I think it’s going to be one of those days. A couple of days ago, I got a message that my Elton John tickets, which I ordered in February of last year, were on their way to me. The reason they took so long to get to me is because I ordered the premium package, which includes food and a parking spot. In retrospect, I wish I’d just gotten really good seats instead. I’ve been waiting all year to get the tickets and then had to change addresses. I gave them my new address, which was on our lease. Turned out the lease had a typo, so the address was technically incorrect. When I checked Deutsche Post this morning, the message said that the tickets couldn’t be delivered and were being returned to sender.

I just sent a message to, which is where I bought the tickets. I explained the address had a typo. Hopefully they will resend the tickets immediately. The show isn’t until May 11th, but I’ll feel better when I have those tickets in hand. The good news is that I sprang for ticket insurance. I wonder if, when they write back, they’ll blame me for the mistake. Actually, this time, it was my mistake. I should have corrected the address when I realized there was a typo. I guess I figured that Germans would know how to spell “Rathaus” correctly. But this time, I will take all of the blame because it was my fault.

Then, I was washing some old bedding I have gifted to the dogs. I put them on the short cycle. As I was waiting for the cycle to finish, I got an error message and had to drain the water out of the machine. That’s always a pain in the ass. With any luck, that solved the problem. Although my German machine probably does a better job cleaning clothes, I miss how easy my American machine is to use. It’s never been as “fussy” as the German washing machine is. I never had to drain it or restart it… or wait until it deigns to unlock the door so I can get my clothes out of it. I put them outside to drip dry and they were still sodden hours later.

Then I let the dogs go outside and Arran promptly peed on one of the posts holding up the “pavilion”. I didn’t want that area to reek of dog pee, so I used water from the rain barrel to rinse it away. I’m not sure that did the trick…

I ordered beer from Saveur-Biere a few days ago. Half of it arrived yesterday. The other half seems to be lost in transit. Hopefully, that will show up today, too, not that I need to be drinking beer. Lately, I think I’d be better off drinking chamomile tea or something. I see there was a “problem” with the parcel and it had to be repackaged. My guess is that one of the bottles broke or something.

Lately, I haven’t had much luck with the mail and/or shipments. A couple of weeks ago, I missed a shipment entirely and got into it with the Amazon seller, who blamed me for missing the shipment (it came a day early and the delivery guy showed up while I was walking the dogs). We ended up having an unpleasant email exchange with me just deciding to let the shipment get returned to the sender. Edited to add: today, they wrote to me again, asking what to do about the shipment. This time, the exchange was much more polite, so I asked them to just send it to me if they could. I should have it tomorrow.

And finally… we are going to decide what we are going to do about our “situation”. I’d really like to get it settled, once and for all. Bill has been so busy with his new job that we haven’t had much time to explore or have any fun. It’s starting to affect my overall attitude. I’m beginning to wonder if I need to take a trip back to the States. But the idea of doing that gives me a rash. Seriously. I literally have one just under my sagging boobs. It itches.