Sorry for your troubles, Mon…

In November 2011, Bill and I took a beautiful cruise in honor of our wedding anniversary. We started in St. John’s, Antigua, and ended in Bridgetown, Barbados. That trip was memorable for a lot of reasons I won’t go into right now. For the purposes of this post, I mention it because of the title… “Sorry for your troubles, Mon.”

On the day we were to embark on SeaDream I in November 2011, Bill and I were staying in this really no frills but surprisingly decent hotel by the airport in Antigua. The hotel had a driver they used. I don’t remember his name off hand, but he turned out to be a real gem. Took very good care of us… and when Bill was bringing our stuff down from the hotel room and accidentally tripped and fell, the cabbie said, “Oh shit! Jesus Christ!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, since he was totally serious and seemed very upset that Bill fell down. I mean, he was very concerned that Bill might have hurt himself loading up the cab. When he got into the vehicle, the cabbie turned around and said, “I’m sorry for your troubles, Mon.” I thought it was really funny and never forgot it. Then he took us to a hotel so he could offload some liquor before he drove us to the dock, so we could catch our cruise.

Last night, some of my friends on Facebook were laughing about this weird satirical Christian site I found. I mean, it’s pretty good satire… some of us actually wondered if it was satire or real. We later determined it was definitely satire. A friend of mine asked why I would share that stuff, since it made him twitchy in a bad way. And my response was, “I’m sorry for your troubles, Mon.”

Seriously… I am sorry if I share things that upset, annoy, or dismay other people. I can’t know how the stuff I share will affect everyone, though. I don’t even know who all is reading. So if I share something that makes you twitch, just know that I’m sorry for your troubles, Mon… but I can’t be expected to know what or if something is going to upset you. That would be impossible to do and put me on a very short road to Crazyville. I already have enough business in Crazyville, so I’m not looking to add to it.

I don’t understand why someone who has voluntarily ventured to another person’s Facebook or Web site feels the need to criticize what they post. It’s not like I get paid big bucks to do this stuff, nor am I holding a gun to anyone’s head, forcing them to interact with me. I basically post things that I think are interesting or amusing, or when I have a strong need to vent for mental health purposes. As I have discovered over the past year, some people don’t even think I have the right to vent on my space, and they assume that what I’ve posted isn’t true or is unfair… I try to use facts whenever possible, although I think it’s pretty obvious that the rest of it is my opinion based from my perspective. What I find funny may not be funny to you. Truly, I don’t mean to offend, though. If it’s not for you, simply move along.

I like writing. I’ll probably always do it. Maybe someday, I might even get super serious and finally write the book that is in my head… although I’ll probably use a pseudonym. I like sharing bizarre stuff, too. But I have no idea if something I share is going to make you twitch in a bad way. If it does… I am sorry for your troubles, Mon. But they’re your troubles, not mine, and I can’t please everyone. Leave the shaming comments at the fucking door.