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The orange badge of shame…

I woke up this morning to yet another Facebook threat in the form of a “warning”. When Facebook warns you, they send you a warning that takes up your whole screen and shows off the offending post. In this case, it was a post I made on May 22 about a really offensive game Facebook was advertising. Behold:

The game “Imperial Beauties” is not the only offensive and racist game I’ve seen pimped on Facebook. I’ve also seen games involving Middle Eastern female characters who want to be the chosen ones of a sultan. I recently saw another game advertised about a woman who gets pregnant by a rich man. I also see, from the game’s Facebook page, that I’m not the only one who thinks this game is offensive. But I’m the one who gets tagged for being hateful. Check out these comments:

  • This game has a lot of issues, the topmost being that there is no response from their customer service. They used to at least respond, now they don’t even bother anymore.
  • I am not happy with seeing ads about this chauvinistic stuff in my field. I must have “hidden” this ad a million times. Thumbs down, leave me alone!

The video I saw advertising this game depicted an Asian woman with a black eye who was supposedly “ugly”. Note– I don’t really think she’s ugly, but the premise of the game is that she’s not beautiful enough for the emperor. She has to impress the “granny” in order to become the “chosen one”. But if you make the wrong choices for your concubine wannabe, you end up in jail. The video implies that the ugly Asian woman dies in jail. I originally thought she was beheaded, but upon looking at the video again, it appears that she just dies.

Here are a few screenshots:

If Facebook does “ground” me for “hate speech”, I think I’ll just ditch it altogether. It is the source of a lot of my blogging content, but it’s also the source of a lot of stress and stupidity. This is one of the more stupid things that has happened recently, and it’s mainly because there aren’t as many human beings working at Facebook right now due to the fucking coronavirus. Consequently, content that isn’t actually offensive gets tagged. I disputed that what I posted was “hate speech” and nine minutes later, it was denied with no explanation from a human being. They simply closed the case.

This is the definition of concubine. You can see in the above screenshots that this game is about a woman who wants to become a “sexual subservient” or “secondary wife” for sexual purposes. What’s wrong with calling this game “fucked up”? Especially when it REALLY is.

The funny thing is, if I ever did decide to quit Facebook, I know from personal experience that Facebook will continually spam my inbox trying to get me to log in again. It’s like being in a cult. They will “punish” you when you’re an active member, but if you eventually decide to quit, they’ll relentlessly bug you to get you to come back. What’s more, I get offended on the daily by some of the things posted on Facebook. I once got a private message inviting me to commit suicide. I reported it, and was told by a fellow human being that there was nothing they could do about it. And yet, this is not the first time a post has gotten wrongly flagged over a month later and I’ve been threatened with being put in Facebook jail for something completely arbitrary and stupid.

So what’s going to happen next month? Even if I am on my “best” behavior, am I going to wake up one morning in late July with a notification that something I posted weeks earlier has landed me in “jail”?

In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really a big deal. God knows, I lived most of my life without social media and, on a daily basis, I remember those times fondly. I can just as easily read a book and watch Little House on the Prairie or something.

In other news, Arran is sulking because he wasn’t allowed to have breakfast. We’re getting his teeth cleaned today. They really need to be done because they are just caked with tartar. I know how he feels. I need to have my teeth cleaned, too. Maybe we’ll do that next month. Especially if I end up in Facebook jail and have the time for a trip to Stuttgart.