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Repost of the my review of The Big Butt Book by Dian Hanson…

Here is the last installment of my Dian Hanson book reviews.  She has other books besides the three I’ve reviewed, but I’ve determined that my heart and my stomach can’t take too much more nudity. This was originally written in April 2012 for Epinions.  Enjoy!

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Yesterday, I reviewed experienced porn producer Dian Hanson’s book, The Big Book of Breasts 3-D.  In that review, I explained how I managed to find Hanson’s sexy book about breasts.  I was walking through Munich and spotted the non 3-D version in a store window, but didn’t feel like shelling out 40 euros, especially since I couldn’t know if the book would even be in English.  Well, I finally purchased the book in its 3-D version on  And anyone who has ever bought anything on Amazon knows that suggestive selling is king there.  That’s how I came to purchase Dian Hanson’s 2010 follow-up, The Big Butt Book, along with The Big Book of Pussy.  I may need a couple of Xanax to get through the latter book, so today I will focus on The Big Butt Book.

Sorry to butt in…

Hanson’s breast book originally appeared in 2006.  I’m guessing it was a big success, because now I see that she has a whole line of big, heavy, colorful follow up books dedicated to the sexiest, most fetish-worthy parts of the human body.  The Big Butt Book is a glorious photographical ode to the human posterior.  Thumbing through this luscious volume of female derrieres, I can’t help but realize that I actually like this book better than The Big Book of Breasts, even though it’s not in 3-D.

Hanson presents this subject with the same sense of playful fun as she does her breast book.  However, there are a few differences to note in The Big Butt Book.  First off, there’s more written substance to this book; it’s not just a volume of pictures.  Like The Big Book of Breasts 3-D, this book includes commentary in English, German in French, presented in vertical columns.  Hanson’s writing is suprisingly scholarly and informative, as she explains why behinds are so beguiling for so many people in so many different cultures.

Aside from her own thoughts on butts, Hanson also presents a section on noted porn producer/director John Stagliano, as well as a chapter on Buffie the Body, a sexy black model with a most impressive @$$.  She includes an interview with Robert Crumb, the man who is notable for founding the underground comics movement.  This section is particularly interesting, since it includes some of Crumb’s butt-worthy comics.  There’s also a chapter about “Watermelon Woman” Andressa Soares, a young Brazilian model with a butt of very impressive proportions indeed, and commentary about Coco, another noted butt model.  Tinto Brass, an Italian filmmaker whose later work focuses primarily on the @$$, gets a chapter, as does Eve Howard, a writer with a penchant for spanking.

In living color… sometimes, anyway

Many of the photographs in The Big Book of Butts are presented in black and white, but there are also quite a few in color.  And while there are plenty of vintage models in this book, there are also quite a few younger models from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.  This variety of eras and styles may offer a more broad appeal to readers than the older models presented in the breast book.  While it’s fun to look at photos in 3-D, this book is eye catching and exciting enough not to need 3-D gimmicks, especially given that so many of the pictures are in color.

Mostly tasteful…

I think most of the photos in The Big Butt Book are tastefully done.  Yes, the photos are sexually provocative and revealing, but none appeared to be truly sleazy or vulgar to me.  In fact, many of the models appeared to be having a lot of fun with their photo shoots.  The photos also overwhelmingly focus on the butt, though there are a few that include naked boobs, too.

Sorry ladies… one reason to be bummed out about this book

One thing that is missing from this impressive photographical butt collection is the male perspective.  This book contains page after page of beautiful female butts, but no sexy male butts.  Seems to me a book called The Big Book of Butts ought to give equal time to the other gender for those of us who appreciate them.  Alas, this book is apparently just for straight, horny, men who love sexy women’s behinds.  What a bummer.


I think The Big Butt Book really kicks @$$!  It’s a fun volume celebrating beautiful behinds.  I would recommend it to anyone who appreciates bountiful butts, as long as they like butts of the feminine persuasion.

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