Fellow blogger says, “People who hate [Trump] also hate you…”

Wow… I didn’t know that I hate people simply because they’re Christians. Actually, I know I don’t hate people simply because they’re Christians. I sort of still identify as a Christian, even though I don’t go to church anymore. I don’t support Donald Trump, though, and never will. And while I can’t say I necessarily “hate” Trump– I’d probably have to know him to go that far– I can say that I find him a disgusting, immoral, piss poor example of a man. And I do hate that he is the president, even if I can’t necessarily say I hate him personally… (though if I had dealings with him, I probably would end up hating him). Suffice to say, I’d like to see Trump safely tucked away in a secure nursing home or something. Or prison, maybe… someplace where he can no longer harm people with his blinding narcissism.

However, someone out there thinks I am a hater. Since I don’t like Donald Trump and am not a super duper Christian, a fellow blogger says that I must “hate” Christians, particularly those who are Trump supporters. It’s all here in blue and white. Mario Murillo Ministries has put out a blog post dated January 18, 2020 saying so… Check this out:

You’re a Christian who still can’t support Trump? Let me share this fact with you: The people who hate Trump also hate you. They hate your faith. They hate your Bible. They hate your values. They hate Israel. They hate the Constitution and truth be told, they hate America. They hate you even if you don’t support Trump. They will hate you after Trump is gone.

I can state unequivocally that I don’t hate Christians or any other people of a particular stripe. I am always willing to give people a chance, and I try hard to be patient and understanding. I do my best to see all perspectives whenever possible, and I believe in fairness. I can see why some people supported Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, even if I think it was not the right choice. I certainly don’t hate people who support Trump. I only hate people who maliciously and personally harm me or a loved one. Someone who callously hurts me or someone I love may inspire me to hate, but I don’t hate anyone simply for existing.

But Mario Murillo thinks I hate him and all of his Trump supporting friends. I read his blog post on the way home from France this morning. It was posted in the Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray Group. I wouldn’t have ordinarily bothered to read such nonsense, but I was sitting in the passenger seat, passing time. All I can say is that Mr. Murillo and his ministry must be batshit crazy to assume that anyone who dislikes Trump hates all Christians. I can’t even imagine what inspired such nonsense. Moreover, it appears to me that Mr. Murillo doesn’t know anything about socialism.

In fact, if anyone’s hateful, I’d say it Mr. Murillo, who writes…

They hated these things all along, only you weren’t supposed to know. You were supposed to be introduced to their radical agenda on the installment plan. But now they are in a frenzy and are throwing their gradual timetable to the wind and rushing everything. They are rushing: drag queens into story hours, gender bending subject matter into grammar schools, radical abortion policies, gun control and censorship. So, what’s their hurry? They are in a rage—such a rage, that they will openly refuse to stand up for the National Anthem and even chant their hatred against the highest office in the land at baseball games.

Really? Because Democrats would like to be more inclusive of people who aren’t straight, white, flag waving folks, they must be “full of hatred” and lack basic patriotism? Because Democrats have mercy on people in trouble and children who are afraid to go to school because of shooters, they’re “hateful” and have a radical agenda? Because Democrats think women should be able to control when they have babies and would not like to see more people warehoused in prisons? I just don’t even know where to go with this bullshit.

I used to vote Republican. In fact, I didn’t start voting Democrat until very recently. The Republicans lost me forever when they put an incompetent madman in office who has emboldened racists, sexists, and ignorant people to spew their hateful rhetoric, and desire to deny basic human rights and fair play to anyone who isn’t a white, middle-aged, male with a Bible and a gun.

I have many loved ones and family members who like Donald Trump. I also have some friends who voted for him, even if they don’t love his policies. I certainly don’t “hate” those people for their voting practices. It frightens me that people who don’t even know me can presume to lump me in with an entire group of people. It seems to me that the group of folks who don’t like Donald Trump and his policies is growing every day. That’s an awful lot of “hateful people”, according to Mario Murillo.

