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We’re on the ship, so updates will be slow in coming…

Here’s a quick post to let everybody know that we boarded Regent Seven Seas Splendor yesterday, so our access to the Internet is a bit spotty. I probably won’t be blogging a lot… or if I do, my ability to update will depend on Internet access. As it is right now, I have a fragile connection because I have a European cell plan! My iPhone is powering today’s short post.

So far, we are loving the ship. It is GORGEOUS. I look forward to writing a lengthy trip report when we get home next weekend. Bill has caught my cold, but he doesn’t seem as sick as I was. I am mostly over mine, except for a little coughing. We ran into a couple we met on SeaDream I in 2011– Ger and his wife, Gail, who are hilarious Brits!

I’m especially happy that my clothes are being laundered… 😉 So, all is well in knottyland. I’ll try to dump some photos on the travel blog.

A first glimpse of Riga, Latvia.

2 thoughts on “We’re on the ship, so updates will be slow in coming…

  1. Kerry Hodges says:

    Hi! I came across your post about Lisa Bryant. I went to HS with her at Robinson and this is the 30th Anniversary of her murder. ( I also wonder if I had your Aunt for math). Anyway, we have created a 30th Anniversary page on FB for ANYONE to join that knew Lisa at some point in their lives, especially military brats. I was a Marine Corp brat. I’m in touch regularly with her mom and have her full support with what we are doing. I would love for your memory of Lisa to be included in the memory book we are having created and presented to the Bryant family. Their biggest fear is that old friends will have forgotten about her and little memories like yours are to be cherished. You can email me back or reach me on FB on her memorial page! Thank you!

    • Hi Kerry! Lovely to hear from you! I bet you did have my Aunt Doris for math… I probably would’ve had her too, if we hadn’t left Fairfax when we did! I think she even taught her own son. 😉

      I am on vacation now, but will be home tomorrow. I would love to contribute what I can. Lisa was remarkable, and I wish we could have stayed in touch longer than we did.

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