Why isn’t Trump behind bars?

There’s a lot I could be writing about today. For instance, last night poor Arran wasn’t feeling well and needed a trip to the vet. He had a touch of bloody diarrhea and vomiting. He got some meds and tomorrow, I’ll start him on an antibiotics regimen. Today, he seems fine… He’s lying on the bed, napping.

“Oh daddy, make it better!”

Yeah… I could write more about that. Or I could write about my fruitless search for a birthday present for Bill, who turned 55 two days ago. Or I could write about the fact that I lost my dad five years ago during the worst summer of my life (so far, anyway). But I’m not going to do that, thanks to a video I saw last night.

This is a clip of the much longer video I had originally shared.

The above video, which surfaced when Trump was still just the potential president, is an interview by a woman named Katie, who alleges that she was victimized sexually by Jeffrey Epstein and Trump. Back in 1994, when she was about 13 years old, she wanted to be a model. Somehow, she got recruited to attend billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s parties. I don’t know where Katie’s parents were during this time… but according to this video, she was brought to Epstein’s home, where orgies were going on. Katie was a virgin at the time, and knew little about sex. I guess that made her a prime catch for someone like Jeffrey Epstein, as well as Epstein’s good friend, our president… the orange menace.

I listened to this whole thing last night and my heart broke for Katie. I have no doubt whatsoever that she’s telling the truth. She’s one of so many women who have spoken out about Donald Trump. However, what makes her account even more chilling is that she was a child when this happened. And… according to her testimony, Trump wanted her because she resembled his daughter, Ivanka. Donald Trump, as we know, has openly said he would date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter– see below.

Eeew… although I disagree with the comment comparing Trump to Woody Allen. Woody Allen didn’t date or marry his daughter, or stepdaughter, for that matter, because he was never married to his wife’s mother, Mia Farrow. They have no biological and, before they were married, they had no legal connection. What Allen did is unusual, weird, and maybe even inappropriate, but it’s not incest (not considering the unfounded allegations that Woody molested his daughter, Dylan/Malone). You can see the women sort of brush this off with humor, but obviously Trump made a telling comment that skeeved them out.

Lest you think the above comment is no big deal, have a look at this article from October 2016. Reporter Adam Withnall, writing for The Independent, outlines the other times Trump said “unsettling” things about his daughter, Ivanka. This came out in the wake of the infamous “grab ’em by the pussy” tape that surfaced as Trump was running for president in the fall of 2016. What’s very sad to me is that not even the vile, disgusting things we knew about Trump in 2016 were enough to sway the opinions of supposedly “decent people with family values” in the red states. These folks, many of whom claim to be proud Christians, still voted for Donald Trump, despite his obviously deviant leanings toward women and blatant disdain for non-whites. Granted, the other realistic choice was the wife of known philanderer, Bill Clinton. Frankly, I thought both candidates were extremely flawed, but Mrs. Clinton was clearly the better choice simply because she has relevant experience and apparently isn’t a pervert herself.

In any case, although the above video of Katie J. is now several years old, it recently resurfaced, probably because hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein was finally arrested for sex trafficking minors. The billionaire faces up to 45 years in prison. Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton have links to him. Katie specifically calls out Trump for sexually abusing her when she was barely pubescent. Although some articles describe Trump as a “sometime friend” or casual acquaintance of Mr. Epstein’s, Trump is quoted as saying Epstein is fun to be with and loves beautiful women as much as he does… and “some of them are on the young side”. Indeed, Epstein was caught with a vast “trove” of lewd photos of young girls.

Given that Katie’s video came out a few years ago, well before Epstein’s arrest, I think her account is even more believable than it would have been in 2016. I read that she tried to speak out when Trump was running for president. She felt it was her responsibility. God bless her. She tried to help save us, even at great risk to her own personal safety. The story went away, supposedly because she was getting death threats. What’s really sad to me are some of the comments on the video. One clearly very stupid and heartless woman had this to say:

You are a sick , disgusting , lying whore..since there is absolutely No doubt that you are getting paid to do this horrific act [sic]

If I could, I would tell “Beverly Walts” that she should be deeply ashamed of herself. Katie was a child when this happened to her. A thirteen year old CHILD. How dare she call her a “sick, disgusting, lying whore”? She’s a VICTIM. Apparently, she’s one of many victims. I’d like to know where their parents were in all of this. I’m sure as Mr. Epstein meets his legal fate, more information will come out about his “parties” involving adolescent girls, paying them to give massages, hand jobs, and blow jobs to grown men!

I’m so sick of perverts ending up in high places. If even a tenth of what Katie reports is true, it just makes me lose faith in people. I wonder if the God fearing people who voted for Trump care at all about anyone but themselves. I don’t know how any woman could have voted for Trump after his well publicized “grab ’em by the pussy” comments… or the story that came out about how he raped his first wife, Ivana, mother of the daughter he’d apparently like to “date” (and we know that dating Donald Trump doesn’t consist of sharing a milkshake, unless it’s the stuff coming out of his penis). Sorry to be so vulgar, but I feel like that’s what it will take to get through to some people. If Trump weren’t a multibillionaire with so many connections, he’d likely be behind bars. That is where he SHOULD be, as far as I’m concerned.