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North Carolina is thinking about changing the grading scale…

I just read a short article about North Carolina’s General Assembly’s decision to consider changing the grading scale used to determine a school’s quality. Schools in North Carolina are currently assigned grades to determine how good they are. So, although students in North Carolina are currently graded on a “ten point” grading scale, the General Assembly is considering changing the school performance scale so that an “A” would equal a grade above 85 percent and an “F” would be anything under 40 percent.

When I was in school, we had a five point grading scale. If you wanted an “A”, you had to score 95 percent or higher. A “B” was anything between 88 and 94. A “C” was anything between 87 and 76. A “D” was a grade between 75 and 70. And anything under 69 percent was an “F”. When I went to college, we had a more liberal ten point scale, which made it easier to get better grades.

This new scale wouldn’t affect students’ grades. They would still be evaluated on a ten point scale. But it does allow schools to have more leeway in their performance. A school that scores 85 percent would be awarded a grade of “A”. It doesn’t seem right to me, although I know teachers work very hard with few resources.

I used to be somewhat against homeschooling, but I can see why so many parents want to do it nowadays. It seems like the quality of public education is really backsliding. Aside from that, parents have to worry about their kids being killed in shootings. I did really want to have children, but I swear, the state of the world today makes me glad I never did.