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Trump… the doddering old fool who simply won’t go away…

I’ve had an idea for a satire story rattling around in my head for the past few days. I shared it with Bill the other day, and he was enthusiastic about it. In fact, this morning, he offered an idea of his own– characters I could create and flesh out for the story. In the past, that would have been enough for me to sit down at my computer and start typing. I would compose the story as it came to me, and I would do it not for money or fame, but because it was a lot of fun.

Now, I’m finding it a bit harder to be motivated about creative writing. I’ve already written about this trouble I’ve been having recently, with having the desire to sit down and focus. But, at least the ideas are coming back to me. I do think I would enjoy writing something snarky, funny, and fictional. I don’t know who would read it, but I think I would delight in writing it… especially if Bill helped me. We can be pretty entertaining when we’re working together. I think I’ll take some more time to come up with more of a plot. If one ever develops, I may put up yet another one of my fictional stories in this blog. Maybe it will be a good way of escaping the horrors of the news cycle today.

I noticed, as I was waking up, that there was yet another shooting in the United States. This time, it was at Greenwood Park Mall in Indianapolis, Indiana. Four people died, including the shooter. At this point, I see that two people were injured during the attack, which was evidently stopped by a “good guy with a gun”. The “good Samaritan” was a 22 year old man who was lawfully carrying a weapon and managed to stop the shooter just as he was getting started.

I’m glad that there was finally a “good guy with a gun” who was available and willing to use his weapon to stop the latest gun toting freak from killing more innocent people than the three souls who were unlucky enough to be in his range. At the same time, I’m horrified that people feel like they need to carry guns wherever they go, because we have unhinged nut jobs who want to hurt and kill people. I don’t see how anyone can feel relaxed in the United States right now. There doesn’t seem to be much of a rhyme or reason to these incidents. They are completely unpredictable, and that is terrifying.

In other news, a friend of mine commented on a pretty cringeworthy video of Donald Trump dancing at a rally held in May of this year.

He’s a doddering old fool.

The comments on the above video were divided between the willfully ignorant Trump supporters, who can’t wait for him to be re-elected, to people like me and my friend, who are devastated at the idea that he might win again. Personally, I doubt Trump will ever be president again, although he won’t stop trying to be re-elected until he’s dead. Why do I think this? It’s because I think the most powerful people in the Republican Party don’t want him to be re-elected. They’ve already seen what he does when he’s in power, and they don’t like it.

Trump doesn’t take direction from more experienced or smarter people. He doesn’t follow orders. He acts on his own whims. He’s a loose cannon who thrills people who don’t really care about his shortcomings, but just find him entertaining and charismatic. Yes, that crowd can bring in the votes to get Republicans in power, but there’s a price to be paid for their loyalty. Quite a lot of those folks are willing to break the law to force their wills on everyone. I don’t think the likes of Mitch McConnell or Lindsey Graham necessarily want to consort with the Proud Boys. They want rich, compliant, religious people who will believe their lies about family values and less government overreach, as they hide the real motives for their policies behind noise that keeps everyone distracted.

Besides, Trump has proven that he’s not loyal to anyone but himself. If he gets back into office, there will be no controlling him. He would like to be a dictator who never leaves office. I don’t think that’s what the Republican Party really wants. They want someone who will do their bidding. I think they would rather have Ron DeSantis as president. I also think DeSantis would really suck as the POTUS… but at least at this point, I think he would be more willing to cooperate with other politicians. Trump just wants to be the most powerful man on Earth again. He doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but the man looking back at him in his gaudy, gilded mirror. Moreover, he would certainly not perform better than Biden has. He would just bluster more. People want to hold Joe Biden responsible for all of the bad things in the world right now. But the fact is, inflation, high gas prices, and violence are global problems.

Boy, do I wish Trump supporters would wake the fuck up…

It makes me sad to see how blind people are to who Trump really is. And if he was terrible in his first term, he will be absolutely insufferable in his second. What I hope happens is that he will run as an Independent. People will vote for him, and that will take votes away from DeSantis. I also hope that the Democrats have a different candidate, other than Joe Biden. I appreciate Biden’s work, and I don’t blame him for the problems we’re having right now, which are clearly global issues, but we need someone younger, more dynamic, and with more courage. Biden is simply too old to handle the job.

But mostly… I sit here thinking sometimes that the people who wind up getting murdered might be the lucky ones. They don’t have to sit by and watch this colossal shit show anymore. It’s depressing to see how messed up the USA is, and how it’s not getting any better. But… I try to maintain some hope, since I know there have been many very dark eras in history. They eventually passed. This will, too.

I think the whole abortion debate is keeping everyone distracted from the big picture. While we’re all outraged, arguing about women’s rights, which I agree are very important, there’s other stuff going on that we aren’t paying as much attention to right now. I fear that those things will become more apparent later, as people start to realize how the abortion bans are going to make huge problems that will affect everyone. The bans are going to lead to higher healthcare costs, more provider burnout and shortages, more incarcerations, and more mortality and morbidity. Moreover, people will not stop fighting or arguing over this issue, so it will keep a lot of folks distracted from the big picture– you know, things that will make life more equitable for everyone, not just rich, white people.

