20 years ago today…

I started graduate school at the University of South Carolina. It seems like yesterday I was just 27 years old, looking toward the future. I remember thinking those three years in school would take forever.

Graduate school led me to a better place, but not to where I expected to go. I met Bill online just weeks after I started school… weeks after I bought my very first computer and started exploring the Internet. In November, I will have known him for twenty years, but we will also celebrate 17 years as husband and wife.

This morning, someone in my wine group contacted me about a job prospect. It wouldn’t pay much, nor would I work a lot of hours. But it would be the first paid employment I’ve had outside the home since 2002. Every penny I’ve made since I finished graduate school has been made from writing. This job would not require writing skills. Instead, I’d be pitching wine, hosting tastings on our local installation.

I’m kind of inclined to learn more about this opportunity, not because I need a job or the money, but because it would get me out into the world. I could possibly give up this shut in existence I have. It could be good for me. At the very least, my car would get more miles put on it.

I’m giving it some thought. I definitely didn’t know this is where I would be twenty years ago. I thought I was going to stay single and, perhaps, launch some kind of career. I definitely didn’t want to wait tables anymore. Now, I’m finding myself possibly going back into that world.

The funny thing is, last night we were talking about things Bill’s daughter can do to survive her present situation, trying to get established. Bill brought up his mom, who worked for some, frankly, criminal types for about fifteen years. They didn’t treat her well and stiffed her on some money. And, when she was about to turn seventy, they basically fired her. She answered an ad on Craig’s List for a part time job and wound up being hired. She stayed for about four years, earning several promotions until she had to quit for health reasons. She’s now healthy again and has gone back to do some temporary part time work.

Bill said, “You just never know where these opportunities can lead.” I wasn’t thinking of my own situation when he said it, but I guess it applies to me, too. I do get bored sometimes, spending so much time alone. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing to pay taxes again on my own merits. It’s nice to know I still have something to contribute, too.