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Wacko women with weapons…

Good morning, all. It’s been about 43 hours since I got Moderna shot number two. So far, I’m still doing better with it than Bill did. All I’ve suffered is sore arms. Yes, plural. I got my first shot in my left arm and the second one in the right. I had more of a reaction on the left side with the first shot. I got soreness and redness and a big blotch that is mostly faded now, but still slightly visible. The right side is sore today, though not as sore as yesterday. Weirdly enough, my left arm was also sore where the injection was, but isn’t sore today. Now, I have the red blotch on the right side, a little swelling, and what feels like a slightly enlarged lymph node. But I’ve had no issues with fever, headache, or exhaustion. I think it’s interesting how different people respond to the COVID-19 vaccine. Bill was laid out for a day when he had his second shot. He had a fever, soreness, headaches, and exhaustion.

Now, on to today’s topic, wacko women with weapons. Yesterday, I read a frightening story about a 24 year old mother in Houston, Texas who decided to shoot her small caliber pistol at someone’s escaped Boxer puppy, a six month old pooch named Bruno. Angelia Mia Vargas has been charged with deadly conduct – discharge of firearm. Her five year old son is currently in the hospital in stable condition. Why? Because instead of successfully shooting the puppy on Saturday, Vargas fired her weapon three times and one of the bullets ricocheted off of the pavement and into her son’s abdomen.

At the time of the shooting, Vargas, her son, and another family member were riding their bikes. Bruno, an adorable Boxer puppy, slipped out of his home when his owner cracked open the door, thinking his brother was there. The dog’s owner followed the puppy outside to the front yard, where Vargas and her family members were passing on their bikes. Bruno evidently never even left his yard when Vargas opened fire. The dog’s leg was grazed by a bullet, but the most damage was done to Vargas’ own son, who now has to live with the fact that his own mother is responsible for the permanent scar on his stomach. The entire incident was captured on the dog owner’s ring camera. Vargas fired the weapon across a public roadway, in the direction of two houses.

I watched the above video about the case and am pretty flabbergasted that the dog’s owner is so calm. If it were me, I would be absolutely livid, and you bet your ass I would be demanding to know what the fuck Vargas was doing firing a weapon in a neighborhood like that. Why was she trying to shoot a puppy, especially when he was in his own yard? Why was she carrying a loaded weapon while riding a bike with her child? There’s just so much wrong with this situation, I just can’t wrap my head around it. The dog’s owner says that Vargas didn’t even seem to aim; she just pulled out the gun and started shooting.

I used to live near San Antonio, Texas. We lived there for a year before we moved back to Germany in 2014. During that time, our dog Zane escaped the backyard, because the pool guy neglected to close the gate. It happened to be my birthday, too. Bill and I went after Zane and he ran into some guy’s yard. I asked the guy to grab his collar– Zane was super friendly and sweet. The guy just shrugged and walked away like an asshole. Fortunately, we were able to catch Zane when he got distracted by some bushes and wandered into an area where we could corner him. I guess I can be glad that at least our former asshole neighbor didn’t pull out a gun and shoot Zane.

By contrast, when we lived in our last German village, Arran once got out and several people in the neighborhood helped Bill catch him. And not a single one of them was packing heat!

Stories like these make me not want to move back to the States. There are too many wackos with weapons there, and too many of them have an itchy trigger finger that can lead to unexpected injury or death to innocent people. Hopefully, Vargas’ son will recover with no serious permanent effects to his health… and I hope child protective services does a thorough investigation of his mother, who seems to have a screw loose.

When we do move back to the USA, I think we will avoid Texas, especially since Governor Greg Abbott plans to sign a law that would allow Texas residents to carry firearms without a permit, background check, or special training. At the same time, he’s also signed a law that forbids women to have abortions after six weeks’ gestation. The obsession some people have for having total access to guns seems pretty opposite to having respect for human life. I guess Abbott would rather kids die when they are fully developed and conscious of what’s happening to them.

The dog’s owner was issued a citation for not having the dog on a leash.

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If he told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?

Happy MLK Day, y’all. Most years, Bill and I spend this weekend on a quick getaway somewhere. Last year, we went to Alsace, just as we did in 2017. The year before that, we went to The Netherlands. The year before that, Rothenburg ab Tauber. In 2016, we stayed local because I had dental implant surgery, but in 2015, we were in Hamburg. And in 2014, we were in Madrid. I miss traveling. I miss having a normal life.

I am not under any delusion that if Hillary Clinton had won the election in 2016, I’d be traveling somewhere nice. COVID-19 is a plague that is affecting almost everyone around the world. And I live in Germany, anyway, so Trump’s inept bullshit regarding the virus doesn’t really affect me personally. However, I am affected by watching the aftermath of the 2020 elections, which he lost. And I gotta say, I am absolutely gobsmacked by what some of his followers are saying and doing in the wake of the riots at the Capitol, which happened on January 6th, 2021.

I’ll start with the most vocal one. Texas real estate agent, Jenna Ryan, who proudly posed for photos and videoed herself before breaching the Capitol twelve days ago, is now having to face the consequences of her actions. The 50 year old businesswoman, who took a private plane to Washington, DC at the behest of her “president”, is clamoring for a pardon from Trump. Why? Because she says she was just following his orders.

