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I’ve got writer’s block today…

I’m not feeling particularly blissful or outraged… and Bill wants to show me how to use our new sander so I’ll have something to work on while he’s in Bavaria…

Maybe if I think of something to write about later, I’ll be back for a good rant. I did put something on the travel blog. It’s all about Bill’s fucking injured ankle and how it’s cramping our style… and how he’s never going to clock out and be a civilian.

Charming stuff, as always… but at least there’s no profanity in that post.

About the featured photo… for me, personally, writing isn’t that hard. However, having interesting topics easily on hand can be a challenge. And today, I don’t really have one in mind… I could spend twenty minutes to an hour continuing to write this stuff… but it would be a waste of time.

So, maybe I’ll be back later. Maybe I won’t.

Have a nice Sunday.