.

Initially, I liked Meghan well enough. I thought she seemed dynamic, and I figured she might be a breath of fresh air for Britain’s Royal Family. But, I have since changed my mind about Meghan, not that it matters a whit to anyone. I think it’s a shame that Harry and William are not on the best terms, according to the press. Also, I’m sorry to say that she kind of makes my Cluster B warning alarm bells go off. However, I don’t know Harry and Meghan personally, so everything I think is based purely on speculation and conjecture. Of course, I wish their children well, too.

Yesterday, I navigated to Jesus Enrique Rosas’ YouTube channel and was not surprised to find the below video there, with many snarky references to the “Harkles”… I notice Jesus is wearing a really snazzy new suit, too. YouTube must be treating him well.

As usual, there’s snark aplenty! I get a kick out of Rosas’ wit.

I do wonder if things have turned out for Harry as he’d hoped. Is it all it’s cracked up to be, living in California? Does he feel “dissed” by the Royals? How did it feel to be “booed” by his countrymen? Harry used to be a very popular member of the Royal Family. Now, it seems that a lot of people have turned on him. I think he tried to have his cake and eat it too… and he wasn’t able to do that without significant consequences. I’ve always respected Harry, for many reasons. I think he had a very difficult childhood, though he clearly has a gift for military service. I don’t know what he sees in Meghan, but I’m sure he knows… and really, that’s all that matters.

As for Meghan’s dress… I liked the style well enough, although the white ensemble kind of made me think of an old fashioned style nurse. I’m sure it was no accident that she chose that color, which screams innocence and peacefulness. I liked the way the dress fit her, but I think I would have chosen a different color… because Lord knows, they aren’t innocent, and trying to look innocent is kind of disingenuous. If you listen to Mr. Rosas, you hear him talk about how how Harry and Meghan seemed to be trying to act like the past two years never happened. And whether or not anyone has the “right” to feel this way, I’m sure a lot of Brits feel betrayed by the “Harkles”. Yes, they expected Harry to come home and see his beloved Granny, but as he did so, there was, of course, going to be some shame involved.

River– another hilarious commentator on the Royal Family, also weighed in. River wasn’t a fan of Meghan’s outfit.

I enjoy River’s commentary about the British Royal Family. There’s always plenty of funny snark about the bizarre fashions some of the Royals wear at these events. I am not a fashionista myself, lacking the budget or the body type to wear really interesting (and probably uncomfortable) clothes. But I do enjoy seeing who wears what. Personally, I’m on team Catherine… I think Kate is fabulous, and William could not have possibly chosen a better woman to marry. She’s absolutely perfect for the job of Queen, should the British monarchy survive beyond King Charles. She’s the epitome of grace and class, has a beautiful figure, and seems like a very lovely person, too.

I have probably mentioned before that I attended the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. I was five years old at the time, and we lived in England. I have no memories of it, except for the memorabilia my parents had in our house when I was growing up. And, of course, on our trip to London in 2009, we found a memento of the event near the Tower Bridge.

We were around for this one.

I would like to visit London again at some point… maybe when things are a little more normal in terms of COVID-19. I always get a kick out of my my ancestral homeland. I fit right in on many levels. I don’t enjoy being around crowds, though, so I wouldn’t want to be at the Jubilee, even if there was no pandemic. I’m sure hotel rates are OBSCENE… or even more obscene than they usually are in London.

Anyway… I just wanted to post a lighthearted post today, given yesterday’s bitchery. I enjoy watching the Royals, even though I know a lot of people think they should go. I have tremendous respect for Her Majesty the Queen, though, and I know the past couple of years have been very difficult for her. Losing her dear husband, watching her beloved grandson move to America, being denied access to her great grandchildren… and getting older and more infirm, all as the whole world looks on. It’s tough, I know.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday. I think I shall retire to the living room and hang out with Bill for awhile.


4 thoughts on “Time to check in with an “old friend”…

  1. I watched a few of the body language guy’s videos (Jesus Enrique Rosas) and I believe I’ve seen some you posted as well including these. However, body language is far from an exact science and I question this guy’s reasoning. Often people conclude whatever they want to conclude. I think the psychological analysis made by Dr. Grande are more believable. As a side note I don’t trust Dr. Phil.

    • I don’t trust Dr. Phil, either. He is an entertainer, first and foremost, and it’s been widely alleged that he deliberately provokes reactions from his guests for ratings. However, sometimes I watch his show because he presents interesting cases.

      As for Rosas, I mainly watch him because I think he’s often funny, not because I necessarily think he’s a brilliant scientist or anything. I like watching the Royal family, and I am not really a fan of Meghan Markle’s. I don’t hate her, or anything, but there is something off about her that makes me think she’s dishonest and divisive.

  2. I want to like Meghan, but I, too, see signs of Cluster B (to the extent that such signs can be viewed through mere media exposure). The manner in which she seems to have been the impetus in separating Harry from his father and brother, and in keeping the children from their paternal extended family, is just sad.

    I, too, have nothing but praise for Kate. I think she’s been a fabulous addition to the Windsors. I remember picking up a people magazine with her on the cover shortly before her wedding to William. My mom and i were in a grocery store near Santa Barbara when my mom was visiting as I was finishing up my inpatient treatment. I put the magazine on the conveyer belt. as the cashier picked it up to scan it, she commented, “They’re doing the same thing to her that they did to his mother.”

    My mom commented, “I really don’t think so. She’s older and so much more mature than Diana was when she got married, and they’ve had a long dating relationship. She knows what she’s getting into, and she’s had time to get to know both herself and her future husband so much more than Diana ever had before marrying into all of that. She’ll be OK.” I think she’s been much more than OK. The British tabloid press appears to love to build all of them up so that they can try to tear them down, but Kate seems to have taken it in her stride.

    • She has just the right background. Her parents own a party business. She is polished and graceful, and doesn’t seem to miss a beat.

      Meghan always looks fake to me, while Harry looks unhappy. Even if they are happy together, what’s happened with his family must be hurtful.

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