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Donald Trump’s last gasps of desperation…

Last night, as the last holiday weekend of 2020-21 was winding down, I saw the headline flash across Facebook. The Washington Post was running an exclusive story about how Donald Trump, lame duck POTUS, was shamelessly trying to guilt, cajole, threaten, and manipulate Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, into somehow “finding” 11,780 votes and overturning Joe Biden’s win in Georgia. The Post’s story included an edited version of Trump’s hour long discussion with Raffensperger and other Georgia elections officials. They later posted the full, unedited phone call. I know at least one of my Facebook friends resubscribed to the Post just so they could listen, but it’s now been posted on YouTube, and the media has been spreading this story like COVID-19.

Absolutely PATHETIC! He needs a ball gag.

My initial response to this news was outrage and disgust. However, ultimately, I’m not surprised Trump is trying this tactic. He is desperate to remain in power. He will leave no stone unturned in his relentless quest to stay in the White House, even though the majority of people in a proven secure and fair election want him OUT! With every day that passes, Trump’s hopes of overturning the election results dwindle, yet he keeps trying to bully his way past the results. He continues to try to rewrite history and alter the truth, even though it’s clear that he lost, fair and square (as Marcia Brady would put it).

I think Trump wants to stay in charge for a lot of reasons. The main one is that he is a malignant narcissist. Malignant narcissists hate to lose, and they will stop at nothing to avoid that particular narcissistic injury. But, besides the fact that Trump is a narcissist, I think he’s also afraid of what is going to happen to him once he’s no longer enjoying the protections that come from being the U.S. President. Once January 20, 2021 rolls around, he will once again be a private citizen, and that means he will be fair game for those who would like to sue him or see him behind bars.

If you listen to Trump talk, he speaks of rumors spreading about corruption. He throws out a bunch of figures and untrue statements. I must give credit to Brad Raffensperger, who kept his cool and calmly told Mr. Trump that his comments were untrue. He wasn’t swayed by Trump’s threats and never once sounded intimidated by Trump and his brazen attempts to steamroll him. Even when Trump reminded Raffensperger that he’s a Republican– perhaps trying to demand party loyalty– Raffensperger remained unruffled. Massive kudos and congratulations to Mr. Raffensperger for his ability to stay calm and either not laugh outright at Trump, or show any wavering in his duty to report accurate and fair results of the election, regardless of his affiliation with the Republican Party.

I would like to ask Trump this… if Georgia’s elections results were improper, why aren’t other people in an uproar? What about the lower political races? Wouldn’t there be corruption there, too? I also find it hilarious that Trump is complaining about cheating when there were many signs that Republicans were doing their best to suppress voters by removing mailboxes, cutting postal worker overtime, and cutting down on the number of ballot boxes where votes could legally be collected. Despite all of these efforts, Trump still LOST! Obviously, people want him to leave office, but he won’t go without an embarrassing and increasingly futile fight. Even people in his own party are turning on him. They don’t want to be on the wrong side of history.

As I write this, I’m listening to Trump’s unedited phone call with the Georgia officials. At this writing, he’s been speaking for almost 13 minutes straight, without another person being allowed to get a word in edgewise. That thirteen minutes of him rambling non-stop drivel, alleging illegal voting practices and fraud… and not a single break in the stream of consciousness word salad to allow the officials to break in until one of them finally responds. They tell him they have recounted the ballots by hand and got the same result as the voting machines from Dominion got. But he’s still not going to back down. In fact, Trump falsely insists that he won the state, when he very clearly didn’t.

I wonder, though, what would happen if somehow Trump did somehow get the election overturned. Would people accept it? Probably the only people who would would be those who doggedly support him, despite his obvious cheating and lying. I have been around since the Nixon era, and I think Donald Trump is by far the most criminal and corrupt president we have ever had… and that is saying a lot! Even if Trump were to stay in office, he’s already lost massive respect from legions of people around the world. His staying in office would truly make the United States even more of a laughingstock than it already is.

He’s such a fucking liar!

But people are still championing Trump, and believing the ridiculous conspiracy theories, even though it’s pretty obvious Trump is a loser. They ignore all of Trump’s shortcomings and continue to make excuses for him, and his deplorable behavior. I think it’s partly because human beings hate to be wrong and have a hard time changing their opinions, even when the facts support changing their opinions. But it’s also because a lot of people have been duped into thinking that Donald Trump is a “common man” who speaks like they do and eats Big Macs. He’s certainly not a common man. He was born into a wealthy family, educated at private schools, and has never earned his own money. He’s not even a good businessman, his businesses having gone bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009, and his best selling book, The Art of the Deal, was ghostwritten. He’s had two failed marriages, and it looks like his third could easily fail. I mean, Melania doesn’t seem to like her husband very much at all, although she might stick around for Barron’s sake.

This wasn’t the first time. She clearly can’t stand him.