The vast majority of people who are spewing all this crap about socialism truly have no idea what socialism or communism are… and most have never been outside of the country, particularly to countries where those regimes exist or once existed. I lived for two years in what was once part of the Soviet Union. I was there right after it fell apart. I got to know people who were raised in that system. Yes, there were many, many problems with it. I would never embrace a return to that regime. However, most of those people still enjoyed their lives… and there were even some positives to that system. I spoke to some people who were very sorry that the Soviet Union fell apart, mainly due to the worsened living conditions that occurred just after the fall, although it would be interesting to find out if they still feel that way now.

I don’t understand how Christians can support a man who so clearly disdains anyone who isn’t like him, can do nothing for him, and doesn’t somehow “tickle his fancy”. Donald Trump is the opposite of Christlike, and I don’t understand how any true Christian could ever support him or his disgusting policies. I really don’t understand Mario Murillo’s mindset, and can’t understand how he makes such bold statements about whether or not other people are “hateful” simply because of Donald Trump. It saddens and scares me that people like him are wandering around, spewing this stuff and people are actually listening and responding to it.

No… I don’t hate Christians, whether or not they love or hate Trump. I simply think our country is in serious trouble, and I long for the days when watching the news wasn’t like watching a three ring circus. But people like Raul, quoted below, obviously aren’t on the same page:

It’s truelly simple, if you are a Christian and you say you hate trump or a Christian Democrat, you are truly not a Christian. The reason I say this is because you are okay with same sex marriage, you are okay with abortions, and everything else the left has to offer (demonic ways). We are coming to the end of times, and those times are near.

Says who, Raul? You? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, and that’s very sad. And kingskid48 has this to say:

I got into a discussion the other day with some poor guy who was so absorbed in Obama-love, he could not see the forest because the trees were right in his face. It was bizarre. He kept posting things other people have said about Trump, the same liberal lies, slander, talking points, accusations..over and over. He seemed to be incapable of presenting any original thoughts of his own. Liberals he admired said it, so it had to be matter how ridiculous it was. Common sense had no chance of getting into this guy’s brain. He was a goner. Sadly, he claimed to be a Christian. Unfortunately, he is just one of many, many on the left, who are just as deluded. How can someone who claims to be a Christian, think that Obama was a Christian and a good president, and that everything that Trump is doing to try to beat back socialism and anti-Christian bigotry, along with radical abortion and bizarre gender-confusion. is bad, just because he was a rich playboy in his previous years? When did Christians forget how to forgive? I have my doubts that this guy was really a Christian, but sadly, there are people who really are Christians that think this way. IMO, the end-time, “strong delusion”, spoken of in Scripture is creeping over the population like a huge, dark cloud.

Uh… can you give us some examples of the “liberal lies” and “slander”? Seriously, I don’t need to go to a “liberal” Web site to find things to dislike about Trump and his brand of leadership. Trump has said things out loud that are shocking, divisive, and just plain untrue. I think those who blindly worship him because he’s a white “Republican” man are the ones who can’t see the forest for the trees. What a tragedy!

Sigh… maybe I’d get more readers if I posted more nonsense like Mario Murillo’s. But then, I don’t think I want more readers… especially if they are as dumb and lacking in critical thinking skills as the people commenting on Murillo’s site are. I think I’ve written enough about this topic… time to move on to the travel blog, where I can write about the fun time we just had in France, where people aren’t being led by an orange haired idiot with an unhealthy glow of unbridled self-admiration.

Reality TV

What’s eating you… and Ex is back on the Crazy Train…

I’ve been binge watching Intervention for the past ten days or so. For some reason, I never got around to buying a season pass for the 6th season. I didn’t feel like buying individual episodes, since that costs a lot more than just getting a season’s pass. I noticed that Apple TV was recommending a show that aired back in 2010 on E! called What’s Eating You? It’s a six episode series about people with eating disorders.

I ended up watching the whole thing today, which is why I’m just now getting around to blogging. The show was very interesting. It featured several young women and a couple of guys, one of whom was gay. The topics ranged from bulimia, which seemed to be the most common disorder, to anorexia, to binge eating disorder. There was just one BED case, although that’s probably a more common disorder than either anorexia or bulimia. BED is not sexy, though, and people tend to have a bad attitude about fat people.

