As the Duggar women pop, the Duggar home is busted…

Lately, I’ve been following the Duggar Family News group more than usual, mainly because I find the members to be an entertaining bunch. Over the past few days, there’s been some chatter about the Duggar family Tinkertoy Mansion in Tontitown, Arkansas being busted by Homeland Security— aka ICE. There’s been all kinds of talk about why ICE invaded the Duggar home/ Josh Duggar’s office. The Duggars, for their part, denied being investigated by the FBI, which of course is a different law enforcement agency than ICE is. Also, it’s not clear if ICE hit the Duggar house, or just Josh Duggar’s office.

Of course, this could be related to a long list of things. It could be anything from Josh Duggar’s car dealership buying cars abroad illegally to child porn originating from foreign countries. I really don’t know. Many of the people in the Duggar Family News group seem to think that Josh is a child molester (as opposed to a pedophile– there is a difference). They base their opinions on the fact that Josh molested four of his sisters when he was 14. Since he’s the oldest Duggar child, his victims were all younger, to include Joy Anna, who was just five years old at the time.

Since Josh was technically a child himself when the abuse occurred, and I have not seen any concrete evidence that he still molests children, I am not on that “Josh is a child molester” bandwagon myself. Josh, after all, was the same age Elizabeth Smart was when she was abducted. People have no trouble referring to Elizabeth as a child at 14, so I am inclined to extend the same courtesy to Josh, even though I think what he did was repugnant. However, I do think that Josh is narcissistic and he’s definitely a philanderer, and if I had children, I wouldn’t want to leave them alone with him. He’s certainly not trustworthy. (Edited to add: as of April 30, 2021, I now know that the people calling Josh a child molester were right.)

All of this is going on as Anna, his long suffering wife of 11 years, is about to have her sixth baby and two other Duggar wives have brand new daughters. Seems like Josh is always in trouble when his wife is about to have a baby. Oh… I guess I don’t remember him being in the news when Mason was born a couple of years ago, but I definitely recall 2015, when his second daughter, Meredith, was born. That was the year the revelations about his prepubescent dalliances and postmarital relations were made public. And again, just as his wife is about to have a baby with him… (Edited to add: as of December 3, 2021, I now see that Josh was acting out his worst impulses when Anna was about to have Mason, too.)

I really don’t know what to make of Anna. I feel kind of sorry for her on one level. She must feel trapped. On the next level, I wonder what needs to happen before she finally dumps his ass and leaves with the children. She will need a lot of help, of course, and I’m sure it seems like going against Boob Duggar seems like fighting Goliath. But hell, she could write a book and make some coin… if Boob hasn’t hamstrung her with a non-disclosure agreement, that is.

Incidentally, I’ve also noticed that Jon and Kate Gosselin are back in the news. Jon Gosselin’s gag order just expired, so he’s opening up about how much he disapproves of the way Kate has raised most of their kids. I was never a regular viewer of their show and really only know what I’ve read in the headlines. Seems to me he was very young when he married her, and I’m sure he’s no angel, but I also think he’s telling the truth that she has some narcissistic tendencies herself. I’m sure these folks who decide to go on TV for years on end, enjoying the lifestyle on the backs of the notoriety caused by their many children, start out with good intentions. It seems to me that TLC is a network devoid of scruples, though. Seems like a lot of the people with shows on reality TV end up in trouble.

I definitely think the Duggars are a long way from the squeaky clean family they originally portrayed themselves as, back in the day. The only show I can think of from that network that didn’t have a lot of scandal is The Little Couple. I really liked that show, but it’s been so long since I was in the States, I don’t even know if it’s still airing.

Well, tomorrow we head back to Germany. I’m looking forward to it. I suppose I’ll put up the trees and start doing some shopping. Then, after the holidays, maybe it’ll be time to find Zane’s successor, so I can work off the tremendous beer gut I’ve developed.

Hopefully, Anna Duggar will have a healthy baby girl despite the mysterious legal drama that appears to be unfolding in the Duggar world. Should be interesting to see what’s up. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. In the meantime, I think it would behoove Anna to stop procreating with Josh. But that’s just my opinion, of course.