When your party pack of beer looks like a box of feminine hygiene products…

Now that I’ve done some major processing of the events of the last week or so, it’s time to write something lighthearted. I awoke this morning to see this picture on my Facebook feed.

This was shared on Natural Light’s own Facebook page, but apparently one of my friends still drinks this stuff…

As I was opening my eyes this morning, I saw this picture and thought maybe one of my friends was advertising medicine for killer menstrual cramps or had picked up a box of slender regulars. But no… it’s just Natural Light’s latest product, Naturdays, which is “strawberry lemonade” beer.

Full disclosure here. I love beer. I drink it all the time. But if I’m going to drink beer, I’m going to choose one that tastes like beer, unless I’m drinking a Belgian lambic or a kriek. I used to drink Natural Light in college because it was very cheap and didn’t taste as horrible as Milwaukee’s Best did. I mean, I was a super fan of Natural Light for a couple of good years back in the day. Then I grew up and started drinking real beer.

I can’t imagine that a strawberry lemonade flavored beer made by Natural Light would be satisfying… but hey, there’s a market for everyone. This one is probably aimed at college girls wanting to get drunk for little money, but not liking the taste of beer. I mean, look at that packaging! It’s bright pink and has a flamingo on it! What could be more girly than that? All they need to do now is add some glitter!

I still think it’s funny that my first thought about this packaging is that it looks like a big box of maxi pads or a PMS remedy. I’m almost curious enough to try it. Almost, I say… I can’t remember the last time I drank a regular Natural Light. I have a feeling I would enjoy that experience as much as I would enjoy having sex in a canoe. It’s fucking too close to water.