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We’re off the boat now!

What an epic vacation! We are now in Copenhagen, and we’ll be here until Sunday morning. We will fly back to Germany, and then it will be time to do a lot of writing. I am feeling recharged and ready to write… and make some new music videos. After I take a nap, of course… 😀

We had a very good time on our trip. It was the most expensive trip we’ve ever taken, but we’ve had lots of time to see and do new things, interact with new people, and enjoy life. Enjoying life has left me a bit tired, but now I have lots of great photos for my photo stream and plenty of new stuff to write about. And yes, I also plan to get back to my usual mode of complaining about politics and religion.

I don’t know where or when our next trip will be. I suspect it may involve taking in a new furry friend, which we’re both ready to do now. As it is, I’m ready to get back to see Noyzi. I’ve missed him. I even had a nice dream about him this morning. I’m sure he’s been a good boy who probably needs a good brushing.

So, if you’ve been waiting for an update, here it is… and I’ll be back soon with new book reviews, complaints, gossip, and whatever else. To the few of you who follow this blog regularly, thank you for your patience.

The featured photo is of our new hotel room. It’s pretty nice!