“I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet…”

Sometimes Siri says that to me when our Internet is dodgy, as it often is.

Alas… this morning, I feel the same way. Last night, I made the mistake of finishing off some brandy. There wasn’t much of it left, but the bottle was taking up needed space on our booze cart. I decided to kill it, so I could reallocate the precious booze cart real estate. Now, I fear, it might be killing me. I feel pretty crappy today.

In retrospect, I probably should have just dumped the last of the brandy down the sink. I think that specific bottle came from a bad batch.

On the occasions I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve woken up feeling unusually terrible, even when I haven’t had much of it. This is not a normal reaction for me, because I’m a seasoned drinker. That particular brandy is a favorite of mine, too, and I’ve never had this severe reaction when I’ve had it before.

Anyway… because I feel yucky today, I don’t feel much like writing anything of substance. The good news is, I do feel much better than I did a couple of hours ago. My head is not quite so achy and my stomach is a bit less distressed than it was when I first got up. Maybe I might soon even be able to face the idea of swallowing a pill without hurling, so I can do something about my acid indigestion.

I don’t need anybody’s sympathy. I should have known and done better. I know it would be best for my health if I became a teetotaler. On the other hand, I don’t want to live to be old, anyway. I’ve seen what happens to the elderly. It’s not pretty.

The good news is, at least that bottle is gone now. I won’t be buying more of that stuff anytime soon.


3 thoughts on ““I’m having trouble connecting to the Internet…”

  1. I’m sorry that the brandy had such a nasty effect on you. I hope you feel better soon!

    I got up early this morning, partly because “nature called” at an inconvenient hour, but mostly because yesterday I started a new writing project, and (as is often the case) story ideas kept on popping up like dandelions on an otherwise manicured lawn, so OF COURSE I had to go to my computer and write them down before they vanished. I did that, and since I need to adjust my schedule so I can write in the morning, I wrote a quick blog post to get that item on my to-do list checked off.

    I will be having my usual Cuban style latte – it’s going to be so strange going back to drinking “regular coffee” when I move…which isn’t going to be any time soon, by the way – and a light breakfast, then it’s back to work on the story till 1 or 2 PM, then I need to get some reading in. (Stephen King says that if you don’t read, you can’t write….)

    Anyway, I’m off, my friend, but I do hope that your afternoon gets better.

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