The woman with BED who was profiled was once a music chart topper. In the 90s, she had a hit dance song that charted higher than Madonna. Personally, I’m not a big fan of dance music, but I will admit that she had an impressive voice. Her story was pretty sad. She started bingeing because she had been molested and didn’t want anyone to find her attractive. I have noticed that a lot of addicts, particularly those with eating disorders, have been sexually assaulted or otherwise abused. Most of the other women either had a close relative with an eating disorder or were also molested somehow.

A clip from the show.

I don’t think What’s Eating You? is quite as compelling as Intervention is, but I did find it an interesting show. In one episode, my Modar went off big time. I ended up tracking down the couple and the wife, who was the one with the eating disorder, has a couple of blogs out there on the Information Superhighway. Sure enough, I was right… Her husband was giving off major LDS vibes, but she wasn’t. Turns out she was raised Catholic, and he was raised Mormon. And she said she was “taking the discussions”, which means she was joining the church.

I still don’t like Mormonism much at all, but I don’t dislike it as much as I did before Bill’s daughter reconnected and we found out that church members had helped her escape her mother’s toxic clutches. In her case, I think the LDS church was a lifesaver. I still think the beliefs are ridiculous and it’s far too intrusive into people’s lives. But as long as no one tries to convert me, I’m feeling kind of glasnost about it these days.

Speaking of Ex… we learned last night that she’s hoping to visit Bill’s dad and stepmom with her kids again this summer. Consider that the actual grandchildren– Bill’s daughters– are grown women. The eldest son is married, has a child, and another on the way. Bill’s younger daughter is married with two really young kids. Both of them live out west, while FIL and SMIL live in the mid South. Ex and her two youngest and Bill’s older daughter live in New England. Bill has been divorced from his ex wife for going on 20 years in June. And yet, she still doesn’t see that visiting his parents with Bill’s adult daughters and her kids from other men is completely inappropriate.

I kind of doubt Ex will be able to pull this off. Younger daughter didn’t seem very enthused about the plan, and I expect older son won’t want to do it, either. There are only so many vacation days a person gets. Who wants to spend them with a batshit mother in someone else’s house? But it was interesting to hear about it. Makes me wonder what Ex is up to. Supposedly, this is because FIL is “getting old”, but my guess is that something else is going on. As long as it doesn’t affect me personally, though, I don’t really care beyond mild curiosity. I don’t know if she plans to bring her husband along, or even if the in-laws have invited her. My guess is that she’ll either just show up, or inform them that she’s visiting. Too bad it doesn’t occur to them to tell her to fuck off.

Maybe Bill will get to visit his daughter in the spring, if he goes back to the States for work. I think that would be nice. They have a lot of talking to do.

One of my presents for Bill never got delivered. Amazon claims it was “damaged”. Oh well… I wasn’t looking forward to trying to wrap it, anyway. Also… I notice that certain people seem “obsessed” with certain blog posts. They keep coming back again and again, looking for something. One person looks like s/he is dying to comment. I see that they’ve clicked both the “respond” and “contact” links. But they don’t say anything… they just lurk, and make me wonder if maybe it’s time to go private again.


Short and fat with bad hair…

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a touch of writer’s block. Ever since I had to abandon my original “Blogspot”, I’ve been feeling a bit more constrained about expressing myself. Some people might think that’s a good thing, but they likely aren’t creative types. I know a lot of people read my posts on my main blog and probably came away with the idea that I’m totally unreasonable, mean-spirited, or even crazy. Such is not really the case, though… if I were any of those things, I’d be spewing with reckless abandon and no shame.

Some people don’t think of what I do as “creative”, either. They think I’m just an over the hill housewife with no life, pathetically writing this shit day after day instead of getting a “real” job in a cubicle or something. And yet, these people continued to read my stuff, if only to make sure I was staying in line, occasionally commenting and messaging me only when they felt I needed to edit. The comments were usually prefaced with an acknowledgment that they knew the blog is “my space”, but… Um… why read if you’re only reading to try to control or complain about my content?

Well… it pisses me off, because honestly, I don’t go out of my way to mess with people, and a lot of the stuff I wrote on my Blogspot was legitimately helpful and interesting to people who don’t know me. For instance, yesterday I noticed that a post I wrote last year about Calvary Temple was linked on a site for survivors of that particular cult. People are now reading that post from last June and hopefully learning from it. Aside from that, when I do have legitimate vents about people, most of the time, I try to be fair and at least attempt to look at the other person’s perspective. And yet, I was being characterized as “unfair” or even “unhinged”.

