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Beautiful Sunday…

It’s a lovely day, and I’m not sure how we’re going to spend it… We really should get out and see something new, especially since my last two posts on this blog have been about the IBLP, Bill Gothard, and culty fundie Christian groups. I should probably clear my head of such stuff and enjoy beautiful Germany, during this rare sunny weather.

Or, maybe I could finish my project, migrating my huge music library so that’s done…

I could practice guitar, or make another video for an old song from the 70s, like this one. What I probably should do is go on a long hike, and burn off my beer gut.

I dedicated this to my old friend, Chris, who is a big fan of Olivia Newton-John’s. I used to love her music a lot too, when I was a child. I still love her stuff, actually.

I was going to do a different song, but it wasn’t quite working out in a timely manner, and I didn’t want to spend hours on it. I had other stuff to do on Friday. Yes, even people with my ridiculous lifestyle have chores to do.

I don’t like to record music on Sundays, though… call it a holdover from living in Swabia, where people are a lot more uptight about local conventions. So, I think maybe I’ll go find something quiet to do, or maybe we’ll venture out somewhere new. The possibilities are endless.

Bill and I watched Shiny Happy People yesterday. Bill wanted to see what I was going on about. He was just as disgusted as I was. The docuseries generated some discussion that will probably turn into a blog post sometime soon. It’s sad that so many people willingly give up their lives to cults, and money and power hungry people like Jim Bob Duggar. I did notice that I got a hit from Siloam Springs, Arkansas… Perhaps the Dillards paid my humble blog a visit?

Ah well… Sundays aren’t the best days for thinking about cults. I think I’ll go find something fun to do.

The featured photo was taken last night in Hofheim, where everything was especially nice and lovely… It’s at times like these when living in Germany is the most awesome.

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I’ve got writer’s block today…

I’m not feeling particularly blissful or outraged… and Bill wants to show me how to use our new sander so I’ll have something to work on while he’s in Bavaria…

Maybe if I think of something to write about later, I’ll be back for a good rant. I did put something on the travel blog. It’s all about Bill’s fucking injured ankle and how it’s cramping our style… and how he’s never going to clock out and be a civilian.

Charming stuff, as always… but at least there’s no profanity in that post.

About the featured photo… for me, personally, writing isn’t that hard. However, having interesting topics easily on hand can be a challenge. And today, I don’t really have one in mind… I could spend twenty minutes to an hour continuing to write this stuff… but it would be a waste of time.

So, maybe I’ll be back later. Maybe I won’t.

Have a nice Sunday.