Ah well… at least I’m 50. Before long, I’ll be old enough to exit this nightmare. For now, I think I’ll enjoy beautiful music, Bill’s company, and whatever else brings me pleasure. And maybe I will get around to writing that satire piece that is stuck in my head. Usually, these things end up being so compelling that I just sit down and do it. At least there are still boys with beautiful voices around, to remind us all that the world is full of wonders. But it’s easy to forget that, when we have people like Donald Trump refusing to ride off into the sunset or to Hell, where he belongs.

Here’s a little “Deep Peace” for everyone. We could all use it.

I sure do miss the days when I was complacent about politics. I miss the days when I didn’t care about politicians, because they all seemed to be the same, regardless of the party. Donald Trump is a completely different beast. He’s done criminal things. He owes billions of dollars. He would never get a security clearance if he were a regular person, looking for a government job. Why so many so-called God fearing, red blooded Americans want this obvious morally deficient con man and criminal back in the White House, I will never know. I wish they would wake up. You want to vote Republican? Fine. But let us, please, get someone in office who has a moral compass, for the good of EVERYONE.

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Diamonds in the rough…

The other day, I was sitting on the patio drinking beer in the late afternoon sun. It occurred to me that Little Orphan Annie had a lot in common with Maria von Trapp. Both were musical theater heroines from musicals set in World War II (edited to add: Annie was set in the Great Depression— thanks to mphtheatergirl for catching the error). Both came from poverty– Annie was an orphan who lived in an orphanage, while Maria was a young novitiate at a convent. Both were spunky and friendly, as they turned the households of wealthy men upside down with their charms. Both were musical and used their musical gifts to brighten lives.

So I mentioned this on social media, and a friend who is into musicals piped up, saying her “musical theater brain just exploded”. Actually, she used an exploding emoticon to make her point. But I got the idea that she hadn’t thought about how similar the stories of Annie and Maria are kind of similar.

And now, as I sit here writing this, I realize that both of those stories also have something in common with Pretty Woman, a 1990 film that starred Julia Roberts as a woman named Vivian who went from being a prostitute to being Richard Gere’s character of Edward’s main squeeze. And Pretty Woman was kind of My Fair Lady— man turns woman from the wrong side of the tracks into something better and classier. Of course, Vivian and Annie also had red curly hair in common, and lots of spunk and positivity. Julia didn’t sing as Vivian, so I don’t know if they also had music in common.

In all of those stories, the cultured, wealthy, crotchety men are ultimately charmed by females who show them that they just need a little more love in their lives. It’s an appealing story, which is probably why it gets told in various ways so often. We all like the Cinderella story, featuring scrappy young women who climb out of adversity and onto something bigger and better. But then, each of these stories are not just about women making it on their own. They’re also about men who have a higher station, pulling them up. Maybe they would have pulled themselves up eventually, but being attached to a wealthy older man has its advantages, I guess.

She won his heart…
She won his heart…
She won his heart…
She won his heart…

So why am I writing this now? I’m not gonna lie. It’s mostly because I can’t stand to look at that screenshot from my duet video yesterday. This was something intriguing that floated through my mind a couple of days ago and I wanted to write it down. It occurred to me that a lot of formulas of popular stories are really the same story set with different characters and situations.

I first thought about how similar Annie and Pretty Woman were a few years ago, as I was watching Pretty Woman on Netflix. I listened to Vivian giving Edward a pep talk and realized that she was only supposed to stay with him for a week– just temporarily– so he could seal a business deal. Annie, likewise, was only supposed to have a week with Daddy Warbucks. He’d even wanted a boy instead of a girl. But in the course of a few days, both of these characters had won over their wealthy male benefactors in a heartwarming Cinderella story in which they live happily ever after. Maria von Trapp, likewise, was supposed to be a temporary governess for Captain von Trapp’s seven children. She ends up charming everyone, despite being annoying to the captain at first. And Eliza Doolittle, initially annoyed with her Cockney accent, manages to win over Henry Higgins as she catches on to what he’s trying to teach her and becomes a beautiful young lady… a diamond in the rough, just like Vivian the prostitute, Annie the orphan, and Maria the nun in training.

Isn’t that interesting? Maybe I should log off and watch some of these warm and fuzzy movies today. In a matter of days, we’ll probably be emerging from our house, at long last. I might not have the time or inclination to hang out watching movies a week from now…

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Don’t Say It’s Quiet… another kinky short story for Sara…

A few days ago, I wrote a post called “Call the COVID Coven“. Originally, I meant to write a short story for my friend, Sara, who works on the COVID-19 unit at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I had written another story for her back in May, when she complained about the excessive personal protection equipment she must wear every day to take care of patients with COVID-19.

But the day I tried to write the newer story, WordPress was being wonky and wouldn’t let me post. The mood passed, and I didn’t get around to actually writing the story. I just wrote about the preliminary idea I had to write one. Well… last night, Sara posted today’s featured photo and I was blessed (or cursed) again with the urge to write something creative. So here goes. This one’s for you, Sara. Hope you’ll still want to be friends.