Maybe I am a little unhinged. Months after moving, I’m still neurotic about things that I know would have upset my ex landlady, even though none of our other landlords had issues with me or Bill. Even though we really tried not to provoke reactions from her, we were always unsuccessful. We spent days cleaning, only to have her claim that we’re filthy, dirtbag people. I wish we’d just not bothered to clean, because nothing we could have done would have been enough for her. Her emails about everything wrong with the house are proof of that. We spent days cleaning and I was left exhausted, cranky, and physically sore. And yet, she’s still screwing us. If we’d just left the place a mess, at least she’d have just cause to take our money.

Even though she found and charged us for every possible defect in the house, she clearly never inspected former tenant with the scrutiny she did with us, because a lot of what she was complaining about was not done by us. It was ENTIRELY about money! She just wanted our money, and to shame us in the interim, probably because she knows she isn’t entitled to what she’s claiming and is hoping Bill’s kind nature will overrule his right to nail her with a lawsuit.

And yet, I’m the asshole… and the ex landlady is this “wonderful” person, according to the former tenant. Well… it makes me mad, because it’s unfair and underhanded, and she shouldn’t have the right to blatantly rip us off with illegal charges simply because she didn’t like us (although she clearly loved the 90,000 euros we paid her over the 4 years we spent living in her outdated and overpriced hovel).

Anyway… what prompted me to finally move my blog was not just due to my ex landlady’s former tenant harassing me about my content and opinions. If she’d left me alone, she would have soon found out that her assumptions about me were wrong. But she’d been following me long enough to assume she knew exactly what I was about to do. She felt the need to interfere in things that are none of her business. Although I’d still like to offer that person a hearty “fuck you”, I feel constrained in doing it.

I also moved the blog because Blogger has become downright wonky with some browsers and when I do write something upsetting, in order to keep it private, I have to make the whole blog private. I don’t want Google dictating my content, either. Serious bloggers don’t use Blogger. I figure, even though I don’t do this for money, the fact that my blog is nine years old must mean I’m a serious blogger. Therefore, it was long time for a new and more professional platform.

Even though my decision to move will eventually probably be a good one, it still stings a bit. I’m basically starting over mostly from scratch. Yes, there are a few people who liked the original blog who read here, but the best content is still on that site. I’d like to migrate it to this blog and shut down the Blogspot, but for some reason, WordPress won’t do it for me. I don’t need a lot of readers, but it’s good to have a few, just so I feel like doing this is still worth the time and effort.

It’s hard to get used to this new place. It has some great features that I like, and some that I find annoying. For instance, while I’m sure there is a way to do it, I don’t seem to have the ability to underline with this new editor. I have to use these “blocks”, which don’t let me set the spacing. I suppose I can fart around with it some, to see if I can finally get it looking the way I want it to. I wish I were more excited about things like layout. I may be creative, but layouts don’t excite me. Unfortunately, writing isn’t exciting me like it used to. I may have to find another outlet.

Which brings me to the title for this post… I remember watching an old episode of Saved By The Bell not long ago. The character, Jessie (played by Elizabeth Berkley), who was tall and beautiful with pretty hair, was presented with the suggestion of “forgiving and forgetting” that her boyfriend had pissed her off. Her response was, “I’d rather be short and fat with bad hair.” Well, I am short and fat with bad hair… and I’m having a hard time moving on, forgiving and forgetting, even though it would make my life easier and better.

Yesterday, we booked a cruise in Scotland and paid for it all, since the cruise leaves in 117 days. You’d think I’d be excited about that, and primed to write a lot about planning our trip. But instead, I’m still stewing about how pissed off I feel about the way Bill and I have been treated. I’m glad we moved, since that situation was very toxic. I’m just having some trouble getting over the toxicity of it. I suspect I’ll be better once this matter is settled… but I have a feeling that ex landlady is going to be a major pain in the ass about it, even though two lawyers have already told us she’s clearly violating the law.