I read this morning that President-elect Joe Biden doesn’t want to pursue charges against Trump’s clearly criminal actions. I can understand that. It would further polarize the American people, and right now, we desperately need to come together and conquer the pandemic. But the other side of me thinks Trump needs to be prosecuted for his obviously treasonous acts in trying to steal the election and undermining the people’s will. It probably comes from my own history of having to swallow bullying behavior from so many people for so many years. I have no more patience for it.

By the way, plenty of people in the military dislike Trump. He did not “win the military, a lot.” Historically, many military folks do vote Republican, but that doesn’t mean they don’t see an obvious conman who wants to undermine the Constitution and referred to them as “suckers and losers”. In this video, you can hear Trump ask the officials to “give him a break” and give him 11,000 votes! Give US a break and leave the White House! We want an adult in the White House who does not punish people for doing their jobs and telling the truth!

Donald Trump, YOU’RE FIRED!

Listening to Trump’s non-sensical bullshit is infuriating to me. It’s childish and stupid, and is about as factual as our ex landlady’s claim that we “dumped” a piece of shit refrigerator on her and stole her “nice” fridge (which, in fact, I purchased from Amazon because that piece of shit fridge was in the house when we moved in). Like our ex landlady, Trump doesn’t want to face facts and pay the piper. In fact, I think Mr. Trump has a lot in common with pathetic, common bullies who live among us and do whatever they can to get their way simply by dogged stubbornness, even if it means outright commiting crimes. I, for one, have had enough of it. I think a lot of Americans have. And I cannot wait to see this lying, cheating, thieving orange fuckhead escorted out of Washington, DC., once and for all.

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David Hasselhoff is on Cameo!

I had quite a laugh the other day when I noticed a Facebook ad for Cameo. Have you heard of it? It’s a service where you can pay for a personalized video message from a celebrity. I first heard about it in the Duggar Family News Group because Jinger Duggar Vuolo had signed up for it. It looks like Jinger is not doing messages now, so I don’t know what her rate is. However, the Hoff’s messages are apparently quite pricey… For a message, one must pay 276 euros (about $300).

I never watched the Hoff on Knight Rider, although that was a very popular show when I was growing up. I do remember seeing him on Baywatch, although I wasn’t a regular viewer of that show. I most fondly remember seeing him on America’s Got Talent. He struck me as a major asshole on that show, but in an entertaining way. It was fun watching him go head to head with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne, as well as certain contestants.

David Hasselhoff was a big hit in Germany about thirty years ago. I think they still love him here.
This is probably why Germans love him.

The Hoff was kind of handsome when he was young. I can’t deny that. But he kind of acts like Larry the Lobster, too. In fact, I bet Larry the Lobster on Spongebob Squarepants was fashioned after David Hasselhoff’s character, Mitch Buchanan, on Baywatch.

Maybe I need to see this film.

I have to admit that he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously in his Cameo ad, either. He’s standing there, holding one of those orange buoy thingies he always had on Baywatch. He’s seems friendly and laid back, and for $300 a pop, he’d damned well better be!

If I had $300 to throw away, maybe I’d be interested in talking to David Hasselhoff. But I think I’d rather watch videos of him on YouTube. He was a good sport on AGT last year, too.

I want to hassle the Hoff.
This show was pretty hot in the 1990s. I didn’t watch it very often because I was busy doing other shit, like making money.
I think I’d rather watch burlesque than Knight Rider.

Seriously, though… I guess he needs money and making videos on Cameo is a way to get some money. If you go on his Cameo page, you can see some samples of his “work”. I wonder if he’s ad libbing or someone has made a script. It looks a little like he’s reading. I played one for Bill and he said it sounded like maybe the Hoff was drunk. I don’t know that he was drunk, but he did sound a little bit stilted, like maybe he wasn’t his natural self. But then, who is among people from Hollywood?

Frankly, as a child of the 70s and 80s, I might get more excited about a Cameo from Larry Wilcox of CHiPs. I used to love that show. Also, Larry Wilcox reminds me of Bill. Erik Estrada is not on Cameo. Neither is Sharon Osbourne, although Jack Osbourne has a profile. I guess everybody has to eat. John Kassir of Tales From the Crypt is also on Cameo. I would be into getting a video from him, too! I loved that show, too! Shit– all of the best TV shows were on thirty years or more ago.

Barry Williams, of The Brady Bunch, is also on Cameo. I am a true Brady fan, but I actually met Barry once in the 1990s. He came to Longwood to talk about his book, Growing Up Brady. I remember thinking he was kind of phony, although I did enjoy his talk. I wonder if Vanilla Ice is on Cameo… (he’s not)… but Kevin McDonald of Kids in the Hall is! I love that show! Dave Foley is on Cameo, too!

Oh gawd, I’m going to be looking at this all day… which beats the hell out of looking at Facebook, doesn’t it? I guess, if anything, the Cameo videos show us that celebrities are people too… and a lot of them are weirder than you think they are.