“I listened to my president. He told me to go to the Capitol. I’m facing a prison sentence…”

Uh… so you thought you could go to Washington, DC, talk a bunch of shit as you videoed yourself breaching the Capitol, and not face ANY consequences? That just seems really dumb. Donald Trump is not God. He’s not above the law. You BROKE the law. You’re an adult, and I presume, completely sane. You sound perfectly sane in your interview. What the hell did you think was going to happen? And now you’re asking for a pardon? The mind boggles.

Was she under the influence of anything besides her own free will?

Well, Jenna, you lost a lot besides your mind when you decided this was a good idea. Looks like you’re going to lose your privacy, your business, your reputation, and probably your freedom. Ultimately, this stunt didn’t do anything for Trump, and he only rewards people who do something for him or give him money. All you did was make an enormous ass of yourself. Would you jump off a cliff if Trump told you to? Would you drink poisoned Kool-Aid? Give Trump a blow job and let him grab you by the pussy? It’s insane!

Should these people be pardoned for acting like thugs? I think not.

Next is our old friend, Jacob Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaiman, whose lawyer, Al Watkins, claims that Trump is at fault for his client’s arrest. Mr. Chansley, 33, is an unemployed actor who had been making a name for himself by attending Trump rallies in full facial makeup and costume, complete with horns. Chansley’s lawyer said, “[Chansley] loved Trump, every word. He listened to him. He felt like he was answering the call of our president.”

And now that Chansley is behind bars, albeit enjoying the organic diet he requested, Mr. Watkins is saying that Donald Trump should pardon him. Because apparently, Chansley, who hasn’t been a minor in many years, was in Washington, DC at the invitation of Donald Trump, wasn’t violent, didn’t cross any police lines, and didn’t assault anyone. However, he did allegedly leave an ominous note for Mike Pence that read:

“it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

And that note was left as rioters screamed “Hang Mike Pence” and actually erected a gallows in view of the Capitol. How are we supposed to take that evidence? Are we to believe it was all just an act, meant to intimidate or serve as theater of the absurd? Does Jacob Chansley have the ability to dress himself and make basic decisions on his own behalf? Based on the excuses made by his lawyer, I can only conclude that Mr. Chansley is a simple-minded fool who has fallen under the the powers of a cult leader. And if Donald Trump is a cult leader, it’s definitely true that he’s a danger to the country. But Chansley got his mommy to complain about the food in jail and he’s getting his lawyer to blame Trump for his client’s ill-considered, irrational, and irresponsible actions.

This guy was addicted to crack. Now he’s acting like he’s been drinking Trump’s Kool-Aid.

And finally, there’s the MyPillow guy, Mike Lindell, who went to see Trump over the weekend and was carrying notes that mentioned the words “martial law”. Lindell claims that he wasn’t suggesting martial law as a last ditch attempt to keep Trump in power. He says he was carrying notes from a lawyer. Lindell says he has “definitive proof” that the election was fraudulent. What utter bullshit. Why is his “proof” more valid than the opinions of others, many of whom would be more in the know than a pillow salesman?

Fuck this guy.

I keep seeing conservatives commenting about how Biden will enact “martial law”. And yet Mr. MyPillow has actually discussed that with Donald Trump. As for fraud, it should be pointed out that Trump is no stranger to it himself. Several months ago, I read a book written by Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, who related the story of how he was tasked to artificially inflate Trump’s votes in a poll run by CNBC. Cohen got John Gauger, who owns an information technology firm and is (or was) the chief information officer at Liberty University ahead of Trump’s election. Gauger was paid lots of money to manipulate the results of online polls in favor of Trump to boost his reputation and soothe his ego.

If Trump is capable of hiring someone to manipulate the results of polls run by news organizations, doesn’t it stand to reason that he’s capable of cheating in elections, too? Especially when the stakes are extremely high, as they are in his case? Because when Trump exits the White House on Wednesday, he will be vulnerable to charges brought against him by the state of New York. Trump can’t pardon himself from charges brought by states; his ability to pardon only extends to federal charges.

Trump says the other side “cheats”, but there’s a lot of evidence that Trump is the one who cheats… not just in online polls, but on his wives, and yes, in elections. He lost even though he cheated by screwing with the postal system and riling up the masses.

Unfortunately, trying to talk to Trump enthusiasts about these glaringly obvious discrepancies is like talking to the moon. They are absolutely certain that their leader is honest, forthright, and will save them from their own poor decisions. So much for the personal responsibility crowd, eh?

While I could be wrong and Trump will show compassion and mercy to folks like Jenna Ryan and Jacob Chansley, my guess is that they made these grand gestures that ultimately failed for naught. They will not get anything from Trump. He doesn’t care about them. If their actions had been successful, maybe he would have rewarded them… but most of the sane folk know that the mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6th was unorganized, undisciplined, and unintelligent. And all they did was do a lot of vandalizing and virus spreading. I shudder to think how many people caught COVID-19 at that event.

I think Jenna and Jacob and others who have been arrested are simply going to have to face the music. They will probably spend time behind bars. They will probably pay big fines. They will lose businesses, jobs, family members and friends, and for what? A man who wouldn’t think twice about grabbing them or their female loved ones by the pussy because “he’s a star”. And that’s exactly why he won’t do shit for them. Sad.