When last we left our heroine, Sara, the COVID-19 warrior, she was being tortured by Nurse Echo, a sadistic and kinky nursing supervisor who thought Sara needed a lesson in empathy. Day after day, marathon shift after marathon shift, Nurse Echo stood over Sara like Sergeant Blast, forcing her to wear ever more hot and oppressive PPE as she tended to patients. It would have been bad enough if the PPE were the normal kind. But Sarah’s PPE was kinky, which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on one’s tastes.

Spitting image of Nurse Echo!

Nurse Echo wasn’t big on back talk, and she had a talent for design. Because she was tired of hearing her nurses complain about typing notes with gloves and face shields, she came up with a required face mask that also served as a very effective gag. Sometimes, if she was feeling especially charitable, Nurse Echo would let the nurses choose which type of gag they preferred: ball gag, ring gag, or penis shaped. Sara hated them all, but she needed her job. Besides, Nurse Echo wouldn’t let her leave the unit until every task was done to her satisfaction. And it seemed that Nurse Echo was never satisfied. She always felt things could be done better, and she would not back down when her nurses protested her slave driving style of management.

They had a strict rule on the COVID-19 floor at Kaputnik Hospital. “Don’t say it’s quiet.” The minute anyone ever said that, all hell would break loose. The craziest people would come in, their eyeballs hanging out of their sockets, or their noses bleeding incessantly, or vomit and diarrhea spewing from both ends… The nurses at the hospital knew. If things were slow, just enjoy it and eat bean dip and bon-bons. Things would inevitably pick up again, but maybe no one would be splattered with piss or pus or any of the other body fluids that show up on a busy hospital ward.

It was actually pretty quiet on the ward that night, as a trickle of sweat ran down Sara’s back under the rubbery gown she was forced to wear. She did feel confident that she would be able to finish her scut work earlier than usual. Maybe there would be time for a Gatorade and some Fritos before the next shift. But Sara was afraid to even think too long about how quiet it was. She had to get things done on time, or Nurse Echo would penalize her with extra thick gloves or an extra heavy visor on her helmet.

Shifting in her seat, Sara stole a glance at Nurse Echo. No one knew much about her. Where had she come from? Why was she so sadistic? She was an excellent nurse with meticulous skills, but she had the personality of a pissed off porcupine. Patients were lucky if she grunted “good morning” at them as she adjusted the tubes and wires that kept them connected to this life. Some of the patients who weren’t so sick whispered to Sara that Nurse Echo was scary. All Sara could do was nod in acknowledgment. She didn’t dare confirm the patient’s suspicions.

“Nurse!” Sara was jarred out of her reverie by the sound of Nurse Echo’s clipped British accent and the sound of her rubber pantaloons rubbing together as her thighs collided with each hobbled step.

Sara looked up at her boss, who was frowning, as usual. “Yes, Nurse Echo?” Sara responded, keeping her voice professional but betraying a certain timidness.

Nurse Echo scowled at her underling. She hated it when they sniveled. She hated it more when they were assertive.

“Are you finished with those notes yet? Mr. Trump has just made a huge mess in his bed and I expect you to clean it up promptly.” Nurse Echo snarled.

Sara rolled her eyes, thankful that the visor hid some of her deep resentment toward the orange haired cretin in room 432. He had recently been evicted from his housing and kicked out of his luxury hotel by his wife. After consorting with one too many Russian prostitutes, he had come down with the dreaded bug for the second time! But this time, no one at Walter Reed wanted to give him care.

“I’m almost finished Nurse Echo. It’s been a blessing tonight that things are so–” Sara said.

“Don’t you DARE say it!” Nurse Echo boomed. “Just for that, I think you need another layer of protection. Trade in that N95 for one of my special masks. NOW!”

“Aw… do I have to?” Sara whined. “I hate the taste of them.”

“You KNOW the rules! And clearly I can’t trust you to protect yourself by keeping quiet about–” Nurse Echo stopped herself just in time. There was one thing Sara did like about her boss. Nurse Echo never asked anyone to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. And if she had violated the rules, she too would need to “mask up”… and thensome.

Sara went into the medical supply room and found Nurse Echo’s special gag masks. She chose one that was shaped like a ring, covered it in bean dip, and was about to strap it on when she noticed the bottle of tequila in the corner. Feeling a little cheeky and more than a bit over Nurse Echo’s oppressive overbearingness, Sara quickly did a shot. Then she dutifully “protected herself” from more potentially ruinous outbursts, fastening the thick rubber straps around her head.

Nurse Echo smiled with satisfaction as she watched Sara stride resolutely toward Mr. Trump’s room. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, gave herself a moment to recover from the bowling ball like way the stench hit her, and went into the room to deal with Mr. Trump’s trauma.

“Sorry…” Trump mumbled as Sara took in the mess. He wasn’t yet on a respirator, but his orange hair was complimented weirdly by the slightly bluish tinge to his skin. Sara smiled to herself as she realized that orange and blue are complementary colors. The mumbled apology didn’t sound the slightest bit sincere. She was surprised he’d said it. But then, he wasn’t very popular these days…

Unable to verbally respond to Trump’s “apology”, Sara willed herself to look kind as she nodded acknowledgment and cleaned up the mess. The many Big Macs and Whoppers Trump had enjoyed had really done a number. But Sara was a professional, and she had him clean and dry in no time.

