Drink TV… not a bad way to spend 20 euros.

Bill and I have been fans of Zane Lamprey’s travel/drinking show, Three Sheets, ever since we lived in Germany the first time. I discovered his show on Apple TV. The first episodes of each available season were free, so I watched them because I was bored. I was entertained enough to subscribe to the series and liked it so much that I watched the whole series. We even named our beagle after him.

Sadly, Three Sheets had trouble finding a permanent home. First, its original network went dark. Then it was shuffled between food channels and travel channels. Even though it was a popular show and had a lot of fans rooting for it, it eventually went off the air. Zane Lamprey continued to try to sell drinking shows to varying levels of success.

This is an episode of Three Sheets. Four Sheets is much the same concept.

Yesterday, I noticed a Facebook post by Zane advertising a reboot of Three Sheets. It’s called Four Sheets, and it’s on an app/channel called Drink TV. You can download the app and subscribe to the programs on it. A year costs $29.99 or 29,99 euros. If you use Zane’s coupon, ZANE, you can get a year for $19.99 or 19,99 euros. Or, you can pay $2.99 a month.

Anyway, I bit on the deal and Bill and I hung out in the entertainment room watching Drink TV, which is chock full of fun programming about drinking. William Shatner hosts a show called Brown Bag Wine Tasting, in which he talks to a guest and has them taste wine he pours from a bottle in a paper bag. The guest describes the flavors and tries to guess the wine.

Marc Summers, who hosted the Nickelodeon game show Double Dare, does a fun trivia show called Throwback Trivia where contestants win crappy prizes from the 80s and 90s. One guy won a Watchman TV. A lesbian couple won a hoppy ball. Another guy won a cordless phone. All of these prizes would have been cool thirty years ago, but suck today. They even got the Double Dare announcer, Harvey, to describe the prizes.

Another game show called Are You Smarter Than a Drunk Person involves a bartender pairing a normal person with a drunk genius. That one is less appealing to me than some of the others. Still, for what I paid for the app, I think it’s a good value. We were definitely entertained last night. Zane Lamprey’s show alone is worth the cost of the subscription. Better yet, it’s not geo restricted. I can watch it here in Germany with no problems, same as I could in the United States.

The app can run on Apple TV, Roku, and Google Play, and you can also use it on iPads, iPhones, or your trusty desktop. I am not being paid to write this, by the way. I am only sharing it with the interested. I truly enjoyed most of the programming I’ve seen so far and I like to share the wealth. I’ll probably watch it a lot over the next 18 days, as Bill works TDY again… I thought I was done with this crap when he left the Army.

Since I’m all alone again, I may be back to write something of more substance later. For now, I have to clear my head with a walk. It’s going to be a long month. We’ll see how much of it I spend sober.