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Quit yer “wining”…

We had a slight wine mishap last night. My mother in law, Bill, and I were enjoying a lovely French red over dinner when MIL’s hand accidentally jerked. She ended up hitting the stem of her glass of wine, knocking it over. I was sitting next to her and watched in horror as the wine did its damage. In an amazing show of rippling effects, most of her wine landed on the cushion of our Eckbank Gruppe, but some splashed violently out of the glass and spattered up on the wall and all over the backrest of my bench.

We tried a few things to lessen the blow, starting with blotting the wine so that less of it would have the chance to stain. Then, we tried Wine Away to work on the red spots. Wine Away is great for fabrics, carpets, and upholsteries, but it’s not so great for the wall. It had no effect on the stain.

Next, Bill tried soda water, then bleach water. The stains were still pretty visible this morning… until I got to work on it using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn dish detergent. I’ve used this combination before to great success on soap scum, clothing stains, grout cleaning, and carpet mishaps. It really does a great job lifting stains. The ratio is two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part dish detergent. I’ve read that the “original” blue Dawn works best, but to be honest, I got pretty good results with the green version, too. I’ve also read that this trick works fine with other brands of dish soap, so if you don’t have Dawn on hand, you can try what you do have and it’ll probably do the trick.

Poor MIL felt pretty guilty about her faux pas. Shit happens… and we do have both liability and legal insurance, in case this clean up job isn’t good enough. Fortunately, we have an understanding and reasonable landlord who wants us to be happy, gives us privacy, and treats us with respect. I doubt this will be a problem.

I’m still pretty amazed by how well this little cleaning trick works. You might want to keep it in mind the next time you have a little accident at home. It works for all kinds of cleaning emergencies.

Perhaps it’s time to invest in wine glasses that can’t be tipped over or, barring that, just give MIL white wine from now on. 😉 I see on that un-tippable wine glasses are available, although they don’t get the best reviews. Maybe we should just start drinking from plastic sippie cups with lids.

When we lived in the States, Bill once fell asleep while holding a wine glass full of cabernet. He was sitting in a chair by the wall, and was very relaxed, so when the glass tipped, the wine ended up all over the wall and into the crummy carpet. I was annoyed, but I could hardly fault him. He’d worked a long, hard day and was exhausted. I spent the rest of the night scrubbing the wall with diluted liquid dishwasher detergent, which also did a pretty great job of getting rid of the wine stain on the wall. However, since we don’t use Liquid Cascade in Germany, there was no way to try that trick last night. Maybe we’ll pick some Cascade up next time we go to the commissary, just to have in case of a catastrophe.