She went back to her charting as Nurse Echo wandered the hall, looking in on patients, disciplining Sara’s co-workers, and tapping her ever present riding crop against her meaty hands. Nurse Echo was in a good mood, for once. She hadn’t yet made Sara wear the helmet, which was one of her favorite punitive garments for her nurses.

As she was typing the last notes into the computer, the doors to the COVID-19 unit burst open. Sara’s colleague, a young male nurse named Leon, came bursting on duty. Sara usually liked Leon. He was funny and energetic, and he worked very hard and at a high level of professionalism. But today, he said the dreaded words…

“Man! Why is it so quiet on the ward today?!” he boomed.

“On no…” Sara’s co-worker, Holly, moaned.

“What did I hear you say?” Nurse Echo growled.

“I didn’t mean it. Honest!” Leon moaned.

“You know what to do…” Nurse Echo hissed. Her eyes cast at the supply closet, and Sara knew that if Leon fucked up again, he’d be spending the night in the restraint wrap.

“Man, I wish I could quit this job…” Sara muttered behind the gag. “The money and hours are just too good to quit.”

“Move it!” Nurse Echo boomed as Leon scuttled away.

And just like that, the phones lit up and the first of many new patients arrived at the door. It was going to be a very long night. As Nurse Echo attended to the gasping young man who had just arrived on the hall, Sara noticed Mr. Trump’s call light blinking. She cast a furtive look at the private parts protector (PPP) Nurse Echo had designed expressly for patients like Mr. Trump, who wasn’t sick enough to stop grabbing women by the pussy. But Sara didn’t feel like suiting up…

She would come to regret that decision…

To be continued? Probably… but maybe not today.

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When will this shift end? A kinky short story for Sara…

Now for something completely different…

Given what’s going on in the United States right now, it’s only natural that people feel the need to repeatedly comment on it. However, because so many people are commenting, it’s kind of like Facebook has turned into a tsunami of comments about COVID-19, racism, and riots… and just because I’m kind of a goofball with an odd sense of humor, I’ve decided that today’s post will be another one of my nonsensical short stories. This one is kind of by request. My friend Sara is a nurse who is working on the frontlines of COVID-19. She also happens to live in Minnesota. She was recently describing what it was like to have to wear PPE all day every day while on the job. I said it sounded kind of kinky. So Sara, this kinky story about PPE is for you. I hope it makes you chuckle. It’s completely tasteless and made up on the fly, so don’t blame me if it’s lame.

Sara sat at the nurse’s desk, head sheltered in plastic protective gear. She gazed tiredly at the computer screen, where her gloved fingers typed away at her notes on the latest patient to enter the unit. The man had been found wandering the streets of Minneapolis completely naked, except for his face mask, a long, blonde wig, and a cock ring. The mask he wore, made of orange naugahyde, bore an image of a gigantic large intestine on it. It clashed garishly with the pink cock ring encircled with feathers. The wig was platinum blonde, kind of akin to Barbie doll hair. But the man’s bushy black eyebrows and dark pubic hair gave away his secret.

Besides being a bit chilled by the nippy Minneapolis weather, the man got into trouble because the cock ring was cutting off his circulation. He was screaming in pain when someone finally called the paramedics to bring him to the emergency room. After a cursory check by the ER doctor who determined that the guy was not well mentally or physically, he landed on Sara’s unit to get help for his “unit”. Early the next morning, a microsurgeon would work his magic on the man’s magic wand.

Wearily, she typed his name on the record. It was Goat McCall. Yes, a naked man named Goat was admitted to a room on Sara’s unit. And now that the blood was flowing again, the man named Goat seemed only slightly less perturbed about being confined to a hospital bed. She had managed to get Mr. McCall into a gown… a special one that defied escape. It wasn’t unlike a straitjacket. She confiscated the platinum blonde wig. Mr. McCall refused to let Sara take his orange, naugahyde face mask, though. He claimed he didn’t feel safe without it. Not wanting to get into a fight with her latest patient, Sara shrugged and let him have his way.

Stealing a look at the clock, Sara typed faster. She had to have the record done in five minutes, or else she’d be penalized with another layer of personal protection equipment. Her supervisor, Nurse Ethel Echo, was a stickler about the rules. Sara had arrived to work that morning in just her usual scrubs, but every time she missed a deadline or made a mistake, Nurse Echo would levy another fine by way of forcing her to wear more oppressive PPE.

So far, Sara wore booties on her shoes, gloves on her hands, and a cumbersome face shield. She wasn’t yet wearing a face mask. That would come next if she missed her next deadline. But the face masks at Sara’s workplace weren’t your every day, average masks. Nurse Echo was sadistic and looked for ways to make the gear less comfortable and more kinky. Sara had never had to wear one of Nurse Echo’s kinky masks yet, but she’d heard from her colleagues that Nurse Echo had designed them to include penis like knobs. On the face, they looked very munch like your usual surgical masks, except for the sturdy rubber straps that caught in the nurses’ hair. Underneath, they were very effective gags.

