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I love it when people hate what I do…

A little while ago, I got a brand new comment from a new visitor. She showed up just in time for my comment function to be fixed. How lucky for me!

Evidently, “Toni” didn’t like a recent post I wrote about fundies having babies in 2023. She says I have a “sad life”; my blog is “lame”; and I’m condescending. I guess that’s a fair enough assessment by someone who doesn’t know me. *shrug*

The funny thing is, I don’t think I was particularly harsh in the post she complained about. I wished the fundies involved, happy and healthy pregnancies, and even commented that the already born babies are cute. Seriously, I’ve been way more condescending and rude in other posts I’ve written. That one was nothing on the snark scale!

I was going to just trash Toni’s comment, but I figured some of the folks who actually appreciate my “lame” blog might get a kick out of it.

My blog may truly be “lame”, and Toni may see me as “condescending”, but I’d say looking for blog posts like mine, and then taking the time to comment on them, is just as lame. At least I get ad revenue when people like Toni stop by and show me just how “Christlike” they really are… What does Toni get from judging me and leaving me a disapproving comment? Especially when it’s obvious she didn’t read more than one or two posts? But then, my vocabulary is probably too spicy and advanced for someone like her.

For the record, Toni, I didn’t actually express anything mean or nasty about the status of Kaylee’s womb. In fact, I hope she has a healthy pregnancy. Really, I do. I even explicitly wrote that in the post you attacked. Did you read it?

And you certainly aren’t the first person to call me “judgmental”, “condescending”, “rude”, or “lame”. I didn’t change my ways for those previous disgruntled commenters. What makes you think I give a fuck about what you think of me? I must have really gotten to you to inspire such a response. I clearly don’t know my own strength. 😀

People who sing homophobic songs about farm animals kind of invite snark from people like me. Especially when they pump out babies and then get into car accidents without wearing seatbelts or putting their newborn babies in car seats. You’d think having two paralyzed people in the extended family would serve as a lesson about driving unrestrained. I guess young fundies who are “high on God” have more faith and hormones, than common sense and intellect.

Anyway, Toni, your disapproval is noted. I’ll be sure to keep writing judgmental and condescending articles just for you. After all, I LIVE to give myself pats on the back for being so negative! Too bad my mom wasn’t allowed to have an abortion, huh? At least my husband of 20 years is glad she didn’t, anyway.

Thanks again for the AdSense. I’ll put it toward my next trip to Paris.


21 thoughts on “I love it when people hate what I do…

      • Well, at least I have one redeeming quality, right? If I have to be condescending and negative, at least some people find me funny, too.

      • Oh, you have lots of redeeming qualities, my friend. You’re one of the smartest and most talented people I know, online or offline. I like and respect you, and I admire your singing and your love for Bill and the dogs.

        Are you everyone’s favorite cup of tea? No. But I’m not, either. We both rub some people the wrong way (and some of the same people, at that!). And the important thing is not who doesn’t like or care about you, but who does.

      • OMG. That’s hilarious!

        I’m a lapsed Catholic! (My Catholicism ran into precocious skepticism at the tender age of six and never recovered. This was a cause of disagreement between Mom and me until she realized I could be a decent person without necessarily being religious. I tried once to “be religious” when I was a teenager, but it did not take.)

      • Blech. That denomination is even less appealing than Catholicism!

        My mom, incidentally, wasn’t as showy about her faith as other – cough my half-sister – cough -people I know. She had some religious art in her room (a painting of the Virgin Mary, as I recall) but no crucifix on the wall, and she didn’t go around saying how religious she was nor did she try to make go to Mass once she realized I lacked her faith in religion. She did insist that we abstain from eating meat on Fridays during Lent, but other than that….

        Other people I know tend to be “Christian” in public but truly un-Christian in private. I can’t stand that hypocrisy.

      • I was raised Presbyterian. It’s not bad as churches go. Bill doesn’t like church anymore, though. He had a bad experience with Mormonism.

      • I like serious-minded, intelligent people who are also of faith, so I’ve hung out with folks from various denominations and religions. My ethos is to be true to my beliefs but respect the beliefs of others and not get into arguments about theism or atheism. Live and let live.

        I can’t get along with fundies, though! Or people like Papa Smurf.

      • Ugh. That bites.

        Since I didn’t know much about Presbyterianism, I went to Wikipedia and checked it out. I learned that it is one more connection that your family has with the British Isles and Scotland! I had no idea.

      • Yes. I didn’t know about the Scottish connection until I was in college. A woman who sang next to me in choir told me. Most of my family is Presbyterian.

  1. I read that other post now, and no you were not harsh at all. However, I just left a harsh but truthful comment for fundies, not for you. Now she’s got something to complain about. Toni’s comment was one of the most idiotic comments I’ve seen in a long while. She is a truly sad, and very judgmental hypocrite. I say hypocrite because she is trying to tear you down with a very ugly and ignorant comment while accusing you of putting down others, which you weren’t even doing, and she does not even know you. Really ridiculous.

    • I responded to your comment. I didn’t think it was too harsh. Personally, I don’t see the appeal of having babies so young, but there’s something to be said for having them when nature primes you to do it. I do think it’s funny, though, that Toni was so blind to her own hypocrisy.

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