We’re approved, but we can’t travel…

Last night, we got the green light to adopt a new dog who was just recently moved to Germany from Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy. He’s being called Jonny right now, but we’re not going to keep that name because it’s too close to mine. Right now, he’s in Hamburg, which is several hours from where we live. The adoption coordinator agreed that it would be best if we could get him ASAP because travel restrictions are becoming more stringent all over Europe. Every day, policies are changing.

Last night, we thought maybe we could drive up and back to Hamburg in one day, since hotels and restaurants are closed and/or aren’t allowing people to stay unless they are on business. We would be in the car for about 95 percent of the journey, and it’s not like we’d be doing anything more than taking the dog. There wasn’t going to be any close contact with anyone. It would have been a lot of driving, but we’ve done it before. The lady who has Jonny doesn’t have a car, so she can’t meet us.

Bill went into work this morning and learned that twelve people in his workplace have tested positive for coronavirus, including two contractors. Neither of the contractors were people who work with Bill. So now, everyone on the installation has been ordered not to travel, except in extreme situations or to pick up food, medicine, or fuel.

Hopefully, Jonny’s foster mom can either hang onto him until we can travel again, or someone can bring him down to us. This coronavirus shit is really a bummer, but I still stand by yesterday’s rant. It’s better not to take the risk. Besides, I’d really rather do this in a civilized way that doesn’t involve ten to twelve hours of driving. It’s still really disappointing. Now would be a great time to bring a dog into the family. Both Bill and I will be home with plenty of time on our hands.

I can hardly wait to meet Jonny. He’s adorable. I wish we could have arranged this last week… On the other hand, March has been extraordinary. Bill finally got to see his daughter after fifteen years and he met his grandchildren. So there is that… and we’ll get our new family member soon enough.

And he looks so much like our dog, MacGregor, whom we lost in 2012 to a spinal tumor. They could be brothers.

MacGregor had that same look…