Since Sara liked to talk and needed to be able to speak to do her job effectively, she wanted to avoid the mask. She knew that if she had to wear the mask, the rest of her night would be completely fucked. She’d never get her work done and would probably wind up spending the night in a “humane” restraint wrap. Nurse Echo liked to sentence her nurses to occasional nights in the restraint wraps to make them more empathetic to their patients.

She could have been Nurse Echo’s twin sister…

“Almost done…” Sara muttered as she finished up the last part of her SOAP. As she tapped the last key, she looked up to see the stern, stodgy, elderly supervisor standing there. Nurse Echo held a riding crop in her meaty hand and shook her long, scraggly red hair. Sara giggled to herself. Her boss always reminded her of Sergeant Bertha Blast from the 80s era Popeye cartoons Sara had watched as a child. Sometimes, she wondered if Nurse Echo had a twin who had inspired the character.

“That was very close, Sara.” Nurse Echo said as she slapped the riding crop in her palm. She had a clipped British accent. “You need to work on your efficiency. I won’t tolerate any slackers on my unit.”

Resisting the urge to roll eyes, Sara smiled weakly at her boss and smoothed her plastic smock. A bead of sweat rolled down her face under the face shield. She took a deep breath, grateful that she could still do that unfettered. How in the hell had she wound up working at the kinkiest hospital in Minnesota, anyway? Oh yeah. She’d answered an ad in the newspaper. I’ll never make that mistake again, Sara thought to herself as she slammed a drawer shut and prepared to take Goat McCall’s vitals. So many times, she’d considered quitting this job and working somewhere else. But she had to admit, the money was good and the hours were decent, even if her bosses were a bit unconventional.

“Have you checked the bedpan in room 435?” Nurse Echo nagged as Sara picked up her stethoscope. “I notice a strange smell coming from there. You remember what I told you about shunting the less pleasant work to your colleagues.”

“I haven’t had time yet, Nurse Echo.” Sara said crossly. Man, that woman got on her fucking nerves.

“You know what that means.” Nurse Echo chided as she headed for the dreaded PPE cabinet.

“Oh man… can’t you give me a break? I’ve been working like a dog today.” Sara whined.

“You know the rules.” Nurse Echo said sternly. “I suggest you cooperate or else I’ll throw in a helmet.”

“Dammit!” Sara snapped as her boss handed her a mask. Unlike the usual medical style masks people were wearing, Nurse Echo’s masks had two thick rubber straps that made the mask less comfortable, but much more secure.

“You have thirty seconds to put on the mask, Sara.” Nurse Echo said, her eyes steely.

She’s such a bitch… Sara thought to herself as she expertly put on the face mask gag. The heavy rubber gloves she wore made it difficult to fasten the straps, but the boss was still standing there, tapping her foot and looking at her watch.

“Ten seconds.” Nurse Echo warned as Sara fumbled with the buckles.

“Mmmmph.” Sara grunted.

“Excellent. Now see to that bedpan immediately.” Nurse Echo snapped. “I’ll check on Mr. McCall.”

Sara trudged off into the room where the funky bedpan was. The patient who had befouled the bedpan was not in the room. Mrs. Milton, whose bowels could put a bovine to shame, had been transferred to a specialty unit. But the remnants of her brief stay on Sara’s unit had definitely left a memorable impression. Sara considered putting a bit of ammonia in her nostrils just to neutralize the stench a bit. But then she decided she just wanted to get the job done and hope she didn’t pass out from the smell.

It took a few minutes to take care of the bedpan. After she was finished cleaning it, Sara felt a lot better. Yes, the face mask was a bit oppressive and the penis like knob tasted terrible, but she found that not being able to speak made her more efficient. Besides, she was now in such a mood that she doubted anyone would want to hear what she had to say, anyway.

If I can just get through the last hour of this shift, I’ll be home free… Sara thought to herself.

“SARA!” Nurse Echo barked. “Get over here this instant!”

“Mmmmph.” Sara grunted as she rushed to her boss’s side.

“Mr. McCall’s medications are late.” Nurse Echo said. “You know what that means.”

Oh no… Sara silently groaned.

“Go get the helmet.” Nurse Echo ordered.

Sara hated the helmet. It was hot, heavy, and obstructed her hearing and peripheral vision. The nurses were only supposed to wear them in unusual cases when they were dealing with highly infectious patients, but Nurse Echo liked to use them as punishment. She’d force her nurses to wear them when they were having bad days.

Man… I wish I could quit this job. Sara thought, chewing on the gag as she slipped the heavy helmet on her head and fastened the strap. But even if the money and hours weren’t excellent, Sara couldn’t quit her job. Working at this hospital was kind of like checking into the Hotel California. She could never leave, no matter how many times she quit working.

“Keep it up, Sara, and I’ll add the music.” Nurse Echo warned.

Oh gawd, no… Sarah moaned. The helmet had a built in music function that would play elevator Muzak. It would effectively cut off Sara’s ability to hear as it also drove her crazy. The Muzak used was the worst kind– softened versions of pop acts from the 70s and 80s played by cheap, tacky orchestras. It was enough to drive a person mad! She knew that if Nurse Echo tortured her with the music, she’d finish her shift with a four alarm headache and a need for a stiff cocktail.

“Mr. McCall is still waiting for his meds. See if you can get him to take off that mask. It’s filthy and clashes.” Nurse Echo said, her voice even louder within the confines of the padded helmet. The helmet had an annoying intercom feature making it impossible to tune out her boss, but canceling out most other sounds… except of course, the Muzak, which her boss hadn’t yet turned on. She knew it was only a matter of time, though. Nurse Echo loved to harass people who were under her command.

Sara got the medications for Mr. McCall. He was looking forlorn in his hospital gown, mouth still covered by the orange naugahyde mask. She couldn’t speak to the man, so she simply nodded at him and handed him the pills and some water.

Mr. McCall sighed as he peeled off the mask. Sara went to take the mask from his hand, but he had it in a death grip. Unable to explain why she needed to take the mask away, Sara watched as he took the pills, satisfied in knowing that one of them was a sleep aid. When he dropped off to sleep, then she could steal the mask and throw it into the incinerator. Sara took a perverse delight in throwing away things that were gross, like old, grimy face masks. But she also knew Nurse Echo would be angry at her for not removing the mask when she’d asked her to… and that would mean the dreaded Muzak therapy.

“Where is my cock ring?” Goat McCall asked.

Unable to answer, Sara simply shrugged and gave the man a little wave. In about ten minutes, she was sure he’d be sleeping and she could take away his mask. Meanwhile, the first annoying strains of the canned music were flooding the helmet. Obviously, Nurse Echo had been watching Sara on the closed circuit camera.

This last hour can’t end soon enough, Sara thought to herself. She cringed as a Muzak version of “Muskrat Love” started playing. (side note: I searched YouTube to see if I could find a Muzak version of “Muskrat Love” and was shocked to find that someone else must have also searched for it. Unfortunately, my search was fruitless.) So here’s a Muzak version of “Beat It”, followed by a horribly cringeworthy version of “Every Breath You Take”.

This actually reminds me a little of the original Beverly Hills 90210 theme…

When will this shift end… Sara groaned. Nurse Echo would probably break out the HAZMAT suit next, only it was made of latex. Sara had a latex allergy, but that didn’t matter to her sadistic boss, who was already dreaming up new ways to make life worse for her.

But Nurse Echo had a surprise for Sara. “I’ve got good news, Sara.” Nurse Echo said. “You’re getting off early today.”

“Mmmmph?” Sara mewled as saliva ran down her face.

“Yes… because I think you need a rest.” Nurse Echo said with a smile. “A little empathy lesson.”

Oh no… Sara thought to herself, casting her eyes at the on call room. That was where the restraint wrap was. But at least she could take off the rest of the PPE, right?


To be continued? Maybe…


Time for one of my famous fiction posts…

Yes, it’s time… and fuck anyone who thinks this story is about them or anyone they know. The usual disclaimer still stands. This is a work of FICTION. And just to clarify, it’s NOT about you or anyone you know. 😉 I made the whole thing up and I can prove it.

It was a happy day at the meat processing plant. Everyone on staff had gotten a five dollar raise, thanks to the president’s decision to cut Social Security benefits for the old geezers. Now, Big Bertha, Little Myrtie, and their trusty sidekick, Pretty Shitty could go out on the town. Not that there was much to the town where the trio of women lived. They were all long time workers at the processing plant. It was a dirty, nasty place to work, but at least they didn’t have anything to do with the truly grossest part of the work. That was handled by the men.

Little Myrtie was Bertha’s friend. She was much too squeamish to work with the pink slime. It offended her delicate sensibilities. Myrtie’s talents were for cleaning, which was a valuable skill at the processing plant. She kept everything sterile, which made it possible for the meat processing plant to make a good product that turned a profit rather than stomachs. Myrtie was also very frugal and knew how to pinch pennies until they cried. More than once, her efforts to cut costs had saved the plant from closing down. Of course, the plant was a blight on the landscape of their small, rural town in nowheresville. Maybe some people would welcome the closure of the foul smelling business. But, the truth was, it kept people working, even if it did detract from the town’s charm.

Pretty Shitty was not really a friend of Bertha’s and Myrtie’s. She was more of an admirer… a wanna be. She wanted what Bertha and Myrtie had. It didn’t even matter to her exactly what Bertha and Myrtie had– she just wanted it all. Shitty was a somewhat attractive woman, with long hair and fluttering eyelashes that framed her big brown eyes. In most other small towns, she’d be considered one of the prettier girls. Maybe she’d even be in with the “in crowd”. Unfortunately, her parents were from nowheresville, a town so inconsequential that they didn’t even bother to give it a proper capitalized name. And Shitty’s parents purposely named her Shitty because they thought it was a pretty name and they wanted to be creative. They had considered other names besides Shitty, like Uvula, Syphilis, Fallopia, and Gonorrhea. But they chose Shitty for its simplicity, ease of spelling, and the fact that it rhymed with the adjective, “pretty”. And pretty she certainly was, even if she did have the personality of a venomous snake.

nowheresville was mainly known for the meat processing plant, the simple, but relatively friendly population, and its one and only bar… Pink Tacos. One would assume the name might reference a certain unmentionable part of the female anatomy, but in fact, it really was Pink Tacos because it served pink tacos. The meat processing plant was famous for its production of pink slime, so important for the manufacture of fast food burgers. There was always a surplus of the stuff that couldn’t simply be dumped in a toxic waste facility. So the owner of the plant, Mr. Alfred Neumann, decided to sell it to Pink Tacos for just a few pennies on the pound.

Willy Reitzenhammer, the owner of Pink Tacos, would then turn the slime into fanciful creations that vaguely tasted of mystery meat and Old English furniture polish. No, it wasn’t the greatest food there was, but the beer was cheap and the tacos were filling. And Billy’s wife, Joshua, had a way with sculpting the stuff into fancy creations that looked good, but smelled and tasted like shit. Yes– her name was Joshua. Her parents were big fans of 19 Kids and Counting and had decided to name their only daughter after their favorite Duggar child. Every Sunday night, it was a sure bet that Joshua’s parents would lament about how unfair it was that their favorite Duggar no longer got any air time. But then they’d praise the Lord that he could still at least get his wife pregnant.

When the whistle blew in the processing plant, signaling the end of a shift, Myrtie, Bertha, and Shitty let out a collective “Yahoo!” and headed for the door. It was mud wrestling night at Pink Tacos. Sometimes Big Bertha would get in the ring and try to win an extra $25 for her beer and bunion surgery fund. Big Bertha, who weighed in at a substantial 250 pounds, was quite muscular thanks to her job hauling buckets of pink slime. She usually did well at the fights, especially when there was mudslinging. She wasn’t shy about jumping in– up to her armpits, if necessary– and wriggling around in the filth with any comer. She reveled in the stench and spread it around generously.

The three women decided to be thrifty and share a ride to Pink Tacos. Gas prices were going up and the women didn’t want to waste money on fuel. Besides, they did enjoy each other’s company at times. Big Bertha had a mean streak, but she could be funny when the mood struck her. Little Myrtie was always good with a mean spirited joke at someone else’s expense and she always knew how much everything cost, right down to the penny. Of course, one had to watch Little Myrtie when it came time to split the check. She wasn’t above taking advantage of the meek or the math challenged. And Pretty Shitty was good to have around because she attracted men… Granted, the men weren’t the most hygienic, educated, or sophisticated, but some of them still had their own teeth and some hair… even if the hair wasn’t necessarily on their heads. One of the best guys in nowheresville enjoyed letting his nose and ear hair grow, just to see if he could style it.

So, the ladies arrived at Pink Tacos at the usual time. The air hung like a thick, suffocating, woolen cloak, bursting with the aromas of smoke, sweat, vomit, and stale beer. The mood in there was ugly. It was mud wrestling night, and the pit was full… but not of the usual brown, viscous, earthy mud that Willy Reitzenhammer had regularly trucked in. No… tonight, it was full of pink slime and bits of light foam that flitted around above the mess.

“Hey Willy!” Bertha yelled, “What the hell is this? We can’t mud wrestle in this shit!”

“Sorry, Bertha,” Willy said apologetically, “but I couldn’t afford to buy any mud this week. I had lots of pink slime, though. I thought it would make a good substitute before it goes totally rancid.”

“Eeew…” Myrtie said, shying away from the mess. “That is disgusting. I think I might have to leave the premises.”

Shitty gave Myrtie an evil grin as she noticed how close her “friend” was to throwing up. It’s true. Myrtie could not stand it when things were dirty and out of place. She could barely tolerate the usual mud wrestling sessions and went only because otherwise, she’d be alone.

“Well, we’ve got an extra $15 between us,” Shitty said with a flirtatious wink. “and that’s enough for an extra pitcher or two of the best beer available at this dump. I say we start drinking…”

Myrtie’s eyes widened at the suggestion and it looked like she was about to say something. But Shitty headed her off and said, “You can have red wine, Myrtie. I know you don’t like beer. Not ladylike enough for you, I guess…”

Myrtie smirked as Willy handed her a glass of Barefoot Merlot. It was classy stuff in these parts.

“Well, I gotta get fortified if I’m gonna take on the beast this week.” Bertie said, flexing her muscles. “Hand me a tank of Schlitz, Willy.”

“Sorry, Bertha.” Willy apologized. “I ain’t got any Schlitz today. How about Pabst?”

“PBR?” Bertha sneered. “Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.” She accepted the head free liter of cheap suds and began guzzling it. When she was finished, she let out an odiferous belch that made Myrtie’s arm hair stand on end.

Just when the women didn’t think things could get any uglier in the bar, the Gatalin boys came callin’. Yep… the very same ones Kenny Rogers sang about in his hit song, “Coward of the County”. There were three of them. 41 years hadn’t been kind to the boys. They had long, stringy, greasy hair, big, fat beer guts, and a noticeable lack of teeth. They’d made a little bit of money on a defamation lawsuit they filed after “Coward of the County” became a hit in 1979, but the money was depleted. No one wanted to marry the Gatalin boys, because they were rumored to have defiled the town’s one respectable resident, Becky. Becky moved away without explanation in 1980, and everyone assumed it was the Gatalin boys’ fault. It didn’t help that Tommy went on to be a famous country singer with an odd affinity for plastic surgery.

“What you doin’ in here, Bertha?” one of the “boys” sneered. He was in his late sixties, but looked a bit older and smelled like he’d been dead for a couple of months already.

“Fuck you, Walt.” Bertha snapped. “You know it’s mud wrestlin’ night. I’m here to supplement my pay.”

Walt laughed. He and Bertha had a history. They were married for awhile… about seven years or so, until Bertha decided she could do better and Walt’s part of the settlement was depleted enough. She divorced Walt and extorted money from him whenever she could, all the while telling their children that Walt wasn’t their real father. And, the truth was, he wasn’t. Walt was sterile, thanks to an industrial accident at the meat processing plant. Bertha’s kids were mostly grown, though, so she needed a way to make more money. She was used to living the high life, buying whatever Franklin Mint trinkets she wanted when they were advertised on late night TV.

“Nice to see you workin’ for a change.” Walt sneered at his ex wife, as he turned to his brother, Larry. “Hey man… you got any snuff in that pocket?” he asked.

“For sure.” Larry said, digging into his pocket. He pulled out a small tin of snuff as well as a used condom and a tube of K-Y Jelly. Walt grinned when he saw the other items, and Larry said, “For later.”

“Hey there, Shitty” the third brother, Daryl, said to the pretty woman at the bar.

Shitty gave him her most shit eating grin and said, “Eat your heart out.”

“Might be an improvement over the pink tacos.” Larry quipped helpfully.

Daryl had a crush on Shitty. Most men in the town did. She was a comely wench with a strong, but skewed, sense of justice and a nose for nosiness. And she was pretty, dammit. That’s really all that mattered to most of them. If she never spoke, all of the men and half of the women would be happy to just look at her.

“So when do the festivities begin, anyway?” Bertha snapped impatiently. “I’m getting hungry and I don’t wrestle well on an empty stomach.”

“Five minutes.” Willy promised. “I think you’ll like tonight’s competition.” he added with a sly wink.

“Oooh… I do enjoy a challenge.” Bertha said as she left out a sonorous fart.

Myrtie cringed again, suddenly looking frightened as she daintily sipped at her wine. The truth was, she HATED her life. But she also hated being alone, and hanging out at Pink Tacos was the only way she could have any company. No one liked hanging out at Myrtie’s house because all of the furniture was covered in plastic. Every time anyone moved, the plastic creaked and it sounded like a cacophony of farts.

The door opened again and in walked a very handsome looking woman. Handsome, as in, she could have passed for a young man. She wore a suit, had very short hair, wore no makeup, and was scrupulously clean.

“Hey… speak of the devil!” Willy said with a broad smile. “Here’s the chick who’s come to take you on.”

Bertha snorted. “She’s no match for me. I could crush her. She looks like she can’t stand to get dirty.”

The woman cast her eyes at Bertha and licked her lips. But she didn’t say a word, which made Bertha feel nervous.

The Gatalin boys let out a simultaneous whoop when they saw her. “Hot damn!” they yelled.

The woman stayed silent, but put down her briefcase and removed her tidy suit. She wore a leotard, not unlike those worn by gymnasts, and revealed a trim, muscular body.

Bertha guffawed as she looked at her competition, who appeared to weigh about 100 pounds ringing wet. She was clearly much smaller than Bertha and would never be able to knock her down.

“What’s your name, little girl?” Bertha hissed at the newcomer.

“Joan.” she replied.

“Get in the fucking ring, Joan.” Bertha sneered.

“Are you kidding? You would pound the shit out of me. I’m not wrestling with you.” Joan said.

“This is wrestling night and you ARE going to get in the ring.” Bertha said.

“No, I don’t want to.” Joan said. “But I’ll pay you $100 if you and your friends get in the slime and wrestle.”

Bertha thought about it for a moment and said, “You gotta deal.” Of course, she didn’t think to ask Myrtie and Shitty how they felt about this arrangement. It didn’t matter. Bertha just went over and picked the two friends up, like cords of firewood, and handily deposited them in the pink slime. Then, plugging her nose, Bertha took a flying leap over the low slung boundaries and landed square in the middle of the nauseating pink sludge that smelled oddly of old meat and offal.

“Whooooo!” the people at the bar yelled as the three women went at each other like enraged pitbulls on crack. The music was turned up to something gritty and southern… perhaps a Lynyrd Skynyrd rip off. The Gatalin boys lit up cigarettes, swilled more beer, and threw a bit into the pit as the three meat processors grabbed and writhed in the stuff of nightmares that they worked with daily.

“Hey! Don’t pull my hair!” Myrtie shrieked as Bertha went into full on psychotic mode. Shitty jumped on Bertha’s back and whaled away at her with her tiny fists, not making a single dent in the mountain of a woman who was giving them a good thrashing.

Joan stood by the side of the pit, smiling victoriously at the scene. She took notes and video, still looking like a dynamo in her gymnastics leotard.

“Hey Joan!” Bertha squealed. “Why don’t you join us? It’s great in here!”

Joan wrinkled her nose and stepped back a couple of paces. The odor was overpowering and she never did enjoy rolling in shit. But this was just part of the job… and her job was a very powerful one…

Maybe I will continue this story if people are interested… for now, I’ll just say that this was fun to write, even if it makes no sense.